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Family-Directed Giving Tools

Family-directed giving tools provide unique opportunities for you and your family to gather together to decided on giving opportunities now and in the future. With planning now, you can create a fund or a foundation that will allow you to teach your children as you participate together in directing gifts to causes that matter most to you. These giving tools are unique; they can exist in perpetuity governed by your values. View this chart to see some helpful information about these family-directed giving tools.

Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

Donor advised funds have become a popular way of supporting charities while exercising more control and input than is available with an outright gift.

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Support Organization

A support organization offers both the operational advantages of a Private Foundation and the tax advantages of the public charities they support.

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Private Foundation

Private foundations have been a popular and effective method for wealthy families to create a family legacy of philanthropy, resulting in much good in communities.

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