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Church General Fund

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Church General Fund. Your contribution will be used to meet ever-changing needs while being guided by prophetic direction.

How Are the Donations Used?

The Church General Fund is a financial resource for approved projects of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This central fund provides a reliable and recognized channel for donors to contribute to where funds will then be used for high-priority projects approved by prophets and apostles and other Church leaders. Authorized Church leaders draw on the fund and allocate resources based on planned priorities and emerging needs.

The Church General Fund has previously supported priorities and activities like Church History, FamilySearch, and The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. Funds may be used to support these priorities and activities as well as others.

Make a Gift

Giving is a form of gratitude, but it's also a form of valuing life.

Kent Michie


When we give, we receive a lot in return. Heavenly Father blessed us a lot because of our desire to help other people and donate what we can. The blessings we have received are a hundred times more. And when we help ‘the least of these,’ we are doing what the Lord wants us to do.

Sister Chen Mei-Yu


When we're asked to help build the kingdom, I think that means to build people.

Marilyn Rizley


Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Uniting and Reconciling Through Records

One of 15 FamilySearch content strategists, Whitney Peterson is a mastermind at locating, classifying, and recommending records, no matter where they may be or in what condition they are found.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

It Takes a Village: The Organization of The Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square strives to bring its listeners closer to Jesus Christ through sharing music. However, the Choir is only one part of the equation to accomplishing this task.

Church General Fund|Church History

Surprised, Inspired, and Immersed

The first time I toured the Beehive House, one room took my breath away. That room, like many other blessings from God, surprised me and then inspired me.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Making Ancestral Research Easier

Even with his love of the Chinese people and fluency in the language, Derek Dobson could not have guessed what powerful ties he would weave over his lifetime with people scattered throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

A Global Choir for a Global Church

Newly appointed president of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Michael Leavitt, summarized the current happenings of the Choir when he recently said, “A global church needs a global choir.”

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

134 Generations in One Day

As a user experience designer at FamilySearch, Christine Chiang works on the cutting edge of expanding Chinese genealogical research. And with over 13 million digital images from mainland China, including more than 65,000 images of jiapu—Chinese genealogical records maintained by ancestral clans—Christine has her work cut out for her.