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Stories & Videos

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BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Empowering Startup Dreams

“Before I got to law school, I interned at a startup business; I loved and cherished the entrepreneurship spirit there. When I came to law school, I thought I had to let go of the startup dream.”


Serving with All Her Might, Mind, and Strength

Sister Katherine Welton is currently serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission.

Ensign College

From Refugee to Ensign College Student

Wisdom Chigbu’s journey to Ensign was unexpected and challenging.


Dependent on the Lord

Adam Roberts loved his mission. “As a kid, I always wanted to serve a mission,” he says. “A few months before my mission, I started worrying about having to talk to strangers in a different language, and that was scary.” But instead of living in fear, he chose to live by faith. 

Ensign College

Hope for A CEO-Student

“The second I walked onto campus, I knew that this was the place for me.” -Sarah Schmitz


Becoming BYU: Seven Immediate Steps

As we take the following steps, I believe that we will be blessed both individually and institutionally.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering|College of Life Sciences|College of Nursing Video (6:26)

Researching the Effects of Air Pollution in Nepal

An interdisciplinary BYU research team traveled to Nepal to measure brick workers’ exposure to pollutants and to assess their respiratory health.

BYU|College of Humanities

BYU Students Who Major in Japanese Stand Out

Students learn how build résumés, practice interviews, and learn from alumni about working in Japan.


Ranked No. 1: BYU Had Most Students Who Studied Abroad

2,878 BYU students took part in 204 BYU study abroad programs located in 61 countries.


Ranked No. 1: BYU Students Are More Likely to Recommend BYU

Last fall the Wall Street Journal and College Pulse recognized BYU as one of the best universities in the country.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

BYU Study Finds That Faith Bolsters Familial Hope

A study from BYU finds that a family’s religious beliefs and practices promote hope.

BYU|College of Nursing

Public and Global Health Inspiring Learning Experiences

These national and international experiences are life changing and greatly impact their patient care. 

BYU|College of Nursing

The Healer’s Art

Going to Spain for the public and global health inspiring learning experience taught me the importance of understanding the Healer’s art.


A Sign of Hope

Temwake is taking the knowledge he’s gained at BYUH and helping improve his country through regenerative tourism.  

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Learning to Be a Disciple Scholar

Brookelyn Harvey is a 2023 Wheatley Scholar. As such she has been mentored while conducting and reporting on research on family life. She says, “Every interaction, whether academic or personal, feels like a ministering visit.”