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INSPIRING LEARNING is what Brigham Young University is all about; the phrase summarizes the university’s mission “to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life.”

Giving Opportunities

Through donations, generous alumni and friends provide students with experiences such as mentored learning, research assistantships, internships, study abroad, work study, and other student aid. Donors also provide support for additional board-approved programs, including BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting.

Inspiring Learning

Inspiring learning is changing the BYU experience, reinforcing a broad and eternal focus on how students learn.

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Scholarships change lives. You can provide funds to aid students based on financial need or academic achievement.

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and Schools

BYU colleges and schools use donations to prepare students to lead at work, succeed at home, and serve humanity.

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BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting

BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting help connect fans and audiences around the world to the university.

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Other Approved Priorities

From art to advocacy to literacy and more, you can help advance the mission of BYU and its students by donating.

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“Donors make the university and the BYU experience better for our students. BYU is grateful for all the support it receives.”

— President Kevin J. Worthen
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BYU President's Report

It has been, to say the least, a most unusual academic year. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic continues to affect Brigham Young University’s planning and efforts. The good news is that during the past year we showed that we can not only survive but also thrive in an uncertain and quickly changing environment. I’m impressed with how the entire campus community has shown flexibility and determination in pursuing the university’s mission.

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BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Determined and Grateful

When it came time to apply to law schools, Erin Kitchens Wong submitted her application to only one: BYU. “I knew I could graduate with little or no debt and still qualify for any job that interested me.”

BYU|College of Humanities

From Buses to BYU

Shannel Morin will be the first in her family to graduate from college. “BYU has pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

BYU|Knight Society

A Legacy of Helping

For Steve and Marilyn Rizley, Brigham Young University has been like a magnet: it drew them together, and it keeps drawing them back.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Seen, Understood, and Valued

Janessa Castaneda currently serves as a mentor for SOAR, a BYU college preparation and scholarship program that provides opportunities for multicultural students from various backgrounds.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Clearing the Air

Abby Mangum’s passion for helping people and communities respond to disasters led her to research earthquakes and tsunamis as a BYU undergrad.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

Brightening the World

Can an animated series about time travel inspire kids to enlarge their circle of love and care? BYU Broadcasting creates engaging viewing and listening experiences that entertain, inspire, uplift, and improve families and communities.


For the Benefit of the World

As some universities have, over time, drifted from or discarded their faith-based moorings, BYU has held fast to its founding creed. As a result, the university has something unique to offer the world 

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Alum’s Research “Uplifts” Families of Children with Autism

When Jamie Easler was a BYU graduate student six years ago, she realized she wanted to better understand youth on the autism spectrum and, by extension, their families. 

BYU|International Studies

“It Changed My Life Forever”

Jace Watt jumped at the chance to study abroad in Tanzania, where he and other BYU students were hosted by the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka.