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Split-Interest Giving Tools

Often referred to as a gift that gives back, split-interest gifts can be an integral part of your overall financial plan. Each can provide income tax and estate tax advantages. The life income stream to you or your loved ones can be tailored to your individual needs. Our professional staff can answer questions about drafting documents, choosing a trustee, and determining what assets are appropriate for use in each type of split-interest gift. View this chart to see some helpful information about these split-interest giving tools.

Charitable Remainder
Annuity Trust (CRAT)

A charitable remainder annuity trust is a popular type of life-income plan.

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Charitable Remainder
Unitrust (CRUT)

The most popular and flexible type of life income plan is a charitable remainder unitrust.

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Charitable Gift
Annuity (CGA)

A charitable gift annuity is often a gift of choice when a guaranteed income is desired.

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Deferred Charitable
Gift Annuity (DCGA)

A deferred charitable gift annuity is a great choice when a future guaranteed income is desired.

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Pooled Income
Fund (PIF)

The pooled income fund is often referred to as the "mutual fund of life income gifts."

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Charitable Lead
Trust (CLT)

Charitable lead trusts are often viewed as the opposite of a charitable remainder trust.

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