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Donor-funded Internship an Opportunity of a Lifetime

October 2021

Female student on campus at Brigham Young University.

Myla Parke was an articulate child. Growing up the oldest in her family in Gilbert, Arizona, she became the unofficial editor of family communications.

“My parents were very big on me going to college,” says Myla, who will be the first in her family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. It was during high school, while applying to BYU, that Myla first seriously considered her major.

“I took two weeks and really paid attention in my classes to see how I felt about what I was learning,” she explains. “What was I really passionate about?” The lightbulb went off during a class on Shakespeare, and she knew she wanted to study English.

As Myla’s penchant for language grew, so did her faith in the restored gospel. She served a mission in Los Angeles, where she gained a love for languages, including American Sign Language, something she has continued to pursue at BYU. With graduation on the horizon for both her and her husband, Myla began thinking about gaining career experience as an editor. When a donor-funded internship for an editorial assistant came up at the Religious Studies Center, she saw an opportunity of a lifetime.

The lightbulb went off during a class on Shakespeare, and she knew she wanted to study English.

At the Religious Studies Center, Myla has worked with incredible mentors to prepare the writings of scholars for publication. In turn, Myla has enjoyed helping other interns and developing leadership skills. She was recently named editorial lead on the Religious Education Student Symposium.

“I am very grateful to the donors who made this internship possible,” Myla says. “For me this was not just any internship. I love religious education. I am interested in publishing material that will help others deepen their conversion and bring them closer to Christ.”


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