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Church General Fund|Church History

Handwritten by Hyrum Smith

The Church History Department was given Hyrum Smith’s handwritten copy of Doctrine and Covenants 11 and highlights his role in Church history. 

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

Welcoming Global Singers into the Fold

Participants from around the world join The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square for the first time ever. 

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Get Involved, Unite Families

FamilySearch’s online volunteer tool, Get Involved, is bringing families together by making searchability easier and records more accessible. 

Church General Fund

Abundance in Zion

Elder Christofferson teaches us to use our abundance to care for those in need and to prepare for the Lord’s return.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Uniting and Reconciling Through Records

One of 15 FamilySearch content strategists, Whitney Peterson is a mastermind at locating, classifying, and recommending records, no matter where they may be or in what condition they are found.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

It Takes a Village: The Organization of The Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square strives to bring its listeners closer to Jesus Christ through sharing music. However, the Choir is only one part of the equation to accomplishing this task.

Church General Fund|Church History

Surprised, Inspired, and Immersed

The first time I toured the Beehive House, one room took my breath away. That room, like many other blessings from God, surprised me and then inspired me.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Making Ancestral Research Easier

Even with his love of the Chinese people and fluency in the language, Derek Dobson could not have guessed what powerful ties he would weave over his lifetime with people scattered throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

A Global Choir for a Global Church

Newly appointed president of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Michael Leavitt, summarized the current happenings of the Choir when he recently said, “A global church needs a global choir.”

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

134 Generations in One Day

As a user experience designer at FamilySearch, Christine Chiang works on the cutting edge of expanding Chinese genealogical research. And with over 13 million digital images from mainland China, including more than 65,000 images of jiapu—Chinese genealogical records maintained by ancestral clans—Christine has her work cut out for her.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square on Tour

The mission of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square is to unite people throughout the world through music and to bring joy, peace, and healing to those who listen.

Church General Fund|Church History

Service Behind the Scenes

When Historic Nauvoo opens to the public again, the seen and the unseen will combine to help visitors understand more than their eyes could ever teach them.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Family History Continues Unabated

Millions of people are choosing to find joy, love, and unity in making family connections—there has never been a better time for family history.

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Unveils New Logo

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

Growing a Global Footprint During a Pandemic

Church General Fund|Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir Becomes a Beacon During Pandemic Hiatus

Through modern technology and some creativity, The Tabernacle Choir now reaches millions around the world, and offers hope and inspiration in a time when it’s needed most.

Church General Fund|Church History

The Unifying Power of the Church's Historic Sites

People have found meaning and spiritual connection at the Church’s historic sites. Whether in person or through technology, they can draw nearer to heaven and feel the unifying power. You can help others feel the same connection.

Church General Fund|Church History

The Temple on the Hill

Learn a little about how the Gheen family’s service in Nauvoo 175 years ago helped the Church grow.

Church General Fund|Church History

Tiny Details, Sweeping Landscapes, Individual Hearts

As Church members experience our sacred past, they grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel, get helpful answers to questions, and receive spiritual strength and perspective.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

“I Knew You Guys Were Coming”

A FamilySearch International team of employees were afraid to enter an African village that doesn’t allow anyone to enter that is not a member of their cult.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch Video (2:44)

No Longer Lost

After learning about FamilySearch, Paula Madison very quickly found her grandfather and his Chinese wife and children. After digging deeper and travelling to China, Paula no longer felt lost and was relieved that her mother was now claimed.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch Video (3:25)

Oral Histories Project Saving Families

FamilySearch is collecting and preserving oral histories and oral genealogies in Africa. With the younger generation leaving African villages for larger cities, some family histories may not be passed to future generations unless we preserve them now.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch Video (5:06)

Church Preserves Precious Records of African Nation

Paper records dating back to the early 1800s are disintegrating at an alarming rate due to poor storage conditions, heat and humidity and frequent handling.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch

Racing Against Time

Only 13 percent of the world’s top genealogical records are digitized and preserved, leaving the rest at risk of destruction or loss. At current rates it will take 124 years to capture the top-tier records. Governments are asking FamilySearch for help in preserving their records at three times the rate FamilySearch and its crews can capture.

Church General Fund|FamilySearch Video (2:30)

Video: Healing Families

Mandy Phillips accepts Elder Andersen's temple challenge and is reunited with her grandparents she hasn't seen in 20 years.