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BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Empowering Startup Dreams

“Before I got to law school, I interned at a startup business; I loved and cherished the entrepreneurship spirit there. When I came to law school, I thought I had to let go of the startup dream.”


Becoming BYU: Seven Immediate Steps

As we take the following steps, I believe that we will be blessed both individually and institutionally.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering|College of Life Sciences|College of Nursing Video (6:26)

Researching the Effects of Air Pollution in Nepal

An interdisciplinary BYU research team traveled to Nepal to measure brick workers’ exposure to pollutants and to assess their respiratory health.

BYU|College of Humanities

BYU Students Who Major in Japanese Stand Out

Students learn how build résumés, practice interviews, and learn from alumni about working in Japan.


Ranked No. 1: BYU Had Most Students Who Studied Abroad

2,878 BYU students took part in 204 BYU study abroad programs located in 61 countries.


Ranked No. 1: BYU Students Are More Likely to Recommend BYU

Last fall the Wall Street Journal and College Pulse recognized BYU as one of the best universities in the country.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

BYU Study Finds That Faith Bolsters Familial Hope

A study from BYU finds that a family’s religious beliefs and practices promote hope.

BYU|College of Nursing

Public and Global Health Inspiring Learning Experiences

These national and international experiences are life changing and greatly impact their patient care. 

BYU|College of Nursing

The Healer’s Art

Going to Spain for the public and global health inspiring learning experience taught me the importance of understanding the Healer’s art.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Learning to Be a Disciple Scholar

Brookelyn Harvey is a 2023 Wheatley Scholar. As such she has been mentored while conducting and reporting on research on family life. She says, “Every interaction, whether academic or personal, feels like a ministering visit.”

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

An Education Filled with Light

“My professors continually connect the material of their classes to the gospel,” Lynsie Huff says of her experience at BYU.  

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Sharing and Acquiring Are Linked

Last fall, Roan attended an event sponsored by Wheatley Institute featuring legal scholar Akhil Reed Amar, who was on campus to speak at a forum. “I learned from him that to share, I first must acquire,” Roan says.


Student Body President Launches Day of Service

BYU student body president Fritz-Carl Morlant helped create Utah’s inaugural College Day of Service.

BYU|Gift Planning|Knight Society

BYU Experiences Led Couple to Make a Planned Donation

When Walter Barrus experienced devastating hardships, Brigham Young University helped transform his life for the better. Margaret Barrus’s BYU degree, earned later in life, opened doors for her as a computer programmer. Today, they are using a planned gift to improve the lives of others at BYU and beyond.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

BYU Speeches in Tongues

When Kika Londoño was eight years old, her family moved from Utah to Colombia for a year and a half. During this formative time, she came to love Latin America and the Spanish language.

BYU|College of Humanities

Measuring Language Learners’ Brainwaves

For many students receiving a scholarship or other financial assistance from donors is a blessing. For others it can only be described as “life-changing”.

BYU|Religious Education

On-the-Job Learning

Many students benefit from mentoring opportunities on campus that are sponsored by donors. And although Katie King knew that her scholarship and many of the facilities at BYU were provided by donors, she was surprised to learn that her job is donor-funded as well.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Reddit Reveals a Societal Shift

Researchers at BYU’s Computational Health Science Research Collaborative are crunching data to see how Reddit users search for and sift through medical information and how this has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

BYU|College of Nursing

Driving Curriculum Development

Nursing student Maryn Behling starts BYU Health Science course.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Nurturing the Brokenhearted

Postgraduate student Molly Michaels was named Special Education Teacher of the Year while researching trauma-informed care in early childhood education.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

BYU Senior Named Student Photographer of the Year

BYU Senior Brooklyn Jarvis Kelson was recently named Student Photographer of the Year by the University Photographers’ Association of America.  

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Students Build Home Sweet Green Home on Campus

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes included an unconventional stop this year: BYU campus.


BYU Students Benefiting the World

BYU students working hard to bring about change in their field.

BYU|College of Life Sciences|Institutional Humanitarian Aid

Landlocked BYU Asked to Help Molokai’s Reef

Reefs worldwide are constantly threatened. The Molokai-based conservation nonprofit ‘Āina Momona called on BYU for help.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

BYU’s Next Unicorn? Student Startup Scores $905K

One of BYU’s student startups earned $905k in prize money at a major collegiate business plan competition.  

BYU|College of Humanities

Translating BYU Speeches Helps Launch Student Linguist’s Career

Kika graduated in 2023 and began her career in language services, a culmination of her experiences at home, abroad, and—finally—at BYU. 

BYU student, Ashley Savage, smiling and holding a piece of artwork

BYU|Religious Education Video (1:31)

Foundations of the Restoration

Hundreds of BYU students shared their testimonies through a variety of mediums.

BYU sign saying “Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve” surrounded by flowers.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Data May Lead to Cancer Treatments

Biology professors Matthew Bailey and Sam Payne led the largest-ever study on how cancer spreads and affects proteins in the body.  


Mapping Historic Units and Buildings

Can you name the oldest operating meetinghouse in Utah?

BYU|College of Nursing

Learning the Healer’s Art

Thanks to my education at BYU, I realized that I want to be an advocate for those I care for.


Research on Faith and Family

The Wheatley Institute conducts and distributes research that supports family, religion, and constitutional government.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

When Doors Are Opened

For Sarah Johns, a 2L student from Huntington Beach, California, attending law school and participating in competitions has improved both her knowledge and her spirituality. 

BYU|College of Humanities

Studying with People Who Share My Standards

Lauren Walker’s often found herself in places where members of her faith were few. Her

BYU|McKay School of Education

Assisting in the Savior’s Healing Work

Malka Moya is championing in-school wellness centers as a way to reduce depression and anxiety in students and improve their mental health.

BYU|Religious Education

Summer Knudsen: Space to Grow

SUMMER KNUDSEN loves to try new things. So when a student job opportunity opened at the Religious Studies Center, she jumped at the chance. 

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Telling the Family, Home, and Social Sciences Story

Eight students’ experiences in the BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences are highlighted.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Dance Is an International Language

A BYU dance student collaborated with a student in India to learn each other’s dance heritage.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Animation Students Awarded Another Student Emmy

Twice in a row: BYU won in both animation and advertising at the Student Emmys.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

AdLab Creates Film for NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA chose BYU’s AdLab over professional agencies to make a film for All-Star Weekend.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

AdLab Teams Sweep Student Emmys

Student advertisers from BYU continue to gather accolades for their work.

BYU|Signature Scholarships

Both are Edified and Rejoice Together

Acts of charity often bless both the giver and the receiver. That was certainly true for Signature Scholarship recipient Kiley Yates and her scholarship’s sponsors, Michael and Sarah Ries.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

You Can Just Change the World!

Donations helped Michelle Arias see possibilities she’d never imagined before.

BYU|BYU Athletics

It’s So Cool to Live Out My Dream

For Isaac Rex, the reality of playing football for BYU was better than anything he’d ever imagined.

BYU|International Studies

Attempt Great Things for God

Kennedy Daniel wasn’t sure how she could afford her European study abroad.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Who Your Gifts Can Help

Shubham dreamed about being in this position, and it wouldn’t have happened without God and those who give toward scholarships.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Video (4:01)

BYU Students Uncover 1,000-year-old Artifacts in Mexico

At an excavation site in northern Mexico, BYU archaeology students and professors recently discovered artifacts that have been buried for 1,000 years, including pottery sherds, hammer stones, maize kernels and — intriguing at a location 250 miles inland — a shell bead from the Pacific Ocean.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Innovators Thrive on Honesty

Jeff Dyer and Taeya Howell, BYU Marriott School of Business professors, were part of an international team that researched the negative impact on innovation when organizations prioritize psychological safety over intellectual honesty.

BYU|College of Humanities

BYU is First to Offer Azerbaijani

Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the United States recently recognized BYU as the first US university to offer Azerbaijani 101.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Voter Registration Award Comes to BYU

The Campus Cup is a statewide competition in Utah to see which college or university can register the greatest percentage of student voters.

BYU|College of Humanities

Dancers Put BYU in the Limelight in Brazil

Recently though, a donor funded study abroad landed Kye Davis on national television in Brazil, talking about BYU. Luckily, he is fluent in Portuguese.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (1:08)

The Book of Mormon on a Golden Disc

Innovative BYU engineering students have etched what they believe is the smallest physical copy of the Book of Mormon on a thin silicon microchip.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (3:47)

BYU Animation Wins Student Emmy Award

Can a baby kraken become a pirate? Ethan Briscoe and Tyler Bitner led a group of over 20 students in creating an animation telling this entertaining story.

BYU Video (1:01)

Sharing BYU’s Light

BYU’s new institutional message “Light Shared” introduces the university’s “Inspiring Learning” message with the world.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications Video (1:32)

AdLab Wins Student Emmy Award

Can you imagine BYU students making an ad about selling your car to buy a wedding ring? AdLab students did and won a prestigious award.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (2:14)

Ten Secrets to Healthy Living—Greek Style

Emily Flake was one of a group of health and wellness students that traveled to Ikaria, Greece, to learn about eating, living, and cooking the Mediterranean way.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (1:51)

Video Game Wins International Award

Emily Ellis and Gabe Reed directed and produced Liminus: The Silent Guard with nearly 50 other students to receive an International Award for video game design.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (3:22)

NASA’s Artemis I Launched, and BYU Heard It

How loud was the world’s most powerful rocket as it blasted off from NASA? A team of BYU Accoustics students and professors waited weeks to record and study its impact.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Determined and Grateful

When it came time to apply to law schools, Erin Kitchens Wong submitted her application to only one: BYU. “I knew I could graduate with little or no debt and still qualify for any job that interested me.”

BYU|Knight Society

A Legacy of Helping

For Steve and Marilyn Rizley, Brigham Young University has been like a magnet: it drew them together, and it keeps drawing them back.

BYU|College of Humanities

From Buses to BYU

Shannel Morin will be the first in her family to graduate from college. “BYU has pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

BYU|McKay School of Education

Seen, Understood, and Valued

Janessa Castaneda currently serves as a mentor for SOAR, a BYU college preparation and scholarship program that provides opportunities for multicultural students from various backgrounds.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences|Institutional Humanitarian Aid

Clearing the Air

Abby Mangum’s passion for helping people and communities respond to disasters led her to research earthquakes and tsunamis as a BYU undergrad.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

Brightening the World

Can an animated series about time travel inspire kids to enlarge their circle of love and care? BYU Broadcasting creates engaging viewing and listening experiences that entertain, inspire, uplift, and improve families and communities.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Taking a Load Off

Manufacturing engineering technology student Seth Huber developed and began testing a boot to offload foot pressure so diabetics can heal from these painful sores. 

BYU|International Studies

“It Changed My Life Forever”

Jace Watt jumped at the chance to study abroad in Tanzania, where he and other BYU students were hosted by the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka. 

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Alum’s Research “Uplifts” Families of Children with Autism

When Jamie Easler was a BYU graduate student six years ago, she realized she wanted to better understand youth on the autism spectrum and, by extension, their families. 

BYU|Institutional Humanitarian Aid

For the Benefit of the World

As some universities have, over time, drifted from or discarded their faith-based moorings, BYU has held fast to its founding creed. As a result, the university has something unique to offer the world 

BYU|BYU Athletics

Championing the Cause

Since BYU Athletics does not receive a tithing allotment from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ticket sales, donations, and television contracts provide much-needed revenue to keep the program competitive and successful.  

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Safety Is a Big Deal

Alexa Lowman organized the BYU Engineering Safety and Ethics Conference in January 2022. More than 200 BYU students attended interact with each other and learn from industry leaders.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

A Hand Up, Not a Handout

To aid the struggling poor, Josie Zenger is working with a New York organization that helps disadvantaged students prepare for and get to college—particularly BYU. 

BYU|Marriott School of Business

A Prompting to Return

Millie Rapp never imagined she’d be a single mother. After graduation, she and her husband moved to the other side of the country and had two boys—and then their marriage unraveled.  

BYU|College of Nursing

Aiding One in Need

Recent nursing graduate Shawen Bueckers registered to be a bone marrow donor. Two years later she got an unexpected call that she was a match for a one-year-old. 

BYU|College of Humanities

Scholarship Was an Answer to Prayer

Hayley Whitlock was happily pursuing her dream of studying international relations and Russian at BYU when she experienced a sudden seizure that threatened to derail her plans. 

BYU|McKay School of Education|Institutional Humanitarian Aid

Going Forth to Serve: A Greek Odyssey

Everyone knows the BYU slogan “The world is our campus.” For students like Savannah Bullock, donors make this a reality. 

BYU|McKay School of Education

A Goal to Teach Math

Morgan Petersen had worked hard to keep her grades up as she entered her fourth year at BYU. When an expected scholarship didn’t come through, the pressure was on to find another way to finance her education. 

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Giving is Helping the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences

Your donations to the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences help make a difference for students like Abena, Rachel, Alyssa, and Luca.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:25)

BYU Students Build and Launch “Selfie Cam” with NASA

Video:More than 60 students over a five-year period helped build the inexpensive 10-centimeter CubeSat.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Mitigating Hazards at Home and Abroad

Abby Mangum’s passion for hazard mitigation got her involved in researching earthquakes and tsunamis during her BYU undergraduate years.

BYU|College of Nursing

Embracing Those in Need of Comfort

Shawen Bueckers, an April 2022 nursing graduate from Spokane, Washington, and her husband, Mathew, both worked part-time jobs to support their BYU educations. Buecker’s college scholarship gave her additional financial help that she deeply appreciated.

BYU|BYU Athletics

We Play for Each Other

With a goal to be the best teammate he can be, Hayden Livingston feels right at home at BYU.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Video (2:37)

Prestigious Film Festival Screens Animated BYU Film

Video: Salt , which was directed and produced by BYU students, was screened at the 2021 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Giving is Helping the College of Fine Arts and Communications

There is an excitement on campus as tours for our performing ensembles are planned, study abroad programs are scheduled, and field experiences are restarting. Read about a few alumni who are making names for themselves and are boosting BYU's reputation around the world.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Filling a Knowledge Gap

For Amy Hernandez, solving the mystery of multiple sclerosis isn’t merely an academic pursuit; it’s personal.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (3:16)

Feeding the World with Hybrid Quinoa

Video:Teams of BYU students and their faculty mentors are enriching the world with nutritious, growable grain.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:18)

BYU Engineering Team Virtually Recreates Campus

Video: Using drone-captured and ground images and applying GPS systems for accuracy, a civil engineering student assembled a 3D model of the BYU campus.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (2:28)

Student Engineers Are Renowned Iceberg Trackers

Video:BYU—despite being landlocked in a state thousands of miles from the South Pole—has become a world leader in iceberg tracking.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Making Math More Manageable

Jamie Schroeder is mitigating math anxiety in children through an educational framework called cognitively guided instruction.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Bringing it Home

It wasn’t easy for Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah to come to BYU from Ghana, but the blessings have completely outpaced his expectations.

BYU|College of Humanities

Serendipity in Scotland

Abby Thatcher’s study abroad changed her life, but not how she expected it would.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (3:00)

Studying the Runoff Effects of an Environmental Double Whammy

Video: In October 2018, BYU students had the rare chance to observe how back-to-back extreme events influenced water quality and quantity in Utah County.

BYU|College of Life Sciences Video (3:54)

BYU Biologists Seek to Create First Dragonfly Family Tree

Video: The BYU team’s goal is to piece together the first-ever phylogenic (genealogical) tree of all 6,300 known dragonfly species and their ancestors.

BYU|College of Humanities Video (6:34)

Cambodian Histories Preserved by BYU Researchers

Video:BYU professors and students are gathering stories from survivors of life under the Khmer Rouge regime.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:01)

BYU Students Create Animatronic Cougar

Video:Designed to introduce plays and similar events, “Cosmotron,” as he is fondly known, will bring added school spirit to BYU performances.

BYU|College of Humanities|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Donors Changed My Life

“I can say the donors to the College of Humanities materially changed my life. Because of their contributions, I graduated debt free and worked fewer hours, which created time for me to concentrate on preparing for the Law School Admission Test.”

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

The Spell of Discouragement

When someone tells BYU Marriott graduate Dunia Alrabadi that she can’t do something, she finds the power to make that something happen.


Family Support for BYU Spans Generations

It’s no surprise that support for BYU runs deep in the Spencer family. Their BYU connection spans generations.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Discovering the Culture of Christ

Culture is like a forest, where individuals are likened to the uniqueness of an individual tree,” says business professor Simon Greathead, who has invited his students to discover “culture of Christ” characteristics in general conference addresses.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Leadership and Preparation

When Daniel Ekpo became president of the BYU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, he learned that being a leader meant being a mentor and a friend.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Line of Sight

Tiny “windshield wiper” aids camera surgery

BYU|BYU Athletics

They Knew Who We Were

In the summer of 2020, BYU administrators invited a respected research firm to conduct an analysis of BYU Athletics to better understand its role within the Church Educational System. The firm came back with great news.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

Welcome Back

Jeff Simpson sees BYU Broadcasting as a media organization that provides audiences something more than just clean, family-friendly entertainment.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Combining Culture with Counseling

Inspiring learning moves students to help each one follow their own path. For Bango Gancinia that path is to combine cultural heritage with counseling to better serve minorities.

BYU|College of Humanities

Finding Her Place

Like most of BYU’s student body, first-generation college student Julie Irvine came to Provo with a purpose. “I knew I’d be able to combine my love of learning with the gospel.”

BYU|College of Nursing

Caring with Music

Sarah remembers the enchanting feeling while visiting a critically ill family friend as a child. “A hospice worker came with a harp and played soothing music while my dear friend lay in bed dying.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Art to Help Healing

In 2016, Myleka Bevans’s five-day-old daughter passed away. Bevans, who recently graduated in art, shared her experience in her 2020 exhibit Encounters with Grief.

BYU|College of Nursing|Knight Society

Promptings and Invitations Drew Her to BYU

Mary Williams’s love for BYU and its students grew from her experiences as a student, professor, and administrator in the College of Nursing.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Shaping Public Opinion

For political science student Kesley Powell, many of the most important experiences of her BYU career weren’t in a classroom.


Employee Scholarships a Pleasant Surprise for Mentored Students

In 2008 a group of BYU Risk Management employees created a scholarship to show appreciation to valued student employees in their department.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Rooting Out Alzheimer’s

Soon after graduate student Justina Tavana began studying Alzheimer’s disease, she discovered that many Pacific Islanders lack the tools to accurately identify the disease.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Investing in the Community

Mother of nine first considered law school after founding a nonprofit organization that connected families experiencing homelessness to community resources.


Five Years of Inspiring Learning

The report card is in — inspiring learning is changing lives.


Department Scholarships Boost Student Confidence

“This is my favorite committee to serve on. Helping out a struggling student warms your heart,” says Rebecca Gridley. “I wish we could help every one of them.”

BYU|Marriott School of Business

“It Made All the Difference”

Logan Sackley thought he’d major in finance or strategy at the BYU Marriott School of Business, but after taking his introductory information systems class, he discovered a new passion.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Student-Created Device Helps Young Violinist

Adia Cardona is a 10-year-old violinist who has exceptional skill for her age and the determination to match it. The young Provo girl also has just one hand.

BYU|College of Humanities

Donor-funded Internship an Opportunity of a Lifetime

Myla Parke’s donor-funded internship at the Religious Studies Center had special meaning in her life. “I love religious education. I am interested in publishing material that will help others deepen their conversion and bring them closer to Christ.”

BYU|Knight Society

VP Vorkink Considers "Special Financial Outpouring" at BYU

BYU Advancement Vice President Keith Vorkink recently addressed members of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society in the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.


OIT employees rallied around a struggling student

When asked why she participates in the Employee Giving Campaign, Elaine Lauritzen answers without hesitation: “It’s the students. They work so hard, and they go out into the world and make a difference.”

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

BYU Singers Masked

Making music together. Even amidst all the necessary safety precautions, students say they are just grateful to be singing.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Learning Public Health and Public Policy

Before the COVID-19 pandemic dominated public health discussions, BYU public health majors were in Washington, DC, for a conference which focused on a law proposed to address the opioid crisis.


Student Researchers Find Their Way (BYU BFFs)

Applying skills learned in the classroom is what these two students have loved about their mentored learning opportunity at BYU as they try to give back to the community to improve people’s lives.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Creating Social Value

Alyssa Clark represented BYU at an intercollegiate competition that involved simulating policy in a European country during a refugee crisis—and her team won!

BYU|College of Humanities

Marry Me and Move to Tokyo

Kevin Sites told his girlfriend he was hoping to take a position in Tokyo. “Then I asked if she’d marry me.”

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Using Math to Connect Students to Resources

With more than 30,000 students at BYU, it’s not surprising that some of them don’t know where to turn when difficulties arise. That’s where Early Alert comes in.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Managing the Music

Esther’s internship with the Utah Symphony helped her see how making music for the masses is more than simply playing notes.


Student-Centric Professor Leads BYU Advancement

New advancement vice-president, Keith Vorkink, is excited to see the impact that donors have across campus, and how students are prepared and developed as leaders.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Ethnic Identity Spurs Physical Activity

McKay School of Education graduate Nathan Kahaiali‘i sees ethnic identity and physical activity as two sides of the same coin.

BYU|Knight Society

From Football to Fine Arts, BYU Is Better Thanks to Knight Society Members

Ray Matsuura’s wife Yukiko gained her appreciation of BYU through arts and music. “Ray supports business and football. I support the arts,” says Yukiko, who studied design in Sendai, Japan.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Learning and Serving

Samantha Lau started a club for women in civil engineering. “Women have a different way of thinking about things—our group offers support,” she says.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

A Blessing for Students and the World

BYU Broadcasting offers a life-changing experience for student employees as they get hands-on, real world opportunities in the industry.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Supporting Religious Liberty

Austin Atkinson used his language skills at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo, Japan, where Elder Gerrit W. Gong and Sister Sharon Eubank spoke.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Measuring Impact

Generous donor support made Gregory Hutchins internship possible, where he learned there are sustainable ways to approach the world’s difficult issues.

BYU|College of Nursing

Aiding in the Fight of a Lifetime

Nursing student Annie Welton and Davin Lyman, also a BYU student, had only been engaged for two weeks when doctors confirmed that Davin had thyroid cancer.

BYU|College of Humanities

Finding Meaning and Defining Experience

Seamons says his work at the Maxwell Institute has defined his BYU experience, “Being part of a community of thoughtful scholars of differing faiths has enriched my life.

BYU|College of Nursing

Out of Paradise Ashes, Nursing Student Shines at BYU

Camie Mendon’s father operated a plant nursery near Paradise, California, a town that, in practical terms, no longer exists. The business was destroyed - along with most of the town - in the devastating Camp Fire of 2018.

BYU|BYU Athletics

A Tale of Two Seasons: Tackling Athletics in a World with COVID-19

Last year was kind of a tale of two seasons. The first was a very joyful and rewarding experience with our student-athletes, coaches, and teams playing so well. And the other was the cancellation of our spring season.” –Tom Holmoe, BYU Athletic Director

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

From Mach 2 to 2L

Three years ago, Christopher Melling had never written a legal brief or attended a religious service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Trained as a fighter pilot by the United States Marine Corps, Major Melling was ready to take the next step in his life.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

A Wonderful Inspiring Learning Adventure

Mikayah Siufanua slept on a floating island of reeds at Lake Titicaca and taught Peruvian women to make soap for a living. Thanks to donors, this is just the beginning of her inspiring learning adventure.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Using Tech to Decipher Your Gait

With the help of a Fulton grant, Spencer Petersen is using a combination of resources that measures the forces under the foot to research the role your big toe plays in the simple act of walking.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Adding to Mathematics

Mathematics student Jonathan Hales says it was mentored learning that helped him develop a method that researchers can use to analyze equations.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Budding Consultant Manages His Course to Graduation

Zach Parker will graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Business’s business strategy program in December, but things haven’t always been so clear for Parker.

BYU|BYU Athletics

Cougar Club Accelerates Growth and Success for BYU Athletes

“We wouldn’t be who or where we are as an athletic department without our donors,” says athletic director Tom Holmoe. “They are the team behind each one of our 21 teams.”

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

A Tipping Point for “Lunge-Free TV”

The last time BYU Broadcasting managing director Michael Dunn visited Europe, he practically had to beg for appointments with people in the television market there. But now ….

BYU|College of Humanities

Starring on a Chinese Reality Show

Josh Robinson entered a BYU language competition, and soon found himself competing at a global level with much of the competition broadcast on China television to millions of viewers.

BYU|College of Nursing|Knight Society

BYU Gave Me a Chance

June Leifson says that her career goal of becoming a nurse was the result of more than a score of operations that introduced her to the field of medicine in a personal way.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Learning by Receiving and Giving

With her mother gone, Niederhauser, who is the youngest of five children, felt added pressure to cover her college education expenses herself.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Interacting with Marla the Fish

Student researchers use an animated fish to teach social interaction to children with autism.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Pulling Back the M&A Curtain

Law student got to be mentored by the largest law firm in the United States, as part of the first-ever BYU Law Deals Academy in New York City.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Tenaciously Beating the Odds

From drugs and homelessness to succeeding at BYU In the accounting program. Hear from one grateful student.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

BYU Working to Uncover How Media Affects Families

Project aims to understand the long-term effects of media on children.


Volumes of Giving

Judy Garvin has given to Brigham Young University for at least 43 consecutive years. “I believe in giving back,” she says. “I don’t give a lot, but I know every little bit helps.”

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

A Creative Epiphany

While on a study abroad scholarship in Cannes, France, Ad Lab student Maddy Thompson got to work on some ad campaigns for major brands. It was there that she had an epiphany about her potential.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Making a Sundance-Honored Film

Oscar Jimenez and Luis Puente were ecstatic to learn that the short film they made would premiere at this years Sundance Film Festival.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Warming Hearts and Gers

Mongolia has a massive air quality problem that poses a serious health risk, especially to children. Some engineering students tackled the life-and-death problem as part of their engineering Capstone project.

BYU|Signature Scholarships

A Simple Way to Make a Difference

Don and Ann discovered the Signature Scholarship, which gave them a chance to help a student (or sometimes multiple students) in need and meet that student in person at a once-a-year luncheon. “Not all young people come with equal family resources—some come from broken homes, some from homes where neither parent has been to college, some from homes where a father or mother has lost employment or has medical issues, and even a few where one or both parents have passed away,” Don says.

BYU|Signature Scholarships

Coming Home

Richard Palmer had no intention of attending BYU until he traveled from his home state of Washington to visit campus one day during his high school years. In Provo, he got the distinct impression that he would attend the university and even live in a particular on-campus apartment complex that was then still under construction.

BYU|Signature Scholarships

"I Would've Given Up and Gone Home"

The summer before Thalia Hull came to BYU, her father lost his engineering job. Though she’d thought about attending the University of California–Los Angeles, she had a full-tuition academic scholarship to BYU and realized it would be much more affordable.

BYU|Signature Scholarships

Finding Meaning in Tragedy

Provo native McKay Heaton was on his mission in Taipei, Taiwan, when he learned that his brother—who had previously served in the same mission and who McKay had spoken with just a week before—had died by suicide back in Utah.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Academies Pull Back the Curtain and Raise BYU Law’s Profile

BYU Law student gets valuable mentoring opportunity in New York City, and may lead to opening new doors for the future.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

From Malibu to Elk Ridge, Negotiation Competition Prepares Students for Service

Student takes lessons learned in law classes and is able to immediately help a small city find resolutions to problems while still attending school.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Student Seeks to Improve Learning with Technology

Sydney Boyer, an elementary education major, who researched how teachers integrate technology into curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Bringing Wholeness to Victims of Civil War

Sierra Leone’s civil war left behind more than 27,000 amputees. Recent BYU students created an adjustable and affordable prosthetic socket for the veterans.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting|Knight Society

Be a Light On the Hill, BYU Broadcasting Director Inspires Knight Society Donors

Speaking to a group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning) at their annual luncheon, Michael Dunn thanked the society as one of the groups responsible for the broadcast entity’s growth.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU Students Explore a New Reality

“As someone who wants to be a user experience designer, working in this lab has been an exciting challenge,” said Miah Dawes, one of the first students to take a class in BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab.

BYU|College of Nursing

Striking a Balance Creates Joy - and Opportunity

Balancing nursing with tennis and her other love, music, has been a challenge, but one that has blessed Electra Cochran—and others in turn.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Dedicated to Innovation: Engineering Building Dedication Recap

BYU’s new Engineering Building and Engineering Research Lab were 100% funded by 17,000 generous donors.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

An Unheeded Warning That Led to a New Passion

Julianne Francisco is grateful she ignored advice to avoid ruining her GPA by taking her information systems course too early. She quickly discovered she’d found her professional passion.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

A Second (Unofficial) Degree

With a major in biochemistry, Dallin Green might not be the sort of student you’d expect to find operating cameras at BYU Broadcasting.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Study abroad experiences are making an impact in students' educational experience, but the cost is still a significant and sometimes prohibitive amount. Scholarships help bridge the gap for many students.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Flutist Wins Top National Competition

BYU senior Catherine Boyack is one of the youngest performers to win the National Flute Association (NFA) Young Artist Competition.

BYU|Religious Education

The Scholarship Was Just the Beginning

Emily Strong took full advantage of BYU’s inspiring learning emphasis, taking part in three mentorships before graduation, each funded by donors.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Learning to Advocate for Underserved Communities

Brianna Rosier arrived at BYU dedicated to a future in public interest; she now enters her final year at law school with an idea of what her future holds.

BYU|College of Nursing

All the Good We Will Do

BYU scholarships make it possible for Katelyn Woolley to focus on her passion for becoming a better teacher.

BYU|Marriott School of Business|BYU Athletics

Tackling Challenges on and off the Field

BYU scholarship makes playing football and competing academically in other areas a possibility.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Lighting Others' Smiles

After shadowing a dentist who specializes in dental care for low-income families, BYU senior Karen Membreño realized that she wants to be a part of the solution to this public health crisis.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Searching for a Cure in Russian

After learning about her family history of cancer, Emily Hoskins knew that she wanted to use her Russian and bioinformatics skills to find a cure.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Prevention Rather Than Treatment

After seeing people on her mission suffer from health problems, Naomi Rhondeau changed her major to find ways to help more people.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Battling Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibiotic-resistant bacteria infect two million Americans every year, causing at least 23,000 deaths.


BYU Fundraising Guidelines

BYU may engage in fundraising for student financial aid, capital projects when directed by the board, and non-tithing-based activities, such as athletics.


"I Love BYU and Its Mission"

Scholarships make a difference in the life of students, like William Pham who is studying strategic management and plans to graduate in 2019. He is currently interning with Disney's special events management team.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Teaching the Teacher

BYU scholarships make it possible for Katelyn Woolley to focus on her passion for becoming a better teacher.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Reaching for the Stars

Patrick Walton also wanted to explore space. Along with starting the BYU Rocketry Club, he took a special projects class from David Long, who helped him write a proposal for NASA that was accepted.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

A Love of Service

After discovering a love of helping others on a mission to his homeland, William Pham pursued a career in service.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Heeding the Call Leads to Internship in China

Thanks to a scholarship, and research funding, BYU student Matthew Tyler became the first American to complete a genealogy internship in China.

BYU|Knight Society

True Blue at Heart

How does a University of Utah graduate whose husband graduated from the University of Washington end up a member of the BYU Knight Society?

BYU|College of Nursing

Scholarship Helps Bryn Nelson “Learn the Healer’s Art”

Bryn Nelson always wanted to be a nurse. When her father died in a tragic accident her career goal took on a whole new dimension.

BYU|Knight Society

Kalani Sitake Inspires Knight Society

“You don’t realize how much power is in this room,” Sitake told the donors. “The sacrifices you make in time, in money, no matter how small, have the power to change lives.”

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Becoming a Scientist Through Mentored Learning

Jordan Finnell started college skeptical of science but being mentored expanded his perspective and led him to degrees in neuroscience, biochemistry, and molecular biophysics.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

King of the Beautifully Landscaped Hill - Again

Marco Crosland took the top spot this year - and last year - at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition. He is a landscape management student and a grateful beneficiary of your support.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

What Do Research, Service, and a Cello Have to Do with Cambridge University?

"Mentored research, service, and some skill with a cello have helped Anne Thomas receive the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Her mentored learning experience as a BYU student has propelled Anne to pursue a PhD in plant sciences at Cambridge this fall."

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Passionate Student Singlehandedly Revives and Revamps a Lost Tradition

Student's scholarship allows her to also focus on her passion for the arts, and bring back an event for thousands to enjoy.

BYU|College of Humanities

Bringing Together Mormon Humanities Scholars

BYU's College of Humanities convened a two-day summer workshop for up-and-coming LDS humanities scholars to discuss the integration of faith and intellect.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

A Life-Changing Chance to Help Refugees

Providing pro bono legal counsel to refugees in Texas as part of a donation-funded externship was more than an experience-building class project, their efforts may have actually saved lives.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Providing Lifesaving Neonatal Ventilators to Developing Countries

The morning after Erica and Kindall Palmer's son was born, he turned blue from lack of oxygen. This experience brought to home the importance of ventilators for the recent BYU graduates.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

A BYU Fish Story

"You can only learn so much in the classroom, but here, we’re actually getting our hands dirty, says Professor Mark Belk."

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

The Wizard Behind the Scenes

Most 10-year-olds at Disneyland just enjoy being there, but Bradlee Hager wanted to know how it all works. Now she's a behind-the-scenes wizard who makes on-stage magic happen.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Studying the Effects of Texting on Tanzanian Politics

A team of BYU students went to Tanzania with professor Daniel Nielson to examine the effects of cell phone use on the socioeconomic status of women in developing countries.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

The Machine Mozart

Suppose you could train a computer to compose music that actually sounds good. Helping artificial intelligence gain the ability to compose music is the subject of Paul Bodily's research.

BYU|College of Nursing

Balancing and Stretching

Rachael Langston is studying to be a nurse as a mother of three who returned to school to finish her degree. She is grateful for the financial aid she has received through the BYU Alumni Association.

BYU|BYU Athletics

BYU Men’s Volleyball Team Walk-On Signs with Team USA

Jake Langlois tried out for the BYU mens volleyball team as a walk on and made it. Proving himself to be an asset, he earned the Brent and Cheri Andrus Athletic Scholarship.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

A New Look at Eye Care in Ghana

The nation of Ghana provides a free eye health program and even offers patients free transportation. There's only one problem: many patients never show up. Two BYU students looked at ways to encourage people to take advantage of the program.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

BYU Broadcasting Jumpstarts Mentored Students in their Careers

Students are not only learning, but excelling in a mentored learning job environment. Employment at BYU Broadcasting adds experiential learning to what students are learning in class.

BYU|College of Nursing

Encouraging Activity on the Front Lines

BYU student Kielee Wiser conducted research mentored by Professor Neil Peterson on the motivation provided by fitness trackers, including the Apple Watch.

BYU|College of Nursing

“Mini Stroke” Led Student to Nursing

College of Nursing graduate Megan Parr was born with a hole between the top two chambers of her heart, disrupting the flow of blood to her body. This difficulty led her to a career in nursing.

BYU|Gift Planning

True-Blue Couple Supports Mentoring

Earl and Anita Woolley support BYU students in mentored research through a planned gift called Charitable Gift Annunity (CGA).

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Unfolding Potential: BYU and Origami

Who would have ever thought that origami could save lives or help technology to reach outer space, but that's exactly what BYU students studying engineering are doing.


BYU: Fortified by Faith

As the Presiding Bishopric, we have seen kindness and charity throughout the world. We are grateful to participate with you in the Lord’s work. You support many good causes, and we thank you for your kind donations to Brigham Young University.

BYU|McKay School of Education

That A-ha Moment

At BYU, Allyson studied how students have mathematical epiphanies; now, she’s making them happen.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Bringing It All Together

The end goal of a BYU education, James Lee says, is to give students chances to apply what they’ve learned. For him, that happened at the Simmons Center for Cancer Research.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Seeing the Impact

One question and two classes is all it took to change one student's major before he had a mentored student learning opportunity at BYU to try and solve the mystery of Australia’s Veevers Crater.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Finding and Feeding a Passion

Amy Briggs finds her passion in mechanical engineering after bouncing around several majors at BYU-Idaho and then BYU. Her mentored learning opportunity then helped her towards her final career choice.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

The Magic Behind the Scenes

Most kids who go to Disneyland get swept up in the magic, but Bradlee Hager couldn’t help wondering what was going on behind the scenes.

BYU|College of Nursing

Research Helps Reduce Falls, Lifts Nursing Student

Recent graduate Megan Parrr works as a nurse in the emergency room at Utah Valley Hospital. She had opportunities to conduct research as a nursing student. “Being involved in research really enhanced the broad spectrum of my education and helped me realize the importance of an evidence-based practice and how it helps create safety,” she says.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Education Student Researching the Role of Technology in Classrooms

Electronics mean that teachers have to compete for students’ attention like never before. Sydney Boyer, an elementary education student, observed teachers integrating technology into their lessons. She saw firsthand the struggles that teachers face in navigating this new world.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU Students Create Low-Cost Socket for Amputees in Africa

BYU engineering students have teamed with the nonprofit Engage Now Africa (ENA) to create a socket for above-knee amputees that fits neatly into prosthetics made available by the International Red Cross.

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Politics, Women, and Cell Phones: Student Research in Tanzania

Learn about student research to improve the socioeconomic status of women in developing countries.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Amazing Undergrad Studies How Your Brain Affects Your Marriage

Despite a schedule that includes balancing an aggressive course load in neuroscience, a double minor in psychology and theatre arts studies, managing a research lab and teaching a fine arts class at a boarding school for teenage boys with developmental disabilities, BYU neuroscience student Erin Kaseda still manages to conduct cutting-edge research that wins international awards.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Of Bills and Trials

What did you do last summer? In 2015 BYU Law School student Brooke Ellis filed a bill in Congress.


GivingCougsDay was a Success!

Unbelievable. In our first Giving Cougsday ever, nearly 1,000 BYU cougs donated $138,912—more than quadruple the goal of $30,000! Every dollar will help to make a tremendous difference for BYU students through scholarships, mentorships, internships, and much more.

BYU|College of Humanities

BYU Students Stand Tall at the UN

Two BYU students win an international essay competition and address the United Nations in Arabic.


A Personal Quest

Jenny Pattison’s story came full circle from what started with her dad getting cancer, to her fellowship at the BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research. She has found a way to turn her tragedy into something that could someday bless other families like hers.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Overachiever Undergrad Publishes Fourth Article

Thanks to BYU’s mentoring program, it’s become almost commonplace for undergraduates to be published in peer-reviewed journals. But for College of Engineering and Technology senior Anthony Bennett, becoming an author once just wasn’t enough.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Collaboratively Changing the World

"In one of our projects we partnered with a world-renowned nonprofit that has developed a program called Poverty Stoplight. It provides a tool to identify what will help people get themselves out of poverty." - Scott James, College of Fine Arts and Communications student

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

What "We The People" Meant

Union, justice, tranquility, defence [sic], welfare, and liberty are words in the preamble of the Constitution of the United States. Their meanings may seem clear to you today, but do you know how they were used in 1787 when the document was written? And does a change in meaning really matter?

BYU|College of Humanities

A Borrowed Book, a Changed Life

Donovan Gregory is now back at BYU studying in the College of Humanities and working toward a minor in Biblical Hebrew. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for his BYU needs-based scholarship.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Paying It Forward

Brian and Linda both felt blessed to have received scholarships when they attended BYU 27 years ago. “After experiencing BYU and knowing how much we gained in all areas of our lives from being here, we choose to give to BYU,” Linda says. “We feel very strongly about the power of education.”


A Legacy of Joy

Remember how hard it was to pay for college? Your gift to BYU can help a student make up the difference when their savings fall short.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Risk Rewarded with Job

For Jessica Harris, a Marriott School of Management student, it’s hard to imagine a better introduction to the business world than her internship with Goldman Sachs at the global financial giant’s Salt Lake City offices this past summer.

BYU|Gift Planning

Cougars, Is Giving in Your Plans?

As fundraising professionals on the Philanthropies Gift Planning Services team, Wes Mashburn and his team help people set up donations to BYU that involve more than writing a check or giving online. “We help people accomplish what they want to do with their resources," says Mashburn.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

The Heart of Mentoring

A team of healthcare professionals and BYU students traveled to Samoa to help children and families understand a deadly illness: rheumatic heart disease. Amid beautiful people and a tropical paradise, the students learned and taught lessons that forever changed their lives.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Addiction Behind the Scenes

Opioid overdose kills more people every month in the state of Utah than car crashes or homicides. David Matthews, a neuroscience student, has made it his life goal to help people overcome addiction.

BYU|McKay School of Education|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Caring for the Poor and Needy

A scholarship has made it possible for Moses Khombe to attend BYU so he can return to Malawi and bless the lives of others. He says, "My BYU training has helped me understand how to treat and help each and every person.”

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Research Roadblock Helps Unlock Mysteries

Rebecca Plimpton says that being mentored has increased the relevancy of her education. “Hands-on training from faculty shaped my career desires and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to succeed as a grad student,” she says.

BYU|J. Reuben Clark Law School

The Sobering Work of Righting Wrongful Convictions

BYU Law School student James Egan recently finished his yearlong fellowship at the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC), an organization that works to prevent and correct wrongful convictions.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Superpower Superheroes

From an underground lab on campus, a team of students and faculty mentors, including undergraduate Stephen Erickson, discovered how to harvest more energy from the sun

BYU|College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Treadmill takes Mentored Student to Grad School

Kaylie Carbine is grateful for the professors with whom she worked and for the mentored learning she received as an undergraduate student. “The mentoring I have received has helped me launch innovative research ideas and design projects and carry them through publication ...."

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Paving a Path to a PhD

Roads and pavements may not light up everyone's eyes, but they changed the perspective of BYU civil engineering student Tenli Waters.

BYU|College of Humanities

From Utah to Ukraine - Again and Again

Student Danielle Chelom Leavitt Quist returned to Ukraine-where she had lived as a teenager and served a mission-to study how women preserve culture.

BYU|College of Nursing

Pregnancy and Baby Care? There’s an App for That - Now

Most first-time mothers aren't up on all the medical jargon, but thanks to a new app developed by BYU undergrads, they don't need to be.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Outsmarting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

MRSA is bad news; it’s a nasty bacterial infection and it can cause serious disease and death. Senior molecular biology major Jacob Hatch knows MRSA as the infection that took his dad’s leg. Now Hatch is exacting revenge on the bacteria.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Reporting from Peru’s Reed Islands

Weaving a rich narrative of an ancient Peruvian culture, BYU communications student Donovan Baltich was a finalist in a national competition.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

We All Scream for BYU’s Scoop Squad

With long hours, late nights, and a tight deadline, Marriott School student Ether Tam and two colleagues produced a three-minute video for a nationwide marketing contest-and won.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Helping Students Improve Their Own Behavior

Children with disabilities who monitor their behavior can improve their ability to follow directions, says professor-student research team from BYU's McKay School of Education."

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Discovering the Benefits of Repeated Exercise

Working alongside BYU faculty mentors, Amanda Gier was part of a student team that discovered the role of the body's immune system in exercise recovery.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

From Science Fair to Master’s Degree with Sports Stats

Taking inspiration from his junior-high science-fair project, recent BYU master's grad Zachary Knowlton is predicting the performance of BYU football players.

BYU|Knight Society

Learning That Makes a Difference

Brent Adams, director of the BYU Center for Animation told members of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society that BYU students are making a difference in the media industry. “[BYU students’] goodness and high moral standards defy stereotypes and ultimately contribute to their success,” he said.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Read—and Watch—All About It!

Weaving a rich narrative of an ancient Peruvian culture that survives atop man-made islands formed of reeds, BYU communications student Donovan Baltich was recently named a top finalist in a national journalism competition.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Engineering a Better World: New Building on the Rise

With students, faculty, and supporters gathered, President Kevin J Worthen marked the start of construction for a new engineering building at Brigham Young University. He spoke of how campus’s newest structure would help create a better future for students, families, and communities

BYU|McKay School of Education

More than Education

Crystal Montgomery dreamed of being an English teacher but never thought she could afford to go to college. “I was overjoyed when I read the email informing me that I had been awarded a BYU scholarship,” she remembers. Read more of Crystal’s story and a thank-you letter she wrote to those who made her BYU education a dream come true.

BYU|College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Of Needles and Haystacks

Imagine looking for a handful of mixed-up genes out of a pool of 3.2 billion - all with the goal of curing a rare genetic disease. Thanks to a donor-funded mentorship, that’s precisely what Lyndsay Staley did as an undergraduate at BYU.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Of Muscles and Mentoring

Why do your muscles get sore after the first or second workout but not after the fourth or fifth? A group of BYU exercise science students set out to answer that question. Mentored by Professor Robert Hyldahl, student Amanda Gier suggested they look at the role of T-cells.

BYU|College of Humanities

Student from Japan Lives Lifelong Dream at BYU

A new scholarship honors the Ito brothers, whose cheerful perseverance has inspired many.


2015 Donations Advance the Mission of BYU

BYU|College of Humanities

College of Humanities Celebrates 50 Years

If you attended BYU within the past 50 years you almost certainly enrolled in some humanities class. Through that class, and in many other ways since then, you are a participant in the broader human conversation. The College of Humanities is a nexus of giving, a place where we learn and grow through varied conversations. Thank you for your generosity in all its forms - for all you contribute to the ongoing human conversation.

BYU|BYU Athletics

Marriott Center Annex to Rise

“Our men’s and women’s basketball teams have been very successful, and this new facility will certainly enhance both programs,” says Tom Holmoe, BYU’s athletic director. “We would like to express our appreciation to the BYU administration, the board of trustees, and the many donors who have made this project a reality - particularly Ruth and Rex Maughan who made a generous lead gift.”

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU's New Engineering Building: Ready, Set, Go!

When this building is complete, we believe it will positively benefit students, faculty, and ultimately the world,” said President Worthen. “Thanks to you and other generous alumni and friends, we’re now in a position to move forward."

BYU|Knight Society

Jim and Sandy Cook: Blessed to Give

For Jim and Sandy Cook, giving to Brigham Young University has meant receiving innumerable blessings. “We can’t get ahead of the Lord,” says Jim. “Whatever we give, it feels like He gives us more in return. It is unbelievable. For us, giving is not about getting credit for the gift; it’s about the good that happens in other people’s lives.”

BYU|College of Nursing

Code Blue

It’s one thing to face a life-or-death situation in the classroom with a dummy; it’s something else to be in there in a hospital room with a real patient.

BYU|BYU Athletics|Knight Society

Help Others with the Climb: Athletics' Chad Lewis Inspires Knight Society Members

Speaking to the group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning), Chad Lewis compared an experience he had climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to their own contributions to BYU students.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Blessed or Lucky

With a little help from generous donors like you, MPA student Ikaika Kim is discovering his calling.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Student Discovery May Lead to Lower Doses of Chemotherapy

BYU chemists found a protein switch that activates resistance. The discovery opens the door for medications that will make tumors more sensitive to chemotherapy.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Student Innovation is Providing Life-Sustaining Oxygen for Newborns

How You - Plus a New 1:1 Match - Equals Student Innovation at BYU


Turning Cancer Cell’s Best Friend into Worst Enemy

BYU doctoral student’s research gets world-class attention.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Living an Exhausting, Exhilarating Life

Kari Durrant thrives on improving the quality of life for others.


The “Springboard Scholarship”

BYU scholarship springboards single mother to security, success.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Her Scholarship was Truly a Matter of the Heart

Meredith Taylor feels doubly blessed.

BYU|College of Humanities

Leading the Charge to Better Understand the World’s Largest Population

Brittany Strobelt excels as the only English major in the Chinese Flagship program.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Finally, the Miracles Mounted

From farming radishes to entering a doctorate program, Felix Jimenez scaled his Andes-like challenges with faith.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Queen of the King of Instruments

On a quest to improve music in the Church one organist at a time.

BYU|College of Nursing

Longing to Bless

Caring for an ailing sister shaped Celeste Wouden’s desire to learn the healer’s art.

BYU|BYU Athletics

BYU Athletes are in a Service League All their Own

The highest profile athletes are also the most eager to serve.

BYU|BYU Broadcasting

Influencing the Masses, One Outlandish Hairstyle at a Time

Little did Stacey Harkey fathom the force for good that BYU would have on his talents.


Going to BYU Was an Impossible Dream, Until . . .

With her family struggling to support 12 adopted Russian siblings, Annette Fairbanks thought her window to attend BYU had closed.


Leaders with a Vision, Who Knew How to Use It

Erika Nash and Brandon Beck centered their leadership on connecting students with chances to serve.


BYU Receives Generous Gift from ExxonMobil Foundation

Donation will help prepare future employees who match the oil giant’s quality and integrity.


Saved by a Moral Compass and Hands That Reached Across Two States

When life was spiraling out of control, Jerad Todacheenie was welcomed into a safer place.


BYU’s Most Generous Donors Share Wealth of Knowledge

Best and brightest of BYU get up-close, firsthand instruction from successful graduates.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Texas Surgeon Goes Baroque with Gift to BYU School of Music

Ensemble is no cookie-cutter musical group

BYU|Religious Education

BYU Students Turn Smart Devices into Testimony-Building Time Machines

Learn the gospel by virtually walking the ancient dusty streets of Jerusalem.


Finding a Target for Tumor Suppression

Brigham Young University scientists recently stumbled onto a potential tumor suppressor with an especially ominous name: Programmed Cell Death Protein 5 (aka PDCD5). What they found opens a new avenue for cancer researchers. See why their research paper stands out.


An Act of Generosity Changed Their Family Forever

“Knowing this family, hearing their story, and seeing the joy that they freely shared turned on a light for us,” says Roy. “This example of anonymous kindness inspired us to regularly give in a similar fashion. Giving to others has been fun for us and a blessing for our family.”

BYU|BYU Athletics

Erica Owens: Keeping Goals on and off the Soccer Field

Owens is especially grateful to the Lunds for making her dream a reality. “If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now. They are inspiring to me. I’ve been the recipient of their generosity, and I want to do that for other people. I want to give back to BYU.”

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

Students Learn the Art and Skill of Collaboration

For student Vanessa Burnett and graduate Kelsie Moore, the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the College of Fine Arts and Communications has proven to be a “sacred gift.”