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men and women singing in a choir

The Tabernacle Choir Becomes a Beacon During Pandemic Hiatus

Through modern technology and some creativity, The Tabernacle Choir now reaches millions around the world, and offers hope and inspiration in a time when it’s needed most.

sister missionaries reading scriptures with woman


Supporting Faith and the Hope of Good Things to Come

Discover what happened when returned missionaries chose to follow God over family and Ghanaian customs.

Sister missionaries take children on walking tour of Historic Nauvoo

Church History

Service Behind the Scenes

When Historic Nauvoo opens to the public again, the seen and the unseen will combine to help visitors understand more than their eyes could ever teach them.

Children playing in garbage smile at the camera


Seeing as Christ Sees

As we seek to see as Christ sees, we will be blessed with opportunities to forget self and lift others.

woman smiling


Faith to Prepare the Way

Giving often springs from a desire grounded in faith to emulate our Savior Jesus Christ and His perfect love. So how do we know if we’re making any progress in our quest to become as He is?

girl getting eye exam from a doctor


Saving Sight and Restoring Hope

Because of you we increased our emergency response efforts by nearly 500 percent in 2020. Read about one person, Mary, a little girl whose vision and hope was restored with a simple surgery.

family sitting on couch looking at family history records


Family History Continues Unabated

Millions of people are choosing to find joy, love, and unity in making family connections—there has never been a better time for family history.

woman standing with video traffic monitors in the background


Learning and Serving

Samantha Lau started a club for women in civil engineering. “Women have a different way of thinking about things—our group offers support,” she says.

woman standing in front of the stage at Deer Valley Musici Festival


Managing Music

Esther’s internship with the Utah Symphony helped her see how making music for the masses is more than simply playing notes.

Young man standing in front of trees on campus at BYU.


Finding Meaning and Defining Experience

Seamons says his work at the Maxwell Institute has defined his BYU experience, “Being part of a community of thoughtful scholars of differing faiths has enriched my life.

man and woman standing together for a picture


Aiding in the Fight of a Lifetime

Nursing student Annie Welton and Davin Lyman, also a BYU student, had only been engaged for two weeks when doctors confirmed that Davin had thyroid cancer.

Young man in front of a shrine giving a thumbs up.


Marry Me and Move to Tokyo

Kevin Sites told his girlfriend he was hoping to take a position in Tokyo. “Then I asked if she’d marry me.”