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Studying with People Who Share My Standards

June 2023

Female college student in front of Fountains Abbey

Visiting Fountains Abbey.

Lauren Walker’s family moved a lot while she was growing up. She often found herself in places where members of her faith were few.

For Lauren, attending a school with a “high density” of faithful Church members was a priority, so she chose BYU. She explains, “I was looking for an environment where I could meet people who share my standards.” She embarked on a public relations track with a minor in interdisciplinary humanities.

Her studies led to a donor-supported study abroad in London, where she experienced the culture firsthand.

“I was finally able to see in person the things that I had been learning about from the textbook. It was awesome,” she says. While in London studying British culture, Lauren was also exposed to the large Indian community there and even visited a Sikh temple.

“I was finally able to see, in person, the things that I had been learning about from the textbook”.

Donors have blessed Lauren in other ways as well. She currently works as a writer for the College of Humanities communications team, which is giving her hands-on experience for her future career. These paid work experiences are another way that donors contribute to inspiring learning at BYU. For this, she is grateful.

“I feel like these experiences have really expanded my horizons,” she says.

Female college student in front of Westminster Abbey

Lauren visiting Westminster Abbey in London.

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