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What to Give: Assets

Once you’ve evaluated your objectives, it is time to consider the assets you have available for use in a planned gift.

Other than cash, which can be given through any planned giving tool, there are a variety of assets you can give. Each asset is appropriate for certain planned giving tools, so it is important to consider both the asset and the tool to decide if there is a way to structure the gift using an asset in a way that fits your objectives.

Your gift of securities, real estate, or other assets can make a meaningful difference in someone else's life and potentially bring you tax and other benefits.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

This is a nontaxable distribution made by the administrator of an IRA to a qualified public charity.

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Publicly traded securities are the most common form of noncash charitable gifts.

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Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets may be gifted during life or death, with differing outcomes.

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Life Insurance Policy

A gift of a paid-up policy can provide tremendous benefits to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is a very common gift to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Unimproved Property

Your unimproved property may have increased in value during the time you have owned it.

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Collectibles or Other Tangible Property

Collectibles that you have enjoyed may now provide more enjoyment and better use.

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Patents, Royalties, or Copyrights

If there is a market for the underlying asset, it may be sold to provide immediate benefit.

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Personal Residence

A personal residence may be an ideal gift under the right circumstances.

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A painting, sculpture, or other piece of fine art can make an ideal gift, whether purchased or inherited.

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Farm or Ranch

The family farm or ranch can make an ideal gift to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Equipment or Inventory

Donations of unused equipment or unsold inventory and supplies can change and save lives.

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