Helping youmake smart,efficient gifts.

Gift Planning Services

Gift Planning lets you and your family fine-tune the timing, distribution, income retention, and tax savings associated with your charitable giving. Philanthropies’ gift planning team assists you and your financial advisors.

Why Plan Your Giving

Use giving as a tool to improve the world and bless your family.

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What to Give: Assets

Cash is great, but other things can make a difference too.

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How to Give: Tools

With gift planning, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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For Professional Advisors

Resources for lawyers, accountants and financial planners.

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Gift Planning Services

Helping you navigate ways to give with free services.

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Gift Planning Videos

Quick explanations of important charitable tools in video format.

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What Assets Can I Give?

Other than cash, which can be given through any planned giving tool, there are a variety of assets you can give.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

This is a nontaxable distribution made by the administrator of an IRA to a qualified public charity.

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Life Insurance

A gift of a paid-up policy can provide tremendous benefits to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets may be gifted during life or death, with differing outcomes.

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Publicly traded securities are the most common form of noncash charitable gifts.

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Beneficiary Designations

Learn what is needed to name a charitable organization as a beneficiary in a planned gift.

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See All

There are many different assets you can donate to help build the Kingdom of God.

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Tell Us About Your Gift

If you have named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or one of its charities as a benificiary in a will, trust, insurance policy, or retirement plan, please let us know.

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How Do I Set Up My Giving?

Each planned giving tool has a variety of features that can be utilized to create a highly personalized approach to charitable giving in your estate plan.

Testamentary Giving Tools

These tools provide one of the simplest ways to make a gift while keeping all your assets available during your lifetime.

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Split-Interest Giving Tools

These tools allow you to retain an income from a transferred asset and can be timed to certain events while living or at your death.

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Family-Directed Giving Tools

These tools provide opportunities for you and your family to decide on giving opportunities now and in the future.

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Free Consulting

If you want to create a planned gift, Philanthropies Gift Planning Services will work with your attorney or financial advisor to ensure that the gift is structured to meet your charitable desires.

For a more detailed discussion of the services we provide you and your advisors, please contact us:


Family Giving

Involving your children and grandchildren in philanthropy can help you pass your values to them. Planned giving can help you accomplish this by involving your family in the wise administration of your financial gift.

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We'd love to consult with you or your advisor:


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Legacy Societies

If you love BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, or Ensign College you can join their legacy society!

Any planned or deferred gift, such as a will, a living trust, a life insurance policy, or a gift annuity qualifies you for membership.

Gift Planning Council

The Gift Planning Council (GPC) is a national volunteer council of financial and estate-planning professionals. We help facilitate donor inclined giving, and provide resources for professionals regarding planned gifts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliated charities.

The council is free to join, and provides seminars, regional meetings, and a network of support and information.

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Gift Planning Conference

Gift Planning Services of the Philanthropies department created the GPC Conference in an effort to create a forum for discussing family values incorporated into estate planning.

Recent conference archives:

2023 Gift Planning Conference
2021 Gift Planning Conference
2019 Gift Planning Conference
2017 Gift Planning Conference