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A Rededication to Remember

June 2024

The St. George Temple after its rededication

The St. George Temple was recently rededicated after undergoing a nearly four-year renovation. The temple was the first completed in Utah, and it shaped temple ordinances and influenced temple construction in the years that followed.

Historical black and white photo of the St. George TempleWhatever be my failings and desires 
To Thee O Lord my heart be firm and true 
Thy law my law. Whatever God requires 
This be my hope His loving will to do. 
And whatsoever I love with act or breath 
If I should love Thee less than how I can 
Remember me O Lord in life or death
As one that ever loves his fellow man.
JULY 14 1876

This poem, written by Joseph Longking Townsend, was preserved in a time capsule discovered inside a column of the St. George Temple. The capsule was placed in 1877 by those who originally worked on the temple. Townsend was a young Church member who left his business and his pregnant wife in Payson, Utah, while he helped with the construction of the temple. Townsend is but one example of the many pioneers who made great sacrifices to ensure the St. George Temple would be completed. Despite the struggles of living in the desert, the pioneers knew the temple was important for the Saints who were settling in the area.

The St. George Temple marked a turning point for temple construction and organization. Prior to his death, Joseph Smith taught Brigham Young the endowment ceremony and instructed him to systematize temple ceremonies so they would be standardized for all future temples. Though he passed away only months after the completion of the St. George Temple, President Young had laid the foundation for the Saints to continue building temples and to maintain consistency in performing temple work. The Logan and Manti Utah Temples were built and dedicated within 10 years of the St. George Temple.

Eventually, temples could be found in countries around the world, offering sacred places for more Church members to make covenants with God. Today there are more than 180 dedicated temples across the globe, with dozens more announced or under construction.

The Lord is moving His work forward at an ever-accelerating rate through temple construction. Your contributions to the Church General Fund support priorities such as temple construction and provide more of God’s children with access to the blessings that come from visiting the temple. Thank you for helping others grow closer to Christ.

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