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BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting


“The world is our campus” is more than a catchy motto, and Brigham Young University isn’t merely a school of learning. There is a worldwide community that connects with BYU, and BYU Broadcasting and BYU Athletics play a central role in bringing together audiences and fans who are passionate about the university and the values it espouses.

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Two BYU football players at a team practice

BYU Athletics

With more than 600 student-athletes on 19 different Division I teams, BYU Athletics is one of the best and most recognizable intercollegiate sports programs in the NCAA. Each year, BYU teams play in stadiums, pools, golf courses, track complexes, and courts across the nation, drawing fans everywhere they go. Donations help BYU Athletics by funding scholarships, travel, nutrition, facilities, and more.


BYU Broadcasting

BYUtv, BYUradio, and Classical 89 reach more than 54 million households throughout the United States, with the goal of becoming the family entertainment brand that young people want, parents trust, and families enjoy together. Donations help fund the creation of award-winning programming that entertains, inspires, and uplifts.

BYU Athletics Stories

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Championing the Cause

Since BYU Athletics does not receive a tithing allotment from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ticket sales, donations, and television contracts provide much-needed revenue to keep the program competitive and successful.  

BYU|BYU Athletics

We Play for Each Other

With a goal to be the best teammate he can be, Hayden Livingston feels right at home at BYU.

BYU|BYU Athletics

They Knew Who We Were

In the summer of 2020, BYU administrators invited a respected research firm to conduct an analysis of BYU Athletics to better understand its role within the Church Educational System. The firm came back with great news.

BYU|BYU Athletics

A Tale of Two Seasons: Tackling Athletics in a World with COVID-19

Last year was kind of a tale of two seasons. The first was a very joyful and rewarding experience with our student-athletes, coaches, and teams playing so well. And the other was the cancellation of our spring season.” –Tom Holmoe, BYU Athletic Director

BYU|BYU Athletics Video (1:50)

Making a Statement

Haley Rogers had never heard of BYU. But when she lost both of her parents in high school and BYU offered an athletic scholarship, she knew Provo was the right place to go.

BYU|BYU Athletics

Cougar Club Accelerates Growth and Success for BYU Athletes

“We wouldn’t be who or where we are as an athletic department without our donors,” says athletic director Tom Holmoe. “They are the team behind each one of our 21 teams.”

BYU Broadcasting Stories