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President Kusch and the President’s Executive Council hiked Ensign Peak to introduce the college’s new theme, Ensign Rising.

Ensign College

President's Report: It’s All About the Heart

“As we embrace a new name, … the lives we live and the examples we set will be the measure of the success of this institution now and for generations to come.” President Bruce C Kusch

woman posing for a picture

Ensign College

Doing Something Different

Laura Calvillo is laying a foundation for her future as a first-generation college student.

man posing for a picture

Ensign College

Reaching Academic Success Remotely

Scott Robinson reflects on ways Ensign College has made remote learning a great experience.

Two female students wearing masks walking on campus with trees in fall colors.


Student Researchers Find Their Way (BYU BFFs)

Applying skills learned in the classroom is what these two students have loved about their mentored learning opportunity at BYU as they try to give back to the community to improve people’s lives.

couple posing for a photograph


Student-Centric Professor Leads BYU Advancement

New advancement vice-president, Keith Vorkink, is excited to see the impact that donors have across campus, and how students are prepared and developed as leaders.

BYU math student works on an equation on a whiteboard.


Using Math to Connect Students to Resources

With more than 30,000 students at BYU, it’s not surprising that some of them don’t know where to turn when difficulties arise. That’s where Early Alert comes in.

young man sitting at a desk studying


By Whom We Are Led. President's Report

A message from President Clark G. Gilbert

mother standing next to son


A Mother's Influence

Liz Hill's experience with BYU-Pathway Connect was life-changing, specifically for her son Gabriel.

young woman sitting at desk stuying


Creating Opportunities

BYU-Pathway has been searching for ways to bless even more students with scholarships.

woman standing in her home with picture of the Savior behind her.


Finally Near the Finish Line

Born and raised in the Philippines, Joy Escalante is currently in her third semester at Ensign College.

Knight Society members Ray and Yukiko Matsuura in front of a large tree with a tire swing and ladder.


From Football to Fine Arts, BYU Is Better Thanks to Knight Society Members

Ray Matsuura’s wife Yukiko gained her appreciation of BYU through arts and music. “Ray supports business and football. I support the arts,” says Yukiko, who studied design in Sendai, Japan.

Man wearing an aloha shirt


BYU-Hawaii President's Report: A New Chapter is Unfolding

With a unique set of experiences, perspective, and passion, President John S.K. Kauwe III is poised to propel the university toward an exciting future.