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Portrait photo of BYU MBA graduate Dunia Alrabadi.


The Spell of Discouragement

When someone tells BYU Marriott graduate Dunia Alrabadi that she can’t do something, she finds the power to make that something happen.

Portrait photo of Amy Hernandez in her research laboratory.


Filling a Knowledge Gap

For Amy Hernandez, solving the mystery of multiple sclerosis isn’t merely an academic pursuit; it’s personal.

Photo of Abby Thatcher in front of a Scottish loch while on her life-changing study abroad.


Serendipity in Scotland

Abby Thatcher’s study abroad changed her life, but not how she expected it would.

Photo of Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah speaking to a group of BYU donors


Bringing it Home

It wasn’t easy for Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah to come to BYU from Ghana, but the blessings have completely outpaced his expectations.

Photo of Hayden Livingston dropping into coverage during practice as a safety for BYU football.


We Play for Each Other

With a goal to be the best teammate he can be, Hayden Livingston feels right at home at BYU.

Student in nursing scrubs with stethoscope.


Embracing Those in Need of Comfort

Shawen Bueckers, an April 2022 nursing graduate from Spokane, Washington, and her husband, Mathew, both worked part-time jobs to support their BYU educations. Buecker’s college scholarship gave her additional financial help that she deeply appreciated.

Female student presenting to an audience


Making Math More Manageable

Jamie Schroeder is mitigating math anxiety in children through an educational framework called cognitively guided instruction.

Kalo Finau smiling


Serving on the Front Line

During the pandemic, Kalo worked at an on-campus COVID testing facility. Now she is pursuing a career in public health to serve her country.

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra pose for a large group photo

Tabernacle Choir

It Takes a Village: The Organization of The Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square strives to bring its listeners closer to Jesus Christ through sharing music. However, the Choir is only one part of the equation to accomplishing this task.

Whitney Peterson working on documenting a paper document.


Uniting and Reconciling Through Records

One of 15 FamilySearch content strategists, Whitney Peterson is a mastermind at locating, classifying, and recommending records, no matter where they may be or in what condition they are found.

Benjamin Gruber smiling outside on BYU campus


Donors Changed My Life

“I can say the donors to the College of Humanities materially changed my life. Because of their contributions, I graduated debt free and worked fewer hours, which created time for me to concentrate on preparing for the Law School Admission Test.”

Student with trowel standing in a deep trench


Mitigating Hazards at Home and Abroad

Abby Mangum’s passion for hazard mitigation got her involved in researching earthquakes and tsunamis during her BYU undergraduate years.

male professor and female BYU student in a grass-filled meadow with butterfly nets, she is holding a dragonfly

BYU Video (3:54)

BYU Biologists Seek to Create First Dragonfly Family Tree

Video: The BYU team’s goal is to piece together the first-ever phylogenic (genealogical) tree of all 6,300 known dragonfly species and their ancestors.

female BYU student wearing a blue ballcap standing in a river collecting a water sample with a large syringe

BYU Video (3:00)

Studying the Runoff Effects of an Environmental Double Whammy

Video: In October 2018, BYU students had the rare chance to observe how back-to-back extreme events influenced water quality and quantity in Utah County.

bright green outlines of trees and sidewalks on the left fading into BYU’s Joseph F. Smith Building on the right

BYU Video (3:18)

BYU Engineering Team Virtually Recreates Campus

Video: Using drone-captured and ground images and applying GPS systems for accuracy, a civil engineering student assembled a 3D model of the BYU campus.

BYU film’s title, Salt, with red-hued sunset, four small boats on a lake, and two mounds of salt on the seashore

BYU Video (2:37)

Prestigious Film Festival Screens Animated BYU Film

Video: Salt , which was directed and produced by BYU students, was screened at the 2021 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Old man and young woman with a baby in Cambodia, the man’s personal history is among thousands preserved by BYU

BYU Video (6:34)

Cambodian Histories Preserved by BYU Researchers

Video:BYU professors and students are gathering stories from survivors of life under the Khmer Rouge regime.

male BYU student wearing blue gloves works on a 10-centimeter cube satellite which was launched into space by NASA

BYU Video (3:25)

BYU Students Build and Launch “Selfie Cam” with NASA

Video:More than 60 students over a five-year period helped build the inexpensive 10-centimeter CubeSat.

head of life-like mechanical cougar created by BYU students

BYU Video (3:01)

BYU Students Create Animatronic Cougar

Video:Designed to introduce plays and similar events, “Cosmotron,” as he is fondly known, will bring added school spirit to BYU performances.

Snowcapped mountains of South Georgia Island at sunrise with choppy ocean in foreground

BYU Video (2:28)

Student Engineers Are Renowned Iceberg Trackers

Video:BYU—despite being landlocked in a state thousands of miles from the South Pole—has become a world leader in iceberg tracking.

male professor and female BYU student looking at quinoa plants in a greenhouse

BYU Video (3:16)

Feeding the World with Hybrid Quinoa

Video:Teams of BYU students and their faculty mentors are enriching the world with nutritious, growable grain.

female student smiling with laptop


Finding Her Place

Like most of BYU’s student body, first-generation college student Julie Irvine came to Provo with a purpose. “I knew I’d be able to combine my love of learning with the gospel.”

artwork made from flowers


Art to Help Healing

In 2016, Myleka Bevans’s five-day-old daughter passed away. Bevans, who recently graduated in art, shared her experience in her 2020 exhibit Encounters with Grief.

Student nurse with uniform, stethoscope, and nametag.


Caring with Music

Sarah remembers the enchanting feeling while visiting a critically ill family friend as a child. “A hospice worker came with a harp and played soothing music while my dear friend lay in bed dying.

Mexican women sitting in a wheelchair


Changing Lives with Wheelchair Donations Around the World

Wheelchairs provide mobility, and happiness to recipients around the world.

BYU football players


They Knew Who We Were

In the summer of 2020, BYU administrators invited a respected research firm to conduct an analysis of BYU Athletics to better understand its role within the Church Educational System. The firm came back with great news.

sunshine shining through tall trees


Discovering the Culture of Christ

Culture is like a forest, where individuals are likened to the uniqueness of an individual tree,” says business professor Simon Greathead, who has invited his students to discover “culture of Christ” characteristics in general conference addresses.

Silhouette of two people having a conversation in front of a window.


Combining Culture with Counseling

Inspiring learning moves students to help each one follow their own path. For Bango Gancinia that path is to combine cultural heritage with counseling to better serve minorities.

Bishop L. Todd Budge


Instruments in God's Hands

Several years ago, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who was then the Second Counselor in the First Presidency, told of a large statue of Jesus Christ that was damaged during World War II. The statue was an important symbol of the faith of the people who lived in that city, and they asked experts to repair their beloved statue.

Grandparents with their kids and grandkids outdoors on a sunny day.


Inviting Families to Experience the Joy of Giving

How can your family be inspired while blessing the lives of others?

girl getting eye exam from a doctor


Françoise's "Life-Giving Fish": Treating Anemia Around the World

Latter-day Saing Charities and Care have been working together to improve nutrition and food security in southeastern Benin by distributing the Lucky Iron Fish to help eliminate anemia.

Sister Alyssa Chamberlain


Finding a New Groove

As Sister Alyssa Chamberlain prayed about serving a mission, she felt that she had to trust that God would make things work.

Current view of President Joseph F. Smith's room, in process of restoration.

Church History

Surprised, Inspired, and Immersed

The first time I toured the Beehive House, one room took my breath away. That room, like many other blessings from God, surprised me and then inspired me.

four BYU students


Five Years of Inspiring Learning

The report card is in — inspiring learning is changing lives.

Two young adults and a young girl holding a violin.

BYU Video (3:11)

Student-Created Device Helps Young Violinist

Adia Cardona is a 10-year-old violinist who has exceptional skill for her age and the determination to match it. The young Provo girl also has just one hand.

Man and woman in front of building


Welcome Back

Jeff Simpson sees BYU Broadcasting as a media organization that provides audiences something more than just clean, family-friendly entertainment.

Genesis Martinez sitting on painted stairs

Ensign College

Bravely Starting Anew

Leaving all that was familiar behind, Genesis Martinez moved to the United States and found a new life and a new future.

Susie Dawson

Ensign College

Picking Up Where She Left Off

Susie Dawson is gaining wisdom and knowledge while finishing a degree she started years ago.

Kendy Tibbets outdoors

Ensign College

Building a Foundation of Knowledge

Kendyl Tibbits is building a bright future thanks to the skills she’s gaining at Ensign College.

family sitting at a kitchen table looking at family history on a laptop


Making Ancestral Research Easier

Even with his love of the Chinese people and fluency in the language, Derek Dobson could not have guessed what powerful ties he would weave over his lifetime with people scattered throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Male student seated at table with electronic parts


Line of Sight

Tiny “windshield wiper” aids camera surgery

woman smiling.


Investing in the Community

Mother of nine first considered law school after founding a nonprofit organization that connected families experiencing homelessness to community resources.

woman smiling.


Rooting Out Alzheimer’s

Soon after graduate student Justina Tavana began studying Alzheimer’s disease, she discovered that many Pacific Islanders lack the tools to accurately identify the disease.

The Tabernacle Choir conductor leading the choir with women singers in purple behind him

The Tabernacle Choir

A Global Choir for a Global Church

Newly appointed president of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Michael Leavitt, summarized the current happenings of the Choir when he recently said, “A global church needs a global choir.”

two adults with 12 grandchildren outdoors wearing Brigham Young University shirts


Family Support for BYU Spans Generations

It’s no surprise that support for BYU runs deep in the Spencer family. Their BYU connection spans generations.

A young Mongolian woman holding the Mongolian flag.


From Surviving to Thriving

As a freshman at BYU–Hawaii, Flora Enkhbold started a business to sell her mom’s handcrafted ties in new markets.

male student standing in front of building


Leadership and Preparation

When Daniel Ekpo became president of the BYU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, he learned that being a leader meant being a mentor and a friend.

Female student in front of building


Shaping Public Opinion

For political science student Kesley Powell, many of the most important experiences of her BYU career weren’t in a classroom.

male student outdoors by a tree


“It Made All the Difference”

Logan Sackley thought he’d major in finance or strategy at the BYU Marriott School of Business, but after taking his introductory information systems class, he discovered a new passion.

Group photo of BYU Human Resources Services employees.


Department Scholarships Boost Student Confidence

“This is my favorite committee to serve on. Helping out a struggling student warms your heart,” says Rebecca Gridley. “I wish we could help every one of them.”

Group photo of BYU Risk Management employees.


Employee Scholarships a Pleasant Surprise

In 2008 a group of BYU Risk Management employees created a scholarship to show appreciation to valued student employees in their department.

Sunrise over mountains and Carillon Tower.


Choose Charity

When it comes to the intersection of right and wrong, is there room for kindness?

Sunrise over mountains and Carillon Tower.


BYU President's Report: A Daunting yet Exciting Challenge

It has been a most unusual academic year. The good news is that during the past year we showed that we can not only survive but also thrive in an uncertain and quickly changing environment.

Man and woman smiling at camera


President's Report: By Small and Simple Things

Oportunidad, 机会, gelegenheid, möjlighet, 機会—no matter where you are across the globe or how you say it, the word opportunity evokes feelings of hope, optimism, and ambition.

Young man in BYU-Pathway Worldwide t-shirt smiling at camera


Striving For Self Reliance

While serving as a full-time missionary, Tatenda Felix Mukaro from Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa, wondered how he could accomplish his dream of obtaining a degree from an institution of higher education and becoming self-reliant.

Young woman smiling at camera


Strategic Priorities

BYU-Pathway Worldwide experienced tremendous growth in 2020, which inspired the organization’s goals for 2021.

Woman smiling at camera


People Matter

Twenty-two years ago, Ann Howell and her husband, Elmer, felt a need to support The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Headshot of Mary Williams


Promptings and Invitations Drew Her to BYU

Mary Williams’s love for BYU and its students grew from her experiences as a student, professor, and administrator in the College of Nursing.

Man standing at a podium wearing academic regalia and a traditional Hawaiian cloak.


President's Report: Together We Must Continue His Work

In October 2021, after more than 15 months at the helm, John S.K. Kauwe III was formally installed as the 11th president of BYU–Hawaii in a time-honored inauguration ceremony, presided over by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

Elderly man and woman smiling


Getting a Start, Giving Back

“What do you think about me applying for a job in Hawaii?” Keith Wilson asked his wife, Ada, out of the blue. It was 1979, and Keith was finishing up his master’s degree in library science at BYU in Provo when the director from BYU–Hawaii’s library visited Utah to do some recruiting.

Chinese woman


Using Aloha to Advance the Church in Asia

Annie Wong could be a poster child for the mission and purpose of BYU–Hawaii. She came to Hawaii from Hong Kong as a new convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now she is helping to build the kingdom of God as the communication director for the Asia Area of the Church.

Sam etching a guitar and Sam hold a finished guitar


Art from the Heart

BYU–Hawaii alum Sam Mangakahia is combining artistic talent, cultural values, and entrepreneurship to make a statement and a living.

Four female Mexican Ensign College students pose for a photo at the Mexico Connect event

Ensign College

Celebrating Campus Connections

International students have opportunities to share their culture at Ensign College.

Praying Christ statue, anonymously donated to Ensign College

Ensign College

Praying Christ

An anonymous donor recently donated a statue of Christ to the college that now sits at the front doors.

Blaine and Marcia Cutler in front of the temple.

Ensign College

A Lifelong Commitment to Giving

Donors Blaine and Marcia Cutler exemplify how to serve and give where needed.

Raskita Taylor outdoors by a city street

Ensign College

Beating the Odds

Raskita is a first-generation college student creating a better plan for his future thanks to Ensign College.

Natalie Escalante next to the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts plaque.

Ensign College

Bringing Service into Education

While working towards her degree, Natalie has learned how to give and receive service.

Portrait photo of Margie Cramer

Ensign College

Going Back to the Beginning

“I have never accomplished something like this in my life. I am capable of doing hard things.”

Female student on campus at Brigham Young University.


Donor-funded Internship an Opportunity of a Lifetime

Myla Parke’s donor-funded internship at the Religious Studies Center had special meaning in her life. “I love religious education. I am interested in publishing material that will help others deepen their conversion and bring them closer to Christ.”

Young man in graduation robes speaking at a podium


This Place is Our Promised Land

Husband and wife graduate together and honor their family for the support, motivation, and sacrifice that helped them succeed.

Photo of Hinckley Center and Knight Society logo with text: the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society. Time to Gather!  This photo is a link to a BYU news page with a video of the keynote address.


VP Vorkink Considers "Special Financial Outpouring" at BYU

BYU Advancement Vice President Keith Vorkink recently addressed members of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society in the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.

man operating a camera at a BYU football game


A Blessing for Students and the World

BYU Broadcasting offers a life-changing experience for student employees as they get hands-on, real world opportunities in the industry.

Elaine Lauritzen


OIT Employees Rallied Around a Struggling Student

When asked why she participates in the Employee Giving Campaign, Elaine Lauritzen answers without hesitation: “It’s the students. They work so hard, and they go out into the world and make a difference.”

Prescription medicine bottles


Learning Public Health and Public Policy

Before the COVID-19 pandemic dominated public health discussions, BYU public health majors were in Washington, DC, for a conference which focused on a law proposed to address the opioid crisis.

A street market in Malawi with people carrying goods on bicycles.


Measuring Impact

Generous donor support made Gregory Hutchins internship possible, where he learned there are sustainable ways to approach the world’s difficult issues.

Children playing in garbage smile at the camera


Seeing as Christ Sees

As we seek to see as Christ sees, we will be blessed with opportunities to forget self and lift others.

woman smiling


Faith to Prepare the Way

Giving often springs from a desire grounded in faith to emulate our Savior Jesus Christ and His perfect love. So how do we know if we’re making any progress in our quest to become as He is?

sister missionaries reading scriptures with woman


Supporting Faith and the Hope of Good Things to Come

Discover what happened when returned missionaries chose to follow God over family and Ghanaian customs.

girl getting eye exam from a doctor


Saving Sight and Restoring Hope

Because of you we increased our emergency response efforts by nearly 500 percent in 2020. Read about one person, Mary, a little girl whose vision and hope was restored with a simple surgery.

Sister missionaries take children on walking tour of Historic Nauvoo

Church History

Service Behind the Scenes

When Historic Nauvoo opens to the public again, the seen and the unseen will combine to help visitors understand more than their eyes could ever teach them.

family sitting on couch looking at family history records


Family History Continues Unabated

Millions of people are choosing to find joy, love, and unity in making family connections—there has never been a better time for family history.

men and women singing in a choir

Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir Becomes a Beacon During Pandemic Hiatus

Through modern technology and some creativity, The Tabernacle Choir now reaches millions around the world, and offers hope and inspiration in a time when it’s needed most.

woman standing with video traffic monitors in the background


Learning and Serving

Samantha Lau started a club for women in civil engineering. “Women have a different way of thinking about things—our group offers support,” she says.

woman standing in front of the stage at Deer Valley Musici Festival


Managing Music

Esther’s internship with the Utah Symphony helped her see how making music for the masses is more than simply playing notes.

Young man standing in front of trees on campus at BYU.


Finding Meaning and Defining Experience

Seamons says his work at the Maxwell Institute has defined his BYU experience, “Being part of a community of thoughtful scholars of differing faiths has enriched my life.

man and woman standing together for a picture


Aiding in the Fight of a Lifetime

Nursing student Annie Welton and Davin Lyman, also a BYU student, had only been engaged for two weeks when doctors confirmed that Davin had thyroid cancer.

Young man in front of a shrine giving a thumbs up.


Marry Me and Move to Tokyo

Kevin Sites told his girlfriend he was hoping to take a position in Tokyo. “Then I asked if she’d marry me.”

picture of large family gathered together


Building a Legacy of Philanthropy

Nathan and Jan Meehan have found a way to teach their family the joy of charitable giving through donor advised funds with Deseret Trust Company.

Andreas Lindquist with his wife outdoors.

Ensign College

Reaching Goals and Serving Others

After receiving a scholarship, Andreas now serves others while attending school.

Kate Herbert posing for a picture

Ensign College

A Place Right for Me

After feeling other schools were not right, Kate found the best fit at Ensign College.

Filipino man wearing graduation gown


Farmhand to Public Servant

BYU–Hawaii helped Karl Santiago go from working as a farmhand for money to buy school supplies to working as a clerk for the Hawaii State Legislature.

McKay School of Education student Nathan Kahaiali‘i standing in front of a tree


Ethnic Identity Spurs Physical Activity

McKay School of Education graduate Nathan Kahaiali‘i sees ethnic identity and physical activity as two sides of the same coin.

portrait photo of a woman


Creating Social Value

Alyssa Clark represented BYU at an intercollegiate competition that involved simulating policy in a European country during a refugee crisis—and her team won!

Young man climbing stairs in a tunnel during a study abroad assignment.


Supporting Religious Liberty

Austin Atkinson used his language skills at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo, Japan, where Elder Gerrit W. Gong and Sister Sharon Eubank spoke.

woman posing for a picture

Ensign College

Doing Something Different

Laura Calvillo is laying a foundation for her future as a first-generation college student.

man posing for a picture

Ensign College

Reaching Academic Success Remotely

Scott Robinson reflects on ways Ensign College has made remote learning a great experience.

Two female students wearing masks walking on campus with trees in fall colors.


Student Researchers Find Their Way (BYU BFFs)

Applying skills learned in the classroom is what these two students have loved about their mentored learning opportunity at BYU as they try to give back to the community to improve people’s lives.

couple posing for a photograph


Student-Centric Professor Leads BYU Advancement

New advancement vice-president, Keith Vorkink, is excited to see the impact that donors have across campus, and how students are prepared and developed as leaders.

BYU math student works on an equation on a whiteboard.


Using Math to Connect Students to Resources

With more than 30,000 students at BYU, it’s not surprising that some of them don’t know where to turn when difficulties arise. That’s where Early Alert comes in.

mother standing next to son


A Mother's Influence

Liz Hill's experience with BYU-Pathway Connect was life-changing, specifically for her son Gabriel.

young woman sitting at desk stuying


Creating Opportunities

BYU-Pathway has been searching for ways to bless even more students with scholarships.

woman standing in her home with picture of the Savior behind her.


Finally Near the Finish Line

Born and raised in the Philippines, Joy Escalante is currently in her third semester at Ensign College.

Knight Society members Ray and Yukiko Matsuura in front of a large tree with a tire swing and ladder.


From Football to Fine Arts, BYU Is Better Thanks to Knight Society Members

Ray Matsuura’s wife Yukiko gained her appreciation of BYU through arts and music. “Ray supports business and football. I support the arts,” says Yukiko, who studied design in Sendai, Japan.

Scuba diver underwater writing on a clipboard


A Samoan Scientist? You Bet.

Stau Segi is working to change cultural norms and help conserve his country’s coral reefs.

Polynesian woman wearing several flower leis


Retured but Not Done

“It’s not the end of our relationship with BYU-Hawaii or her students. It’s just a different way of supporting them.”



I Am the Light That Ye Shall Hold Up

Dedication and hard work still left Naomi short of her goal, but with the help of others she is able to share the light.



Sharing the Never-Ending Fountain of Happiness

She couldn't wait to serve a mission so others could expereince the happiness the gospel brought her.

sick child in Central African Republic lying on a blanket with his father looking on


Your Generous Donations are Saving Lives in the Central African Republic

Children like Pierre, receive lifesaving aid through your donations that help buy things like Plumpy’Nut, a ready-to-use therapeutic food.

Digital rendering of the soon-to-be-completed temple district in Nauvoo

Church History

Temple on the Hill

Learn a little about how the Gheen family’s service in Nauvoo 175 years ago helped the Church grow.

Joseph and Emma Smith home, Priesthood Restoration Site, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Church History

The Unifying Power of the Church's Historic Sites

People have found meaning and spiritual connection at the Church’s historic sites. Whether in person or through technology, they can draw nearer to heaven and feel the unifying power. You can help others feel the same connection.

Lopini Katoa being chased by a Navy football player.


A Tale of Two Seasons: Tackling Athletics in a World with COVID-19

Last year was kind of a tale of two seasons. The first was a very joyful and rewarding experience with our student-athletes, coaches, and teams playing so well. And the other was the cancellation of our spring season.” –Tom Holmoe, BYU Athletic Director

picture of BYU student, Camie Mendon


Out of Paradise Ashes, Nursing Student Shines at BYU

Camie Mendon’s father operated a plant nursery near Paradise, California, a town that, in practical terms, no longer exists. The business was destroyed - along with most of the town - in the devastating Camp Fire of 2018.

Ganaa sews and sells face masks and sends the money to her mom in Mongolia to give to families in need. This recipient is a girl whose father was disabled in a car accident.


Masks Save Lives in More Ways Than One

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ganaa Batgerel sprang back from a personal trial with a greater drive to serve others. Now she is pursuing two projects to help struggling families in her home country of Mongolia.

Jessica Tripptree, an Ensign College student.

Ensign College

It's More Than a Donation

Jessica Tripptree of Tasmania, Australia explains the positive impact donations to Ensign College and scholarships have had on her life.

BYU-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring


Heavenly Father Knows Where You Are

In his July 2020 graduation speech, President Henry J. Eyring spoke to graduating students, saying, "As you keep your gospel covenants, what now may seem to be a disappointing departure from the university can become a spiritual milestone."

Rachel Tullis


A Lifesaver

Five years ago, Rachel Tullis would never have imagined who and where she is today—married, with a child, at BYU-Idaho.

A photo of Lindsay Cook


You Already Know the Answer

After two years at another university, a mission, and a marriage, Lindsay Cook is grateful for financial help.

A photo of Lindsay Cook smiling.


Learn, Earn, and Return

Kent and Barbara Michie saw firsthand how BYU-Idaho was making a difference, and that’s when they knew they needed to do more.

Over his 13-year Marine Corps career, Major Chris Melling’s deployments took him to over a dozen countries, including Bahrain, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, South Korea, and Thailand.


From Mach 2 to 2L

Three years ago, Christopher Melling had never written a legal brief or attended a religious service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Trained as a fighter pilot by the United States Marine Corps, Major Melling was ready to take the next step in his life.

man delivers food to family in Mogadishu, Somalia.


How Donations are Helping World Food Programme Somalia Provide Relief and Ease Burdens

Donations to the Humanitarian Aid Fund are helping World Food Programme Somalia ensure that 35,323 schoolchildren have five months of nutritious food.

picture of the Ensign College Building in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ensign College

Why Ensign College?

Elder Paul Johnson talks about how Ensign College will complement other CES schools and fill some gaps in curriculum.

Haley Rogers running in a track meet.

BYU Video (1:50)

Making a Statement

Haley Rogers had never heard of BYU. But when she lost both of her parents in high school and BYU offered an athletic scholarship, she knew Provo was the right place to go.

A Micronesian women, wearing flowers on her arms, over her shoulder, and in her hair, with one hand over her heart as to indicate gratitude.


Preserving Words That Matter

BYU–Hawaii alum Tereua Kainitoka from Kiribati is helping preserve her native language and culture through teaching the world’s first university course on the Kiribati language.

Mikayah Siufanua, a female construction management student, with safety goggles using a screwdriver to wire a house frame.


A Wonderful Inspiring Learning Adventure

Mikayah Siufanua slept on a floating island of reeds at Lake Titicaca and taught Peruvian women to make soap for a living. Thanks to donors, this is just the beginning of her inspiring learning adventure.

Nancy smiles at the camera

Ensign College

From Receptionist to Accountant

Nancy used what she learned to quickly move from being a receptionist to an accountant with her own growing business.

Andres Rodriguez smiles for a portrait photo at BYU-Idaho.


I Want that Glow

After his wife’s cancer surgery, Andres wasn’t sure how he’d pay for school.

Zach Parker and Angela Blomquist review a document.


Budding Consultant Manages His Course to Graduation

Zach Parker will graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Business’s business strategy program in December, but things haven’t always been so clear for Parker.

Judy Garvin reads a book with two students in the Harold B. Lee Library.


Volumes of Giving

Judy Garvin has given to Brigham Young University for at least 43 consecutive years. “I believe in giving back,” she says. “I don’t give a lot, but I know every little bit helps.”

A BYU student builds a block tower with a young girl.


BYU Working to Uncover How Media Affects Families

Project aims to understand the long-term effects of media on children.

June Leifson seated in her living room.


BYU Gave Me a Chance

June Leifson says that her career goal of becoming a nurse was the result of more than a score of operations that introduced her to the field of medicine in a personal way.

Emily Neiderhauser with her laptop by a window in the Joseph F. Smith Building.


Learning by Receiving and Giving

With her mother gone, Niederhauser, who is the youngest of five children, felt added pressure to cover her college education expenses herself.

Cosmo celebrates with BYU Women’s Cross Country team members.


Cougar Club Accelerates Growth and Success for BYU Athletes

“We wouldn’t be who or where we are as an athletic department without our donors,” says athletic director Tom Holmoe. “They are the team behind each one of our 21 teams.”

Children spray water and play with rubber fish on a waterfront with some adults.


A Tipping Point for “Lunge-Free TV”

The last time BYU Broadcasting managing director Michael Dunn visited Europe, he practically had to beg for appointments with people in the television market there. But now ….

Michela Malone in a break dance position


Dancing Into the Future

Why would a student choose BYU-Idaho over a prestigious dance school in Italy? For Michela Malone, there’s no mystery.

Tanise Chung-Hoon smiling


The Joy of Giving

If God works through us and with us to accomplish His work, how can we be surprised when we feel and see joy as we choose to give to bless the lives of others?



So Great a Cause

Two Sister Missionaries holding open scriptures and talking to a man outside of his home.

Photo of boys outside filling cups with clean water that runs from white faucets.


Partnering for Greater Impact

We recently provided support to WaterAid, an organization on a mission to transform lives by improving access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

Photo of a mother, father and two daughters smiling as they look down at something out of frame.


“I Knew You Guys Were Coming”

A FamilySearch International team of employees were afraid to enter an African village that doesn’t allow anyone to enter that is not a member of their cult.

Photo of a family of five; two daughters, a son, and mother and father, walk along a dirt path through a grove of pine trees.

Church History

Tiny Details, Sweeping Landscapes, Individual Hearts

As Church members experience our sacred past, they grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel, get helpful answers to questions, and receive spiritual strength and perspective.

BYU-Idaho giving graphic


Frugality Borne of Faith

What difference did your donation make last year? How will your gift help BYU-Idaho in the years ahead?

A photo of Ashlyn Brinkman sitting in BYU-Idaho’s Ricks Gardens.


Strengthening the Feeble Knees

It isn’t easy for Ashlyn Brinkman to get around campus, but she’s grateful for BYU-Idaho and for donated funds that make her college expenses a little less burdensome.

A photo of university aid recipient Rachel Oickle smiling.


Making Up the Difference

A mission and a mix-up on a student loan application left Rachel Oickle in a tough financial spot, but university aid from generous donors helped her keep up her studies.

John and Peggy Ricks. John is a descendent of Thomas E. Ricks


A Lasting Legacy

Over 150 years ago, Thomas E. Ricks was nearly killed on his way to the Salt Lake Valley. Now, his ancestor John Ricks is keeping his legacy alive through the BYU-Idaho Legacy Society.

Ofa Mema'ofa working on pipes


Pipe Dreams and Beyond

Ofa came to BYU–Hawaii with a plan to start a plumbing business, but three mentors helped him go from fixing pipes to renovating a temple.

Joyze Mema'ofa working on pipes


For Time and All Eternity

For Balu Pilli of India, coming to BYU–Hawaii not only blessed him with an education but also an eternal family.

Joyze Mema'ofa working on pipes


Leaving a Legacy in Mongolia

The first mission president in Mongolia learned that “BYU–Hawaii had something that our members in Mongolia needed,” so he included the university in his estate plan to ensure that Mongolian students could receive those blessings.

Students walking through the campus courtyard.

Ensign College

Ensign College President's Report

When students embrace and experience subject matter immersion, they don’t want to learn any other way.

LDSBC has graduates from many countries around the world.

Ensign College


Exciting changes are happening at LDS Business College in the way scholarships are blessing and changing student’s lives.

Asher Fu speaking about his love for LDSBC.

Ensign College

Learning the Global Industry

Asher was able to take what he learned in the Global Supply Chain program and go straight to work in his family’s import/export business in England.

Daisy enjoys Temple Square.

Ensign College

Reaching Her Full Potential

To Daisy, project management is about much more than what she’s learned in class.

Rob Ferrolino enjoyed his medical assistant internship at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Ensign College

Receiving the Hand of Mercy

In his darkest hour, Rob Ferrolino felt the hand of mercy extended to him.

Nate studying in the library.

Ensign College

Transitioning from the Mission

Nathan found a great place to continue what he learned on his mission and get a great start to his future.

Poppy as a missionary.

Ensign College

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

“Poppy” has come a long way since she was first seeking to learn the purpose of life in China.

Rachel enjoying a sunny day with her daughter.

Ensign College

Grateful for a Better Future

Rachel is a great example of how single parents are able to continue their education with the help of scholarships.

President Kusch welcomes the Nelsons back into service at LDSBC.

Ensign College

Great Blessings Come from Giving

Giving of time and resources is a family legacy for the Nelsons.

Winston as a missionary poses in front of a painted wall.


Hope Restored

Continue his education or accept a mission call was the decision Winston had to make.

The Hills visiting a historical landmark in Ephesus.


Finishing Her Degree

BYU-Pathway has given Liz the opportunity to get her degree living in various countries around the world.

Batholomew sitting in front of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Following His Leaders

Wanting to overcome difficulties in his life like the general authorities he read about, Batholomew found BYU-Pathway was the key.

Sister missionaries enjoy a night sharing the gospel.


Returned Missionaries

Returned missionaries in Brazil and the Caribbean areas have taken advantage of reduced tution at BYU-Pathway.

Missionaries walk together to their next appointment.


School News

Returning missionaries are preapproved to participate in PathwayConnect, and tuition has been reduced for online degree programs.

Seven BYU Engineering students in a Mongolian ger or tent house.


Warming Hearts and Gers

Mongolia has a massive air quality problem that poses a serious health risk, especially to children. Some engineering students tackled the life-and-death problem as part of their engineering Capstone project.

Lydia Harris


You're in the Right Place

Lydia Harris found the university where she belonged. There was just one snag.

Grace Nielsen


Academies Pull Back the Curtain and Raise BYU Law’s Profile

BYU Law student gets valuable mentoring opportunity in New York City, and may lead to opening new doors for the future.



The Gospel Gives People Happiness and Perspective

Sister Mulet thought she had been forgotten until she realized God had better plans for her.

Shiley Blackwell

Ensign College

Changing Plans

Attending LDSBC not only changed Shiley’s future plans, it brought her much closer to the Lord.

Cory Thompson


From Malibu to Elk Ridge, Negotiation Competition Prepares Students for Service

Student takes lessons learned in law classes and is able to immediately help a small city find resolutions to problems while still attending school.

Ryan Gilbert


Free to Create

A mission and marriage left Ryan Gilbert in a tight financial situation, but financial aid gave him the freedom to pursue his goals.

Ashton Wise


Going Places - With Your Help

After her father’s heart surgery, Ashton Wise wasn’t sure how she would pay for her education.

John Bazyk

Ensign College

Better Than an MBA

Experiences at LDS Business College gave John the skills to succeed beyond what some others with an MBA were able to accomplish.

Sydney Boyer


Student Seeks to Improve Learning with Technology

Sydney Boyer, an elementary education major, who researched how teachers integrate technology into curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

Colton Graham and Sean Larson


Bringing Wholeness to Victims of Civil War

Sierra Leone’s civil war left behind more than 27,000 amputees. Recent BYU students created an adjustable and affordable prosthetic socket for the veterans.

Julianne Francisco


Be a Light On the Hill, BYU Broadcasting Director Inspires Knight Society Donors

Speaking to a group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning) at their annual luncheon, Michael Dunn thanked the society as one of the groups responsible for the broadcast entity’s growth.

Coney Pulla


Buy a Bag, Feed a Family

Coney Pulla of India was born into the lowest level of the Hindu caste system. After attending BYU–Hawaii on an IWORK scholarship, he co-founded a multimillion-dollar social enterprise that donates rice to families in need throughout India.

mixed reality lab


BYU Students Explore a New Reality

“As someone who wants to be a user experience designer, working in this lab has been an exciting challenge,” said Miah Dawes, one of the first students to take a class in BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab.



Striking a Balance Creates Joy - and Opportunity

Balancing nursing with tennis and her other love, music, has been a challenge, but one that has blessed Electra Cochran—and others in turn.

Brian Hilton


Battling Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibiotic-resistant bacteria infect two million Americans every year, causing at least 23,000 deaths.

Catherine Boyack


Flutist Wins Top National Competition

BYU senior Catherine Boyack is one of the youngest performers to win the National Flute Association (NFA) Young Artist Competition.

Karen Membreno


Lighting Others' Smiles

After shadowing a dentist who specializes in dental care for low-income families, BYU senior Karen Membreño realized that she wants to be a part of the solution to this public health crisis.

Emily Hoskins


Searching for a Cure in Russian

After learning about her family history of cancer, Emily Hoskins knew that she wanted to use her Russian and bioinformatics skills to find a cure.

Adam Pulsipher


Tackling Challenges on and off the Field

BYU scholarship makes playing football and competing academically in other areas a possibility.

Katelyn Woolley


Teaching the Teacher

BYU scholarships make it possible for Katelyn Woolley to focus on her passion for becoming a better teacher.

Julianne Francisco


An Unheeded Warning That Led to a New Passion

Julianne Francisco is grateful she ignored advice to avoid ruining her GPA by taking her information systems course too early. She quickly discovered she’d found her professional passion.

Brianna Rosier


Learning to Advocate for Underserved Communities

Brianna Rosier arrived at BYU dedicated to a future in public interest; she now enters her final year at law school with an idea of what her future holds.

deep learning

Ensign College

Musical Miracles

After a serious car accident, Henrique was in danger of having to drop out of school.


Ensign College

Deep Learning at LDSBC

Deep Learning in Practice: An Interview with Leslie Robbins, LDSBC Instructor of Business 160


Ensign College

Student Insights

Read what a few students thought about some experiences they had from the classes they attended, and how it changed them.

Brenda Rivera

Ensign College

Returned-Missionary Scholarship Highlight

Scholarships often help returned missionaries be able to pursue an education and continue serving in new ways. Brenda Rivera is one of those returned missionaries at LDSBC.

Richard and Valeen Jensen

Ensign College

Paying It Forward: The Jensen Legacy

Richard and VaLeen Jensen got their education start at LDS Business College, and after a successful career wanted to give back to help others; that's where a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) helped out.

Albertina Guilamba

Ensign College

Hard Work Pays Off

It wasn't easy for Albertina to get accepted to LDS Business College, but she knew that is where she needed to be and has made the most of the opportunity.

Naomi Rhondeau


Prevention Rather Than Treatment

After seeing people on her mission suffer from health problems, Naomi Rhondeau changed her major to find ways to help more people.

Matthew Tyler


Heeding the Call Leads to Internship in China

Thanks to a scholarship, and research funding, BYU student Matthew Tyler became the first American to complete a genealogy internship in China.

Mikaela Heyland


All the Good We Will Do

BYU scholarships make it possible for Katelyn Woolley to focus on her passion for becoming a better teacher.

Serving others

Missionary Video (1:18)

If You Cannot Go, Send

Jesus was the master teacher. He spent much of His time preparing His disciples to take His gospel of love to the world.

Jesus feeding the masses

Humanitarian Video (1:31)

I Was Hungry and Ye Fed Me

Hunger affects the most vulnerable people in our world, people who cannot help themselves. Following the example of Christ, many people just like you donate to help the poor and needy of the world.

Jesus healing children

Humanitarian Video (:58)

Suffer the Little Children

Each year, donations to Humanitarian Services, Church-owned schools, and other worthy causes help children to be healthy, happy, and prepared to work and serve in their respective communities.

William Pham


A Second (Unofficial) Degree

With a major in biochemistry, Dallin Green might not be the sort of student you’d expect to find operating cameras at BYU Broadcasting.

Emily Strong


The Scholarship was Just the Beginning

Emily Strong took full advantage of BYU’s inspiring learning emphasis, taking part in three mentorships before graduation, each funded by donors.

BYU Rocketry Club


Reaching for the Stars

Patrick Walton also wanted to explore space. Along with starting the BYU Rocketry Club, he took a special projects class from David Long, who helped him write a proposal for NASA that was accepted.

Pattica Sans


Blooming in Adversity

Pattica San was abandoned and left for dead as a baby but was saved by sympathetic saints and tender mercies from the Lord. Now he is an IWORK student at BYU–Hawaii, and he is building a social enterprise to help Cambodian women become self-reliant and escape domestic violence.



New Degree Structure Launching April 2019

Research indicates that students who complete a certificate are 41 percent more likely to continue toward a bachelor’s degree.



Milestones of BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Many great and wonderful miracles have occurred to allow BYU-Pathway Worldwide to become available everywhere the Church is organized in the world.

Brazil spotlight


Area Spotlight - Brazil

“The members of the Church in Brazil see the need for education and value the opportunity to gather in centers of strength across the country.” —President Clark G. Gilbert

Brittany Nelson


Unexpected Blessings

Families like Brittany Nelson's find countless blessings because of their involvement in BYU-Pathway.

Daniel Hernandez


Better Benefits for the Family

Daniel Hernandez was able to advance his career and better support his family because of BYU-Pathway.

Lola Jeppson


Opportunities Shared

Although she never finished her own degree, higher education means a lot to Lola Jeppson, which is why her family created a deferred gift for BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

William Pham


A Love of Service

After discovering a love of helping others on a mission to his homeland, William Pham pursued a career in service.

engineering building


Dedicated to Innovation: Engineering Building Dedication Recap

BYU’s new Engineering Building and Engineering Research Lab were 100% funded by 17,000 generous donors.

rice fields


BYU–Hawaii Leads The Nation In Social Entrepreneurship”

BYU–Hawaii students receive international acclaim for empowering Filipino farmers to rise out of poverty.

Paula Madison family

FamilySearch Video (2:44)

No Longer Lost

After learning about FamilySearch, Paula Madison very quickly found her grandfather and his Chinese wife and children. After digging deeper and travelling to China, Paula no longer felt lost and was relieved that her mother was now claimed.

oral history

FamilySearch Video (3:25)

Oral Histories Project Saving Families

FamilySearch is collecting and preserving oral histories and oral genealogies in Africa. With the younger generation leaving African villages for larger cities, some family histories may not be passed to future generations unless we preserve them now.

Korean family


Now is the Time”

After a sad childhood and a delayed dream, Mijin is using the power of prayer to work miracles in her life.

Eritai Kateibwi

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:13)

Young Champion of the Earth

Eritai, a BYU–Hawaii alum from Kiribati, is using hydroponics to alleviate malnutrition and disease in his home country, and the United Nations recognized him for his effort with the Young Champion of the Earth award.

man helping student


You’re Hired

The new Asia Pacific Career Conference is helping students launch their life after BYU–Hawaii.

BYU-Hawaii homepage screenshot


BYU–Hawaii Launches Online Mentoring Platform

The new platform is helping students, alumni, and friends of the university connect and help one another.



Aloha ‘Oe: A Parting Gift to BYU–Hawaii

After President and Sister Tanner were called to serve at BYU–Hawaii, they found out that Sister Tanner’s parents had included the university in their estate plan.

Kalani Sitake


Scholarship Helps Bryn Nelson “Learn the Healer’s Art”

Bryn Nelson always wanted to be a nurse. When her father died in a tragic accident her career goal took on a whole new dimension.

Kalani Sitake


Kalani Sitake Inspires Knight Society

“You don’t realize how much power is in this room,” Sitake told the donors. “The sacrifices you make in time, in money, no matter how small, have the power to change lives.”

Casey Slemboski


A Little Donation Goes a Long Way

Casey liked the personal feel of Rexburg but how could she afford to stay?

Children at school in the Philippines

Humanitarian Video (4:58)

Salvaging Education in the Slums of the Philippines

Education programs in the Philippines are helping children rise out of the dumps. Thousands of children in the Philippines spend their childhood sifting through mountains of garbage seeking income selling recyclables.

Two Philippine children

Humanitarian Video (3:38)

Getting Orphans Into the Right Van

Orphanage organizations are working to stop human trafficking. They find and protect children, provide health care, and open doors to a better life.


Becoming a Scientist Through Mentored Learning

Jordan Finnell started college skeptical of science but being mentored expanded his perspective and led him to degrees in neuroscience, biochemistry, and molecular biophysics.

Marco Crosland


King of the Beautifully Landscaped Hill - Again

Marco Crosland took the top spot this year - and last year - at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition. He is a landscape management student and a grateful beneficiary of your support.

Rebecca Devonas


Passionate Student Singlehandedly Revives and Revamps a Lost Tradition

Student's scholarship allows her to also focus on her passion for the arts, and bring back an event for thousands to enjoy.


Ensign College Video (3:01)

Education with a Higher Purpose

LDSBC is a community of students who succeed at a high level, empowered by the Spirit and expanded opportunities.

Ruby Berntsen

Ensign College Video (1:28)

Ruby’s Pivot

A scholarship at LDSBC enabled Ruby Berntsen to gain the education needed to enact the changes she hopes to see in herself.

Cuahtil Lozada

Ensign College Video (1:37)

Cuahtil’s New Start

An LDSBC returned missionary scholarship helped Cuauhtil Lozada start a new life and recognize his true potential.

Anne Thomas


What Do Research, Service and a Cello Have to Do with Cambridge University?

"Mentored research, service, and some skill with a cello have helped Anne Thomas receive the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Her mentored learning experience as a BYU student has propelled Anne to pursue a PhD in plant sciences at Cambridge this fall."

Simon McHenry


Where My Life Could’ve Been Versus Where It Is Now

"Fortitude, faith and financial resources make education and new life possible."

BYU students in Alaska


A BYU Fish Story

"You can only learn so much in the classroom, but here, we’re actually getting our hands dirty, says Professor Mark Belk."

BYU Broadcasting


BYU Broadcasting Jumpstarts Mentored Students in their Careers

Students are not only learning, but excelling in a mentored learning job environment. Employment at BYU Broadcasting adds experiential learning to what students are learning in class.

Kielee Wiser


Encouraging Activity on the Front Lines

BYU student Kielee Wiser conducted research mentored by Professor Neil Peterson on the motivation provided by fitness trackers, including the Apple Watch.

Langston Family


Balancing and Stretching

Rachael Langston is studying to be a nurse as a mother of three who returned to school to finish her degree. She is grateful for the financial aid she has received through the BYU Alumni Association.

village drill

BYU Video (4:20)

Inspiring Engineering

BYU Engineering students design human-powered drill that provides clean water to those in need. These students felt inspired in their efforts and learned life-long lessons in the process.

Earl and Anita Woolley


True Blue Couple Supports Mentoring

Earl and Anita Woolley support BYU students in mentored research through a planned gift called Charitable Gift Annunity (CGA).

Ephram Smith

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:37)

The Lord is Building Me Up

Ethiopian orphan Ephrem Smith finds love and a sense of belonging at BYU–Hawaii, being surrounded by people with similar hopes, values, passions, and dreams.

origami array


Unfolding Potential: BYU and Origami

Who would have ever thought that origami could save lives or help technology to reach outer space, but that's exactly what BYU students studying engineering are doing.

LDS Presiding Bishopric


BYU: Fortified by Faith

As the Presiding Bishopric, we have seen kindness and charity throughout the world. We are grateful to participate with you in the Lord’s work. You support many good causes, and we thank you for your kind donations to Brigham Young University.

World Map

FamilySearch Video (5:06)

Church Preserves Precious Records of African Nation

Paper records dating back to the early 1800s are disintegrating at an alarming rate due to poor storage conditions, heat and humidity and frequent handling.

From Humble Beginnings

Missionary Video (4:29)

From Humble Beginnings

See many of the sacred sites of the Restoration through the eyes of children.

Allyson Derocher


That A-ha Moment

At BYU, Allyson studied how students have mathematical epiphanies; now, she’s making them happen.

Pablo Diaz

Ensign College

Pablo’s Expanding Possibilities

A strong prompting led Pablo to leave his home in Argentina to study entrepreneurship at LDS Business College. His decision to obey that prompting brought challenges, but also opened new opportunities to grow.

Mitchel Hatfield


Seeing the Impact

One question and two classes is all it took to change one student's major before he had a mentored student learning opportunity at BYU to try and solve the mystery of Australia’s Veevers Crater.

Bradlee Hager


The Magic Behind the Scenes

Most kids who go to Disneyland get swept up in the magic, but Bradlee Hager couldn’t help wondering what was going on behind the scenes.

James Lee


Bringing It All Together

The end goal of a BYU education, James Lee says, is to give students chances to apply what they’ve learned. For him, that happened at the Simmons Center for Cancer Research.

Megan Parr


Research Help Reduce Falls, Lifts Nursing Student

Recent graduate Megan Parrr works as a nurse in the emergency room at Utah Valley Hospital. She had opportunities to conduct research as a nursing student. “Being involved in research really enhanced the broad spectrum of my education and helped me realize the importance of an evidence-based practice and how it helps create safety,” she says.

Amy Briggs


Finding and Feeding a Passion

Amy Briggs finds her passion in mechanical engineering after bouncing around several majors at BYU-Idaho and then BYU. Her mentored learning opportunity then helped her towards her final career choice.

Sarah Dantas

Ensign College

Sarah Finds Support in Her Challenges

Sarah’s move from her home country of Brazil to LDS Business College posed several challenges, but she witnessed miracles through the help of family, donors, and her faith in God.

Erin Kasada


Amazing Undergrad Studies How Your Brain Affects Your Marriage

Despite a schedule that includes balancing an aggressive course load in neuroscience, a double minor in psychology and theatre arts studies, managing a research lab and teaching a fine arts class at a boarding school for teenage boys with developmental disabilities, BYU neuroscience student Erin Kaseda still manages to conduct cutting-edge research that wins international awards.

Jessika Lucero


Reconnecting with Her Roots

Jessika Lucero is a Hawaiian-Filipino American student from West Virginia who is excited to attend BYU–Hawaii and reconnect with her cultural heritage. Read Jessika’s story and learn about the university’s new domestic work-study scholarship that makes it possible for her, and others like her, to attend BYU–Hawaii.



BYU Students Create Low-Cost Socket for Amputees in Africa

BYU engineering students have teamed with the nonprofit Engage Now Africa (ENA) to create a socket for above-knee amputees that fits neatly into prosthetics made available by the International Red Cross.

Kasandra Matus

Ensign College

Kasandra’s Faith for Better Days Ahead

Kasandra Matus aspired to attend an institution where she could grow both intellectually and spiritually. Her journey toward making that dream come true involved support from both her family and donors.

Sydney Boyer


Education Student Researching the Role of Technology in Classrooms

Electronics mean that teachers have to compete for students’ attention like never before. Sydney Boyer, an elementary education student, observed teachers integrating technology into their lessons. She saw firsthand the struggles that teachers face in navigating this new world.

Naomi Dorsey


Politics, Women, and Cell Phones: Student Research in Tanzania

Learn about student research to improve the socioeconomic status of women in developing countries.


Ensign College

Scholarship Helps Single-mother Find Confidence in School and Future

Education can improve people's outlook on life and give them confidence to excel in ways not previously believed possible. Such is the case for Crystal at LDS Business College.

Brandon sarah emily lds

Ensign College

Monster in the Library Gets Award

The LDS Business College Library has received an award for their collaborative work in creating an online tutorial for information literacy.

Brooke Ellis


Of Bills and Trials

What did you do last summer? In 2015 BYU Law School student Brooke Ellis filed a bill in Congress.

Ldsbc new president

Ensign College

LDS Business College Announces New President

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced today, January 31, 2017, that Dr. Bruce C. Kusch will become the 13th president of LDS Business College. The announcement was made at the college’s weekly devotional in the Conference Center on Temple Square.



A Second Chance at BYU-Hawaii

The IWORK program gives international students who can’t afford college a chance to attend BYU–Hawaii. For Soumya, a convert from India, IWORK also gave him a second chance at a career and an eternal family.

Spencer Board

Ensign College

Returned Missionary Converted to LDSBC

Fresh off his mission to Carlsbad, California, Spencer Board signed up to attend a popular four-year university. But something didn’t feel right. While surfing options online, he learned about LDS Business College and decided this was where he would attend. Once he started school, he found out it cost a lot more than expected to live on his own, and wondered how he was going to make it work financially.

Suelaki Ulugia


Breaking a Pattern, Creating a Legacy

Suelaki wants to help make it a little easier for others to follow his path of getting an education. “My parents and my siblings didn’t have the opportunity to go to college,” he says. With the help of others through the university’s work-study financial aid program (IWORK) he is about to graduate and looking forward to increasing awareness in Samoa about the value of education.


Ensign College

Scholarship Lifts Burden for Mother and Daughter

Moving from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City to attend LDS Business College wasn't easy but was totally worth it for Francine. As a single mother she worried about how to pay for schooling and support her daughter. Little did she know that people were contributing to a scholarship program that would help make it a little easier for her.

Elizabeth Ramsay


Heaven-Sent Angels

BYU–Hawaii student Elizabeth Ramsay is from the tiny village of Holonga in the Kingdom of Tonga. However, these humble circumstances have not kept Elizabeth from dreaming big, aiming high, and looking beyond herself to bless others, both temporally and spiritually.

Michelle Call

BYU Video (2:37)

Cultivating a Giving Heart

Michelle Call was inspired to give by other donors who gave even when they didn’t have much to give. As an undergraduate food science student at BYU, she heard a story about Jon Huntsman, Sr., who, donated money to those in need long before he became wealthy. Call realized then that giving is not about how much money you have; it’s about cultivating a giving heart.

Jamie Clegg


BYU Students Stand Tall at the UN

Two BYU students win an international essay competition and address the United Nations in Arabic.

Jenny pattison


A Personal Quest

Jenny Pattison’s story came full circle from what started with her dad getting cancer, to her fellowship at the BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research. She has found a way to turn her tragedy into something that could someday bless other families like hers.

Cosmo Cougar


GivingCougsDay was a Success!

Unbelievable. In our first Giving Cougsday ever, nearly 1,000 BYU cougs donated $138,912—more than quadruple the goal of $30,000! Every dollar will help to make a tremendous difference for BYU students through scholarships, mentorships, internships, and much more.

Rheumatic rescue student


The Heart of Mentoring

A team of healthcare professionals and BYU students traveled to Samoa to help children and families understand a deadly illness: rheumatic heart disease. Amid beautiful people and a tropical paradise, the students learned and taught lessons that forever changed their lives.

Wes Mashburn


Cougars, Is Giving in Your Plans?

As fundraising professionals on the Philanthropies Gift Planning Services team, Wes Mashburn and his team help people set up donations to BYU that involve more than writing a check or giving online. “We help people accomplish what they want to do with their resources," says Mashburn.

Anne Quackenbush


A Legacy of Joy

Remember how hard it was to pay for college? Your gift to BYU can help a student make up the difference when their savings fall short.

Linda and brian voigt


Paying It Forward

Brian and Linda both felt blessed to have received scholarships when they attended BYU 27 years ago. “After experiencing BYU and knowing how much we gained in all areas of our lives from being here, we choose to give to BYU,” Linda says. “We feel very strongly about the power of education.”



What "We The People" Meant

Union, justice, tranquility, defence [sic], welfare, and liberty are words in the preamble of the Constitution of the United States. Their meanings may seem clear to you today, but do you know how they were used in 1787 when the document was written? And does a change in meaning really matter?

David Matthews


Addiction Behind the Scenes

Opioid overdose kills more people every month in the state of Utah than car crashes or homicides. David Matthews, a neuroscience student, has made it his life goal to help people overcome addiction.

Jean Philippe

Ensign College

Jean-Philippe Désius Follows Promptings and Moves Forward with Faith

“Their act of generosity has strengthened my testimony of what the pure love of Christ really is."

Khombe Moses


Caring for the Poor and Needy

A scholarship has made it possible for Moses Khombe to attend BYU so he can return to Malawi and bless the lives of others. He says, "My BYU training has helped me understand how to treat and help each and every person.”

Donovan Gregory


A Borrowed Book, a Changed Life

Donovan Gregory is now back at BYU studying in the College of Humanities and working toward a minor in Biblical Hebrew. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for his BYU needs-based scholarship.

Kaylie Carbine


Treadmill takes Mentored Student to Grad School

Kaylie Carbine is grateful for the professors with whom she worked and for the mentored learning she received as an undergraduate student. “The mentoring I have received has helped me launch innovative research ideas and design projects and carry them through publication ...."

Francisco Gonzalez

Ensign College

Francisco Reaches His Goals Because Someone Decided to Follow in the Savior’s Footsteps

“Where I come from, having an education makes you have more opportunities to succeed in life and having more opportunities to find a job.”

Jessica Harris


Risk Rewarded with Job

For Jessica Harris, a Marriott School of Management student, it’s hard to imagine a better introduction to the business world than her internship with Goldman Sachs at the global financial giant’s Salt Lake City offices this past summer.


Ensign College

Single Mother Gains Marketable Skills and Rebuilds Faith

Drive, determination, and faith, along with help from many others, help this 50 year single mom return to school to provide for her family.

Scott James


Collaboratively Changing the World

"In one of our projects we partnered with a world-renowned nonprofit that has developed a program called Poverty Stoplight. It provides a tool to identify what will help people get themselves out of poverty." - Scott James, College of Fine Arts and Communications student

Amanda Bishop


More Than a Degree

When you help a student attend BYU-Idaho, you’re giving them more than a degree. Find out how your donation makes a difference.



Superpower Superheroes

From an underground lab on campus, a team of students and faculty mentors, including undergraduate Stephen Erickson, discovered how to harvest more energy from the sun

Selina Mayne


An Unforeseen Blessing

Life isn’t always fair—not even for the nicest, hardest-working college students. But when you give to BYU-Idaho, you can help make up the difference.


Ensign College

LDSBC Helps Karanda Keep Her Dreams Alive

“I didn’t want to let my parents or my community down by going to a small college. But once I looked into it, I realized this school had much more to offer than I had ever realized."

James Egan


The Sobering Work of Righting Wrongful Convictions

BYU Law School student James Egan recently finished his yearlong fellowship at the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC), an organization that works to prevent and correct wrongful convictions.

Stephanie Brown

Ensign College

Single Mother of Four Decided to Put Her Trust in the Lord

A recipient of a single-parent scholarship, Stephanie says, "Knowing that strangers care enough about me to invest in my future—in my success—gives me the drive and the confidence to do my best. I want to prove through my hard work, study habits, and grades that I am worth the investment that others have made in me and my family.”

Rebecca Plimpton


Research Roadblock Helps Unlock Mysteries

Rebecca Plimpton says that being mentored has increased the relevancy of her education. “Hands-on training from faculty shaped my career desires and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to succeed as a grad student,” she says.

Kathy Grajales

Ensign College

When You Save One Parent, You Save an Entire Family

Kathy considers LDS Business College the best-kept secret in Church education. Learn how she has greatly benefited from her educational experience after returning to school 20 years later.

Anthony Bennett


Overachiever Undergrad Publishes Fourth Article

Thanks to BYU’s mentoring program, it’s become almost commonplace for undergraduates to be published in peer-reviewed journals. But for College of Engineering and Technology senior Anthony Bennett, becoming an author once just wasn’t enough.


Ensign College

Single Father Finds Forgiveness While Pursuing Future Career

Sean Hatch’s life seemed all in order: he was married and had three beautiful children. But then all that changed.

Jacob Hatch


Outsmarting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

MRSA is bad news; it’s a nasty bacterial infection and it can cause serious disease and death. Senior molecular biology major Jacob Hatch knows MRSA as the infection that took his dad’s leg. Now Hatch is exacting revenge on the bacteria.


Ensign College

Scholarship Helps LDSBC Student Know He’s Not Alone

At times while growing up in Haiti, Nacha Dimanche felt like it was a mistake to have big dreams. But his scholarship to LDS Business College has helped him realize he’s not alone.

Colton Western


An Opportunity to Make a Change in the World

When Colton Western found himself in a boring seminary class, he took his spiritual growth into his own hands.

Sister Alvine

Missionary Video (2:42)

Moving the Work Forward

Because of generous donations to the General Missionary Fund, nearly 24,000 need-based missionaries have received training in one of the 14 international missionary training centers (MTCs). An equal number were trained in the Provo MTC, where missionaries come from 155 countries and learn in 55 languages.

World Map


Racing Against Time

Only 13 percent of the world’s top genealogical records are digitized and preserved, leaving the rest at risk of destruction or loss. At current rates it will take 124 years to capture the top-tier records. Governments are asking FamilySearch for help in preserving their records at three times the rate FamilySearch and its crews can capture.

Joy Christensen

Ensign College

Scholarships Create a “Butterfly Effect” for LDSBC Student

Joy Christensen, a recent convert, discovered her purpose and the hand of the Lord in her life through scholarships to LDS Business College.

Brent Adams


Learning That Makes a Difference

Brent Adams, director of the BYU Center for Animation told members of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society that BYU students are making a difference in the media industry. “[BYU students’] goodness and high moral standards defy stereotypes and ultimately contribute to their success,” he said.

World religion news article


Donors Provide Funding for Emergency Aid in 56 Countries in 2015

When we say that “the Church” is donating billions of dollars to humanitarian aid, we are really saying that donors – members and friends of the church – are donating billions of dollars. Thanks to all of you who continue to support this great work of blessing people’s lives at home and around the world.

Italy Earthquake


Church Invites Assistance to Italy Earthquake Victims

All missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy and all Church members there are alive and well after a powerful earthquake killed at least 120 people in central Italy early Wednesday morning.

All i needed video

Philanthropies Video (1:45)

Self-Reliance Means Turning to God

To bless the lives of others requires us to achieve a level of self-reliance. Sometimes, however, the very act of sacrificing and serving others can strengthen our capacity to provide for ourselves and others.

Neighbors Handshake


Study: Faith is the Strongest Predictor of Altruism

“The most important thing people of faith can do, regardless of others’ perceptions, is to live their religion, ever seeking to relieve their neighbors’ burdens, motivated by a commitment to a God who “calls for sacrificial love, not benign whateverism." - Kenda Creasy Dean

Donovan Quint


Read—and Watch—All About It!

Weaving a rich narrative of an ancient Peruvian culture that survives atop man-made islands formed of reeds, BYU communications student Donovan Baltich was recently named a top finalist in a national journalism competition.

Kari Perry

Ensign College

I’ve Found New Hope

Kerry Perry recognizes the Lord’s hand in her life as she prays for and receives tender mercies.

Stephane Akoki

Ensign College

Nothing is Impossible

Stephane Akoki shares how faith, desire, and generous donors helped him realize his mother’s dream.

Engineering groundbreaking


Engineering a Better World: New Building on the Rise

With students, faculty, and supporters gathered, President Kevin J Worthen marked the start of construction for a new engineering building at Brigham Young University. He spoke of how campus’s newest structure would help create a better future for students, families, and communities

Crystal Montgomery


More than Education

Crystal Montgomery dreamed of being an English teacher but never thought she could afford to go to college. “I was overjoyed when I read the email informing me that I had been awarded a BYU scholarship,” she remembers. Read more of Crystal’s story and a thank-you letter she wrote to those who made her BYU education a dream come true.

Michelle Meyer

Ensign College

Scholarships Motivated Michelle to Study Harder

Michelle felt out of her element as she started at LDS Business College. As she got more involved she was helping others while also working hard to be successful in her classes. She felt blessed to receive scholarships along the way, which also motivated her to work harder.

Amber Suzanne

Ensign College

From Helplessness to Hopefulness

Discover how generous donors helped Suzanne and Amber realize their potential.


Humanitarian Video (4:09)

Be the Someone

Naima spent her entire childhood in a refugee camp in Kenya. Now she has a Master’s in Social Work and is making a difference in the lives of families, helping and lifting others as she was helped and lifted.


BYU-Hawaii Video (4:13)

From Child Laborer to Child Liberator

Sery, an IWORK student from the Ivory Coast, was abandoned and forced into child labor at a young age. He found his way to BYU-Hawaii, and his experience there inspired and empowered him to return to his country and help children who are suffering the same circumstances that he endured.

Lyndsay Staley


Of Needles and Haystacks

Imagine looking for a handful of mixed-up genes out of a pool of 3.2 billion - all with the goal of curing a rare genetic disease. Thanks to a donor-funded mentorship, that’s precisely what Lyndsay Staley did as an undergraduate at BYU.

Alice Mackay


Rubbish at Math

How does Pathway change lives? It goes beyond books and grades. It provides hopes for a better future.

Amanda gier


Of Muscles and Mentoring

Why do your muscles get sore after the first or second workout but not after the fourth or fifth? A group of BYU exercise science students set out to answer that question. Mentored by Professor Robert Hyldahl, student Amanda Gier suggested they look at the role of T-cells.

Dan Ito


Student from Japan Lives Lifelong Dream at BYU

A new scholarship honors the Ito brothers, whose cheerful perseverance has inspired many.


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:33)

Weak Things Become Strong

Kazu, a BYU-Hawaii student from Japan, struggled to learn English as a high school student. His desire to attend BYU–Hawaii motivated him to study hard, and he finished in the top of his class. Now he is enjoying opportunities he didn’t imagine were possible.

Sister Antunes

Missionary Video (3:31)

Sister Antunes - Serving with Joy

A mission call to the United States was the last thing Sister Antunes expected. Now she’s sharing her infectious testimony in Park City, Utah. Donations to the general missionary fund make it possible for Sister Antunes and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord in the mission field.

Sister Batista

Missionary Video (3:46)

Sister Batista – Finding Strength in the Lord

An injury in a traffic accident slowed Sister Batista down, but couldn’t stop her from sharing her irrepressible testimony. Donations to the general missionary fund make it possible for Sister Batista and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord in the mission field.

Elder Ramirez

Missionary Video (4:06)

Elder Ramirez - Serving in Idaho

At age 24, Fernando Ramirez put his goal to become a pilot on hold for two years to serve a full-time mission for the Church. Donations to the general missionary fund, make it possible for Elder Ramirez and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord.

In a good place


In a Good Place

When you donate to BYU-Idaho’s scholarship funds, you make the blessings of a Church education available to more students - like Martina Thomas.

Tanner Inauguration

BYU-Hawaii Video (12:12)

I See a School

At his inauguration, President John S. Tanner spoke powerfully on the inspired mission and purpose of BYU-Hawaii.

Suzy Sullivan

Ensign College

Your Scholarship Donation Helps Students Like Me

“My classes at LDSBC give me hands-on learning. LDSBC has also helped me to learn how to turn my fears of the future into faith by working diligently and trusting the Lord. As I have done this, my worries have gone away. Receiving the LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship for recently returned missionaries at LDS Business College was beyond my wildest dreams.”

Siniteke Fotu

BYU-Hawaii Video (1:27)

Setting an Example

Meet Siniteke Fotu, an IWORK student from Tonga. As the oldest of 11 children, Teke has been the example for her younger siblings by finishing high school, serving a full-time mission, and attending college. Her father is a humble farmer, but she is able to attend BYU-Hawaii thanks to support from generous donors. After graduating she plans to return home and work in government.”

Marriott Center Annex rendering


Marriott Center Annex to Rise

“Our men’s and women’s basketball teams have been very successful, and this new facility will certainly enhance both programs,” says Tom Holmoe, BYU’s athletic director. “We would like to express our appreciation to the BYU administration, the board of trustees, and the many donors who have made this project a reality - particularly Ruth and Rex Maughan who made a generous lead gift.”

Jim sandy cook


Jim and Sandy Cook: Blessed to Give

For Jim and Sandy Cook, giving to Brigham Young University has meant receiving innumerable blessings. “We can’t get ahead of the Lord,” says Jim. “Whatever we give, it feels like He gives us more in return. It is unbelievable. For us, giving is not about getting credit for the gift; it’s about the good that happens in other people’s lives.”



College of Humanities Celebrates 50 Years

If you attended BYU within the past 50 years you almost certainly enrolled in some humanities class. Through that class, and in many other ways since then, you are a participant in the broader human conversation. The College of Humanities is a nexus of giving, a place where we learn and grow through varied conversations. Thank you for your generosity in all its forms - for all you contribute to the ongoing human conversation.

Engineering Rendering


BYU's New Engineering Building: Ready, Set, Go!

When this building is complete, we believe it will positively benefit students, faculty, and ultimately the world,” said President Worthen. “Thanks to you and other generous alumni and friends, we’re now in a position to move forward."

Nadia Wheelchair

Humanitarian Video (2:40)

The Moment I Was Shot I Knew I Would Never Walk Again

Millions of Syrian refugees have been impacted by the Syrian civil war that broke out in 2011. Watch and listen to Nadia’s story; A 12 year old Syrian refugee child who, while fleeing Syria, was shot in the back and paralyzed.

Ldsbc Building

Ensign College Video (1:01)

You Won't Believe What's Happening at LDS Business College

A top U.S. recruiting firm recently partnered with three of America’s best schools to provide better candidates for their Fortune 500 clients—like American Express, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. The three schools they selected? Cornell, Harvard, and LDS Business College. Why is everyone paying so much attention to the BC? Watch the video to find out.

Ira Rollover


Charitable IRA Rollover Permanently Extended

You may now take advantage of the opportunity to make a Charitable IRA Rollover (also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution) - a nontaxable distribution made directly by the administrator of an IRA to a qualified public charity.

Donors bless lives

Philanthropies Video (3:21)

Donors Bless Lives

President Thomas S. Monson teaches: “No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man. Service to others is akin to duty, the fulfillment of which brings true joy.”

For such a time as this

Philanthropies Video (2:35)

For Such a Time as This

Just as Esther showed her faith by standing up for the Jews, we show our faith by following the example Jesus Christ set by loving and lifting one another. (Esther 1-4)

Berlin refugee children

Humanitarian Video (3:07)

Coming Together to Provide Aid to Refugees in Europe

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is continuing its long-standing partnership with international humanitarian organizations to tend to the dire needs of refugees entering Europe. Support is underway to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical supplies and other life-sustaining necessities.



Church Members Encouraged to Assist Refugees

The First Presidency, the Church’s highest governing body, stated, “It is with great concern and compassion that we observe the plight of the millions of people around the world who have fled their homes seeking relief from civil conflict and other hardships."

Danielle Shkapich


Code Blue

It’s one thing to face a life-or-death situation in the classroom with a dummy; it’s something else to be in there in a hospital room with a real patient.

Colin Haueter


College or Mission? Colin Knew He Couldn’t Afford Both

Colin had been saving for college for some time. However, when Colin’s bishop asked him to serve a mission, he knew he could afford one or the other – not both.

Chad lewis knight society


Chad Lewis: Help Others with the Climb

Speaking to the group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning), Chad Lewis compared an experience he had climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to their own contributions to BYU students.

Rj Gualberto

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:22)

Opening Doors of Opportunity

RJ, a BYU-Hawaii IWORK student from the Philippines, went from imitating artwork from Church magazines to studying art in Paris and New York thanks to scholarships and internships.

Missionaries thank you

Missionary Video (1:34)

Making Missions Possible: Expressions of Gratitude

Last year, nearly 24,000 missionaries were trained at the 14 international MTCs, which provide training to native speakers in 18 languages and second language training in nine languages. An equal number were trained in the Provo, Utah MTC, where missionaries come from 155 countries and learn 55 languages. Here are a few of their expressions of gratitude.



Blessed or Lucky

With a little help from generous donors like you, MPA student Ikaika Kim is discovering his calling.

Maternal newborn care

Humanitarian Video (3:13)

Saving Babies from Becoming Another Statistic

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares how LDS Charities and its neonatal resuscitation training program is helping midwives, nurses, and doctors keep newborns from becoming just another statistic.

Marina andrade video

Missionary Video (2:51)

Making Missions Possible

Sister Marina Andrade needed help from donations to the General Missionary Fund. She also needed an answer to prayer when forced to leave her mission early and return home to Brazil in a wheelchair.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:22)

Finding a Way and Forging a Path for Others to Follow

Battsey, a BYU-Hawaii student from Mongolia who is studying accounting, took English courses online before coming to campus. She is now an online mentor for students back home and an IWORK student.”



Major Earthquake Strikes Nepal

The humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is determining how it can best help to relieve the suffering.

Vanuatu Disaster


Missionaries to Fly Aid to Vanuatu Disaster Region

The Vanuatu Port Vila Mission President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Larry Brewer, made contact with missionary leaders on the island of Tanna. The missionary leaders confirmed that all 11 missionaries on Tanna are accounted for and safe.

Raife Campbell

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:07)

Discover Your Potential and Become an Instrument in the Lord’s Hands

Raife Cambell's mission launched him into new patterns of life and learning, and launched a desire for additional education. This led him to BYU Hawaii, where he built upon the tools he had gained serving the Lord. He also met his wife. He credits donors with blessing his life. Discover how you can become a blessing in the lives of students like Raife.


Missionary Video (2:54)

Making Missions Possible: Jasmina’s Story

Sister Back feels very honored and fortunate to serve her mission on Temple Square. One of 222 sisters there, she feels she is walking on sacred grounds every day. From Finland, Sister Back gained a desire to serve a mission when she saw the gospel change the life of a friend.

Fehi and his wife


A Father's Example, A Son's Dream

While growing up in a hard-working family on a small island in Tonga, Fehi saw his father working constantly as a fisherman to support his family. Fehi wanted an education, but getting one seemed to be out of reach. Learn how donations from friends like you helped this grateful young man come to BYU-Hawaii.

Australia Missionary

Missionary Video (02:17)

Making Missions Possible: The Australian

A prompting received by a sister missionary at General Conference leads to a referral. She spent weeks trying to contact the referral with no success. Imagine her when she meets a stranger from Australia, whom is the very person she has been trying to contact.



With Your Help, He Found His Way

Sebastian Alewa joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Papua New Guinea 14 years ago. He started a new journey that day - one that led him to BYU-Hawaii and will take him back home, educated and ready to bless his country. Read more about Sebastian and how BYU-Hawaii’s IWORK program helped him prepare for his future.

Marina Andrade

Missionary Video (2:51)

Making Missions Possible: Marina's Story

THIRD IN A SERIES: Sister Marina Andrade needed help from donations to the General Missionary Fund. She also needed an answer to prayer when forced to return home to Brazil in a wheelchair.

Nicole alvine

Missionary Video (2:42)

Making Missions Possible: Nicole's Story

SECOND IN A SERIES: Every year, the General Missionary Fund assists more than 22,000 missionaries from 120 countries with a portion of their mission expenses. Nicole Alvine from Cameroon was educated in France and then decided to serve a mission.

Jacqueline dizon

Missionary Video (2:39)

Making Missions Possible: Jacqueline's Story

Each year, the General Missionary Fund assists more than 22,000 missionaries from 120 countries with a portion of their mission expenses. Jacqueline Dizon from the Philippines is one of those missionaries.


BYU-Hawaii Video (3:06)

At BYU-Hawaii, Raife Honed the Traits He Needs to Reach His Potential

Raife, a BYU–Hawaii student from Australia, strives to stretch himself and achieve his potential through opportunities to develop communication, relationship-building, and leadership skills.


Student Discovery May Lead to Lower Doses of Chemotherapy

BYU chemists found a protein switch that activates resistance. The discovery opens the door for medications that will make tumors more sensitive to chemotherapy.

A place to dream

BYU Video (3:01)

A Place to Dream

The new engineering building at Brigham Young University is not just a building. It’s a promise to every child with a dream of doing something to make the world better, that there will be a place to help those dreams come true.

Engineering Resuscitation

BYU Video (3:01)

Student Innovation is Providing Life-Sustaining Oxygen for Newborns

How You - Plus a New 1:1 Match - Equals Student Innovation at BYU


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:31)

One of Nine: Faith and Examples Lead Fijian to Laie

Jone, a BYU–Hawaii student from Fiji, speaks of how the Lord took care of his family after his father passed away. He has learned peace building and made friends from around the world at BYU–Hawaii.

Lehi santana studying


Strumming a New Chord

Third in a three-part series: Pathway in Monterrey gave Lehi Santana a new perspective and a new dream to conquer.

Bolivia Award


LDS Church's Humanitarian Efforts Honored in Bolivia

La Paz’s Departmental Legislative Assembly recently honored the Church for its ongoing tradition of charitable service both in the city and across the entire Andean nation. The award lauded the Church and its members “as an institution and living example of valued humanitarian aid.”

Bianca class discussion


Pathway Spirit a Plus for Bianka Martinez

Second in a three-part series: The personalized attention and focused curriculum of Pathway helped Bianka Martinez feel valued and land a better job.

Kari durrant teaser


Living an Exhausting, Exhilarating Life

Kari Durrant thrives on improving the quality of life for others.

Pathway Screen


Pathway Brings New Hope, New Skills

First in a three-part series: On a Thursday night last April, the meeting house gym in Monterrey, Mexico was lined with tables and chairs for 67 very important guests: students hoping to register for their first Pathway semester.

Meredith taylor teaser


Her Scholarship was Truly a Matter of the Heart

Meredith Taylor feels doubly blessed.

Debbie miller


The “Springboard Scholarship”

BYU scholarship springboards single mother to security, success.

Chris Tracy


Turning Cancer Cell’s Best Friend into Worst Enemy

BYU doctoral student’s research gets world-class attention.

Celeste wouden


Longing to Bless

Caring for an ailing sister shaped Celeste Wouden’s desire to learn the healer’s art.

Felix Jimenez


Finally, the Miracles Mounted

From farming radishes to entering a doctorate program, Felix Jimenez scaled his Andes-like challenges with faith.

Thunot couple

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:17)

Finding the Loves of His Life in Laie

Nelson, a BYU–Hawaii IWORK student from Tahiti who works at the Polynesian Cultural Center, says he found the two loves of his life in Laie: his passion for art and graphic design and his wife, Rahei.

Brittany strobelt


Leading the Charge to Better Understand the World’s Largest Population

Brittany Strobelt excels as the only English major in the Chinese Flagship program.

Stacey harkey


Influencing the Masses, One Outlandish Hairstyle at a Time

Little did Stacey Harkey fathom the force for good that BYU would have on his talents.

Annette fairbanks


Going to BYU Was an Impossible Dream, Until . . .

With her family struggling to support 12 adopted Russian siblings, Annette Fairbanks thought her window to attend BYU had closed.

Byu female athletes


BYU Athletes are in a Service League All their Own

The highest profile athletes are also the most eager to serve.

Andrea bradley


Creative Future Burns Bright for Graduate

Former scholarship recipient Andrea Bradley took skills gained at BYU-Idaho south of the border to bless numerous lives.

Marjorie volkel organ


Queen of the King of Instruments

On a quest to improve music in the Church one organist at a time.

David Decker


A Niggling Feeling that the Lord Expected More

Contrary to conventional wisdom, David Decker felt to embark on a new educational adventure.

Nash Beck


Leaders with a Vision, Who Knew How to Use It

Erika Nash and Brandon Beck centered their leadership on connecting students with chances to serve.

Tim brenna bushman


Pathway Helps Construction Worker Build New Life

Higher education is available and affordable to those who feel that college has passed them by.

Ruth Brasher

BYU Video (4:39)

2014 BYU President’s Award Winner: Ruth Brasher

Former teacher at BYU honored at annual dinner.

Emma Johnson


‘We’ve Gotten Through It - That’s What We Do’

When life changed suddenly, education became the obvious answer.

Margaret Pope

BYU Video (4:03)

2014 BYU President’s Award Winner: Margaret Pope

Long life of faith and philanthropy recognized at annual dinner.

Melissa Manwill

BYU Video (3:09)

Art Student at BYU Earns National Distinction

Thanks to her, children are more likely to be reading books.



Scholarships Help Couple Share the Spirit

Couple plans to use their educational skills to bless the lives of others… at home and in the classroom.

Wilde Family

BYU-Idaho Video (5:05)

Wilde about Pathway

What happens when the parents of five children both realize their education is insufficient? Can they drop everything and go back to school?


BYU Video (3:01)

BYU's Engineering Dynamic Duo

First they made each other happy. Now they’re engineering ways to make others happy.

Exxon matching gift


BYU Receives Generous Gift from ExxonMobil Foundation

Donation will help prepare future employees who match the oil giant’s quality and integrity.

Jerad Todacheenie


Saved by a Moral Compass and Hands That Reached Across Two States

When life was spiraling out of control, Jerad Todacheenie was welcomed into a safer place.

Romania Computers

Ensign College

Phone Call Sets Wheels of Generosity in Motion, Sending Computers to Romania

When foster children in Romania needed computers, a graduate of LDS Business College turned to her alma mater, which then turned to another alum.

Mentored Learning


BYU’s Most Generous Donors Share Wealth of Knowledge

Best and brightest of BYU get up-close, firsthand instruction from successful graduates.

Zack’s Shack

Humanitarian Video (3:12)

Wheelchair Wonder Boy!

Zack’s Shack fundraising effort has now blessed 332 lives with mobility worldwide.



Discovering “Genuine Gold” in Mongolia and the Miraculous Refining Process that Followed

Hundreds of miles away from her home in Ulaanbaatar, Buyanerdene Chimedregzen shouted aloud with joy when she received news of her acceptance to Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Her three long, grueling years of studying English through the university’s online program were paying off: her dream of studying at BYU-Hawaii had finally come true.

Mothers day ad

Philanthropies Video (1:59)

Mother, the Great Teacher

This Mother’s Day we add our tribute to the women who follow prophetic counsel to learn all they can. Who better to educate than mothers whose knowledge and understanding influences generations.

Baroque Ensemble


Texas Surgeon Goes Baroque with Gift to BYU School of Music

Ensemble is no cookie-cutter musical group