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How to Give: Tools

Each planned giving tool has a variety of features that can be utilized to create a highly personalized approach to charitable giving in your estate plan. In addition to having unique features, many tools can be timed according to your wishes. Some tools allow for gifts to occur in a term of years or at certain events, such as birthdays or deaths. Trusts are usually the most flexible in this regard, and so keeping this in mind, you can make a trust either inter vivos (meaning it takes effect while you are living) or testamentary (it takes effect at your death). Some tools time the gift to occur at your death, and some tools allow the gift to continue on in perpeturity. Considering these options, planned giving grants you more power, more flexibility, and more creativity for your charitable inclinations.

We've divided the various giving tools according to features that appeal to the most common concerns givers consider when making their estate plans. Testamentary gifts utilize the tools that are generally the simplest to create and most flexible to change while you are living. These gifts occur at your death. Split-interest gifts employ tools that allow you to retain an income from the transferred asset and can be timed to certain events while you are living or at your death. Family-directed gifts are created through tools that your family can participate in for generations.

Testamentary Giving Tools

These tools provide one of the simplest ways to make a gift while keeping all your assets available during your lifetime.

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Split-Interest Giving Tools

These tools allow you to retain an income from a transferred asset and can be timed to certain events while living or at your death.

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Family-Directed Giving Tools

These tools provide unique opportunities for you and your family to decide on present and future giving opportunities.

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