Because of you,more people are receivingthe care they need.

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Humanitarian Services

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides aid to people around the world without regard to cultural or religious affiliation. Key projects include:

Emergency Response

Relieve suffering following natural disasters, civil unrest, or famine around the world.

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Vision Care

Improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from the most prevalent causes of vision loss.

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Maternal & Newborn Care

Provide lifesaving training and equipment to support the care of newborns and maternal survival.

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Improve health, educational and economic opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

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Clean Water

Improve the health and well-being of families by strengthening the availability of clean water.

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Preserve life and protect health, particularly of children, by improving access to immunization services.

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Food Initiative

Improve the health and well-being of families by supporting interventions that improve food security.

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2022 Annual Report

$1.02 billion was expended to help those in need across the world.

174 refugee response projects and 11,030 welfare and self-reliance missionaries.

520 food security projects, 54 mobility projects, 156 clean water projects, 42 vision care projects, 45 maternal care projects, and 483 emergency response projects.

Volunteers contributed more than 6.3 million hours of service.

69,115 new JustServe users registered, and 16,285 new JustServe projects created.

439 education projects, 106,261 self-reliance course participants, 525 addiction recovery meetings per week, and 9,186 Deseret Industries associates served.

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How We Operate

Two ideas are at the core of the Church's efforts to care for those in need:

  1. 100% of every dollar donated is used to help those in need—without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin.
  2. The Church’s humanitarian efforts help people attain self-sufficiency so they can be self-reliant long after the humanitarian project ends.

A Note from Blaine Maxfield

Managing Director, Welfare and Self-Reliance Services

As we reflect on the last few months, we want to thank you for your generous contributions and efforts. Because of your donations, we can help uplift and care for those in need globally.

As the world continues to face an unprecedented hunger crisis, the Church’s ongoing efforts include a combined $44 million to nine organizations to help thousands of mothers and young children in 30 countries combat malnutrition. The Church also donated $3 million to the first malaria vaccination effort in Africa. This historic campaign will protect an estimated 39,500 children from this deadly disease.

Your donations also helped support responses to recent disasters, including the devastating wildfires in Maui. In August 2023, the Church announced a donation of $1 million to the American Red Cross to help provide needed shelter and supplies to those affected by the fires.

We are incredibly grateful that we can follow Christ’s example to help others in need, and it is because of you that we can continue to expand this tremendous work across the world.