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Real Estate

Real estate is a very common gift to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliated institutions. By giving real estate to the Church, you can fulfill your charitable objectives and do the following:

Real estate can also be used to make a planned gift to the Church or one of its affiliated institutions through various gift planning tools, including the following:

A gift of real estate may come in a variety of forms, including commercial real estate, a personal residence, a farm or ranch, or unimproved property. See below a link to each type of real estate, providing additional details and information regarding specific features of each as well as the tools available to make a gift that will best fit your individual circumstances and goals.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is a very common gift to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Personal Residence

A personal residence may be an ideal gift under the right circumstances.

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Farm or Ranch

The family farm or ranch can make an ideal gift to the Church or one of its institutions.

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Unimproved Property

Your unimproved property may have increased in value during the time you have owned it.

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