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A Blessing for Students and the World

January 2021

BYU Broadcasting

man operating a camera at a BYU football game

It’s easy to love BYUtv and BYUradio for the phenomenal shows and hours of nonstop, family-friendly entertainment they produce. But there’s at least one other reason to appreciate BYU Broadcasting: It provides a life-changing experience for student employees at BYU.

“It’s almost like getting a second degree but with an unofficial diploma,” says student camera operator Dallin Green. “I’ll remember those experiences for years to come.”

About 300 students work alongside BYU Broadcasting’s 150 or so full-time employees, doing everything from manning the front desk to video production. For some, it’s a training ground for a future career, and for others, it’s just an amazing and memorable job they get to do in college.

“I didn’t even care how much it paid,” says Jarom Jordan, co-host and producer of BYU Sports Nation, who started as a student employee before going full time. “I knew it could benefit me in a way where I could put it on my résumé. I was just excited about an opportunity to learn about the industry.”

A true inspiring learning opportunity, BYU Broadcasting employment brings students face to face with real-world deadlines and real-world consequences. And it also gives them a taste of the genuine satisfaction that comes with connecting with a real audience.

One student employee, Cayson Renshaw, had been on the job a few months when his mentor needed to take leave to help with a newborn baby. Before long, he became the point-man on doing audio for promotions. “It has opened my eyes to a whole bunch of options as far as careers go and has made me more capable of doing those things,” Renshaw says.

In addition to show development and innovation, donor dollars help BYU Broadcasting support student employment. And that connection blesses both the student and the stations.

“I’ve watched BYUtv grow and become something really meaningful to people,” says Landon Hall, who started at BYUtv as an editor and now works in promotions. “It’s not just making a difference for students but for the world. God uses all of His means to get His message out there, and I think one of those means is BYUtv. It’s just not like anything else.”


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