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Ensign College

Professionally and Spiritually Prepared

Maren Higginbotham, a native of Riverside, California, and a recent alum of Ensign College’s interior design program, has seen how her education carefully prepared her for a career after graduation.


He Puts Missionaries Where He Needs Them Most

Serving a mission is a blessing to others, and its also a gift to the missionary willing to go. Thank you for helping make missions possible.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:25)

BYU Students Build and Launch “Selfie Cam” with NASA

Video:More than 60 students over a five-year period helped build the inexpensive 10-centimeter CubeSat.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Giving is Helping the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences

Your donations to the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences help make a difference for students like Abena, Rachel, Alyssa, and Luca.

BYU|College of Nursing

Embracing Those in Need of Comfort

Shawen Bueckers, an April 2022 nursing graduate from Spokane, Washington, and her husband, Mathew, both worked part-time jobs to support their BYU educations. Buecker’s college scholarship gave her additional financial help that she deeply appreciated.

BYU|BYU Athletics

We Play for Each Other

With a goal to be the best teammate he can be, Hayden Livingston feels right at home at BYU.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (2:37)

Prestigious Film Festival Screens Animated BYU Film

Video: Salt , which was directed and produced by BYU students, was screened at the 2021 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Giving is Helping the College of Fine Arts and Communications

There is an excitement on campus as tours for our performing ensembles are planned, study abroad programs are scheduled, and field experiences are restarting. Read about a few alumni who are making names for themselves and are boosting BYU's reputation around the world.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Mitigating Hazards at Home and Abroad

Abby Mangum’s passion for hazard mitigation got her involved in researching earthquakes and tsunamis during her BYU undergraduate years.


Serving on the Front Line

During the pandemic, Kalo worked at an on-campus COVID testing facility. Now she is pursuing a career in public health to serve her country.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (3:16)

Feeding the World with Hybrid Quinoa

Video:Teams of BYU students and their faculty mentors are enriching the world with nutritious, growable grain.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Filling a Knowledge Gap

For Amy Hernandez, solving the mystery of multiple sclerosis isn’t merely an academic pursuit; it’s personal.