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Testamentary Giving Tools

A carefully prepared will or living trust as part of your estate plan is the best way to ensure that your heirs are provided for in the way that you intend. It is also one of the simplest ways to make a gift while keeping all your assets available during life in case your circumstances and needs change. Your professional advisors and our professional staff can assist you in proper preparation of the appropriate documents. View this chart to see some helpful information about these testamentary giving tools.


A carefully prepared will is the easiest way to ensure that your heirs are provided for in the way that you intend.

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Revocable Living Trust

This is one of the most common and flexible ways of providing for your heirs and giving to a charity of your choice.

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Testamentary Trust

Testamentary trusts are trusts that take effect at your death, allowing you to provide for your spouse or others and still make a gift.

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Life Insurance

As circumstances in life change, the need for insurance may diminish. A gift of a paid-up policy can provide tremendous benefits.

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Retained Life Estate Deed

These gifts allow you to donate your personal residence or farm while retaining the right to live on and use the property.

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Retirement Plans

Retirement plan assets may be gifted during life or at death. The consequences of these choices are quite different.

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