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Marry Me and Move to Tokyo

January 2021

International Studies

Young man in front of a shrine giving a thumbs up.Kevin Sites

When Kevin Sites was granted an interview for an international studies internship with KPMG’s office in Tokyo, he had a feeling that he’d end up getting the position. That day, he called Kelly, his long-term girlfriend, and asked her to lunch. “I told her that if they offered the position, I was going to take it. Then I asked if she’d marry me,” he says.

Sure enough, Sites got the internship. And four weeks later, he also got married.

In Tokyo, the newlyweds embarked on a new adventure together. Sites developed new products and was ultimately put in charge of an IoT department managing two full-time employees. “The internship was hands-down the most valuable experience I’ve had through BYU,” he says. “Anything I’ve done since then has drawn from that experience.”

After his internship, the couple returned to Provo, and he and a friend started a company that offers a business analytics product. Sites was aiming to do another international internship for KPMG — this time in Tel Aviv — before the pandemic disrupted those plans.

Kevin and Kelly are grateful for those who helped them. “My wife and I are now setting money aside so that someday we can give back too,” he says.


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