Thanks to donors like you,students prepare for life-long learning,employment, and disciple leadership.

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Brigham Young University-Idaho provides a unique educational experience with the goal of preparing students for lifelong learning, for employment, and for roles as leaders in the home, Church, and community.

BYU-Idaho Students Say Thank You

Your generosity is the key to student success. Whether you are an alumni, friend, or proud BYU-Idaho parent, we thank you for considering a gift to BYU-Idaho.

Give to BYU-Idaho

Ways You Can Give

Generous donations help provide students with life-changing knowledge, innovative
ideas, spirtual strength, and academic skills.

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General Scholarship

General scholarships open educational doors to deserving students based on
academic achievement. Scholarships also help to attract and to retain
outstanding students from all disciplines.


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Need-Based Aid

Although BYU-Idaho offers a quality education at a low cost, many students still
face financial barriers to completing their degrees. Need-based aid blesses
students who might otherwise struggle with financial challenges.


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BYU-Idaho Merit Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes and rewards exceptional academic achievement of
incoming freshman attending on campus. Recipients have the option to
defer this scholarship if they choose to serve a mission during this time.


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Returned Missionary Scholarship

Recently returned missionaries wanting to pursue a higher education with
BYU-Idaho may be eligible for a one-time $500 scholarship upon their first
enrollment after their return.


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Signature Scholarships

A Signature Scholarship allows you to name your scholarship, whether for yourself, your organization, or a loved one. You may also designate your scholarship for a student from a particular fundraising priority.

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“Your dedication to our cause echoes the values we hold dear, both fostering disciple leadership and academic excellence. With your support, we empower students to become leaders in their homes, their communities, and the Church. Your partnership is instrumental in realizing our mission, and for that, we are profoundly grateful. ”

- President Alvin F. Meredith III
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BYU-Idaho President's Report

Making and keeping covenants is a fundamental part of our mortal journey, and those actions lead to eternal blessings. The Honor Code teaches us to deepen our faith and maintain gospel standards, ultimately helping us become covenant keepers. Making and keeping covenants is part of the test of this life and is also the path to eternal blessings.

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Generosity in Action

See how the generosity of previous donors is helping BYU-Idaho prepare students for lifelong learning, employement, and discipleship as leaders in their homes, the Church, and within their own communities.