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Summer Knudsen: Space to Grow

June 2023

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SUMMER KNUDSEN loves to try new things. So when a student job opportunity opened at the Religious Studies Center, she jumped at the chance. 

Summer started out her paid mentorship answering phones and doing administrative work. But when her team discovered that she had honed her social media skills while serving a mission in Arizona at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, her assignment changed. Summer found herself engaged in the world of online communications. For her it was another adventure, and she embraced it with enthusiasm. 

She started at BYU after considering several universities. Ultimately, she realized BYU was the best fit. “I like the wholesome environment,” she says. “I absolutely love being here.” 

“Donors made this possible for me. I very much appreciate them.”
—Summer Knudsen

Raised in Southern California, Summer is working toward a degree in psychology on her way to a master’s program and a career in counseling. Her experience at the Religious Studies Center has added value to her overall education as she’s learned new skills in video editing, analytics, and marketing. 

“Even though I’m not an expert in social media,” she says, “they have given me space to grow.” 

From the start, Summer understood that her academic scholarships were provided by generous donors. However, she had worked at the Religious Studies Center for several months before she learned that many of BYU’s paid mentored-learning experiences, such as hers, are also funded by donors. 

“I thought, ‘That’s so cool!’” Summer says. “It’s important for me to be able to pay for my own experience rather than relying on my parents. Donors made this possible for me. I very much appreciate them.”

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