A Global Choir for a Global Church

March 2022

The Tabernacle Choir conductor leading the choir with women singers in purple behind him

Newly appointed president of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Michael Leavitt, summarized the current happenings of the Choir when he recently said, “A global church needs a global choir.”

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has experienced many changes over the last few years to match the Church’s efforts to bring people together across the globe. The newest change came with the appointment of Michael Leavitt as the new Choir president along with an organizational update that now includes two counselors to make up a presidency. It was also announced that President Leavitt’s wife, Jacalyn, will serve as his companion in fulfilling the new role. Following a structure similar to that of Church missions, the new Choir presidency will collectively over-see more than 700 volunteers.

“Using digital tools now available, the Choir can reach new and bigger global audiences,” said Leavitt. “It can be an emissary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an advocate for people on every continent who seek feelings of peace and joy.”

Former Choir president Ron Jarrett began the effort to create a stronger digital presence for the Choir, and President Leavitt is ready to carry it forward. With his background as governor of Utah, President Leavitt is prepared to lead the Choir more fully into the digital age to reach and touch the lives of many more.

The Choir has seen and continues to see a marvelous work happening with its online presence. Particularly in the past two years, when many have been overcome with turmoil and stress, the Choir’s music has been readily available and spread to countries it has never reached before as people have sought divine inspiration and comfort. The Choir’s digital platforms have been a resource demonstrating another way for the Choir to truly embody being a global choir.

With live performances halted for now, droves of online viewers have tuned in to livestreams of Music & The Spoken Word, Piping Up! organ concerts, and broadcasts of previous Christmas concerts, as well as streamed recordings of past performances and curated Spotify playlists. Millions of viewers are listening to and watching these resources from the Choir in countries all over the world, including Turkey, Taiwan, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

To accompany the success of their digital platforms, the Choir also recently unveiled a new logo. With the famous organ pipes always present, the new elements of the logo reveal a streamlined design to symbolize the Choir’s desire to share the simple truths of the gospel through music.

It is an exciting time as the gospel continues to spread to the corners of the earth, with the Choir following suit. The Choir’s extraordinary history coupled with today’s digital capabilities show the Choir to be adaptable and constantly evolving in an ever-changing world.

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Fund enables the Choir to reach as many ears and hearts as possible as they carry out their mission of uplifting audiences around the world and helping them feel closer to God. This organization that has been around for more than a century has become more relevant today than it has ever been through innovative technology. Through your contributions, the Choir will be able to utilize modern developments even more and be prepared for the day when they can fully return to live performances. Thank you for helping the Choir continue the Lord’s work one song at a time.

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