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BYU|College of Humanities

Looking Forward to a Great Adventure

Donors impact student lives every day, not least of all by providing work related job opportunities on campus. These inspiring learning experiences can have a big impact. 

Church General Fund

To Build a Temple

An update on temple construction and what it takes to build a temple from start to finish. 

Church General Fund

A Rededication to Remember

The St. George Temple was recently rededicated after undergoing a nearly four-year renovation.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Academies Program Leading to Litigation Law

Jessica Dofelmire, a rising 2L and first-generation college student, became interested in litigation law. She was able to further explore this field during the academies program. She is excited to expand her professional network and be a resource for future law students. 

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

A World of Opportunities

William Emery knew ever since he participated in a mock trial at age 12 that he wanted to go to law school. “BYU Law is actually the only school I applied to,” he says. 

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Bridging Continents

Oswald “Ozzie” Buhendwa, born and raised in Africa, joined the Church while in Canada and later attended BYU Law School. His experience with ICLRS led him back to Kenya, where he has lobbied for constitutional rights surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Working for Religious Freedom

Ryan Cheney actively networks for worldwide religious freedom and plans to advocate for that freedom throughout his professional law career.


Pediatric Dreams

Trinity Winert took a bold leap, leaving her hometown in South Carolina to pursue her undergraduate studies in Rexburg, Idaho, with dreams of eventually attending nursing school.


Taking the Leap

Reagan followed promptings from the Holy Ghost that led her to attend BYU-Idaho. “I was nervous to come to such a small town, but the size of Rexburg is like its superpower.”


Pathway to Education: Breaking Ground in Ghana

By 2023, nearly two-thirds of BYU-Pathway students lived outside the United States and Canada, and Ghana had 2,849 students, the third-largest international enrollment.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Empowering Startup Dreams

“Before I got to law school, I interned at a startup business; I loved and cherished the entrepreneurship spirit there. When I came to law school, I thought I had to let go of the startup dream.”


Serving with All Her Might, Mind, and Strength

Sister Katherine Welton is currently serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission.

Ensign College

From Refugee to Ensign College Student

Wisdom Chigbu’s journey to Ensign was unexpected and challenging.


Dependent on the Lord

Adam Roberts loved his mission. “As a kid, I always wanted to serve a mission,” he says. “A few months before my mission, I started worrying about having to talk to strangers in a different language, and that was scary.” But instead of living in fear, he chose to live by faith. 

Ensign College

Hope for A CEO-Student

“The second I walked onto campus, I knew that this was the place for me.” -Sarah Schmitz