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Brightening the World

Can an animated series about time travel inspire kids to enlarge their circle of love and care? BYU Broadcasting creates engaging viewing and listening experiences that entertain, inspire, uplift, and improve families and communities.

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Welcome Back

Jeff Simpson sees BYU Broadcasting as a media organization that provides audiences something more than just clean, family-friendly entertainment.

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A Blessing for Students and the World

BYU Broadcasting offers a life-changing experience for student employees as they get hands-on, real world opportunities in the industry.

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A Tipping Point for “Lunge-Free TV”

The last time BYU Broadcasting managing director Michael Dunn visited Europe, he practically had to beg for appointments with people in the television market there. But now ….

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Be a Light On the Hill, BYU Broadcasting Director Inspires Knight Society Donors

Speaking to a group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning) at their annual luncheon, Michael Dunn thanked the society as one of the groups responsible for the broadcast entity’s growth.

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A Second (Unofficial) Degree

With a major in biochemistry, Dallin Green might not be the sort of student you’d expect to find operating cameras at BYU Broadcasting.

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BYU Broadcasting Jumpstarts Mentored Students in their Careers

Students are not only learning, but excelling in a mentored learning job environment. Employment at BYU Broadcasting adds experiential learning to what students are learning in class.

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Influencing the Masses, One Outlandish Hairstyle at a Time

Little did Stacey Harkey fathom the force for good that BYU would have on his talents.