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Any planned or deferred gift, such as a will, a living trust, a life insurance policy, or a gift annuity qualifies you for membership.

Any planned or deferred gift, such as a will, a living trust, a life insurance policy, or a gift annuity qualifies you for membership.

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Stories & Videos

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BYU|Marriott School of Business

Innovators Thrive on Honesty

Jeff Dyer and Taeya Howell, BYU Marriott School of Business professors, were part of an international team that researched the negative impact on innovation when organizations prioritize psychological safety over intellectual honesty.

BYU|College of Humanities

BYU is First to Offer Azerbaijani

Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the United States recently recognized BYU as the first US university to offer Azerbaijani 101.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (3:55)

BYU Students Tracking 6,300 Dragonfly Species

Saxton is part of a team of BYU biologists that has been tracking down this fascinating insect around the world, from Vietnam to the islands of Vanuatu. Their goal is to piece together the first-ever phylogenic (genealogical) tree of all 6,300 known dragonfly species and their ancestors.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Voter Registration Award Comes to BYU

The Campus Cup is a statewide competition in Utah to see which college or university can register the greatest percentage of student voters.

BYU|College of Humanities

Dancers Put BYU in the Limelight in Brazil

Recently though, a donor funded study abroad landed Kye Davis on national television in Brazil, talking about BYU. Luckily, he is fluent in Portuguese.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (1:08)

The Book of Mormon on a Golden Disc

Innovative BYU engineering students have etched what they believe is the smallest physical copy of the Book of Mormon on a thin silicon microchip.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (3:47)

BYU Animation Wins Student Emmy Award

Can a baby kraken become a pirate? Ethan Briscoe and Tyler Bitner led a group of over 20 students in creating an animation telling this entertaining story.

BYU Video (1:01)

Sharing BYU’s Light

BYU’s new institutional message “Light Shared” introduces the university’s “Inspiring Learning” message with the world.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications Video (1:32)

AdLab Wins Student Emmy Award

Can you imagine BYU students making an ad about selling your car to buy a wedding ring? AdLab students did and won a prestigious award.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (2:14)

Ten Secrets to Healthy Living—Greek Style

Emily Flake was one of a group of health and wellness students that traveled to Ikaria, Greece, to learn about eating, living, and cooking the Mediterranean way.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (1:51)

Video Game Wins International Award

Emily Ellis and Gabe Reed directed and produced Liminus: The Silent Guard with nearly 50 other students to receive an International Award for video game design.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (3:22)

NASA’s Artemis I Launched, and BYU Heard It

How loud was the world’s most powerful rocket as it blasted off from NASA? A team of BYU Accoustics students and professors waited weeks to record and study its impact.