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Student Body President Launches Day of Service

February 2024

BYU Student Body President Fritz-Carl Morlant speak with BYU students in the Wilk

Working with student body presidents at nine other colleges and universities across Utah, BYU student body president Fritz-Carl Morlant created Utah’s inaugural College Day of Service. This day helps the state’s nearly 400,000 college students serve their communities, develop camaraderie, and foster a culture of belonging.

“I met all the other student body presidents, and I felt a spirit of love and belonging,” says Morlant. “I told them I wanted to do something together that would inspire students to get involved and serve in our different communities.”

The day of service was held on October 14, 2023. At BYU, students wove sleeping mats for refugees, wrote letters to elderly community members, and donated blood. Elsewhere in Utah County, BYU students helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity and joined in a community cleanup.

Morlant says he was inspired by the enthusiasm he saw and felt from others, both at BYU and around the state. “It was amazing, and it was great to be part of the team that made it happen.”

Growing up in Haiti, Morlant saw many examples of Christlike service through his parents’ charitable foundation, which aims to increase literacy among and support for Haitian children.

“I saw people coming from different places in Haiti and around the world to help with education and provide necessities for people, and I was a beneficiary of those efforts. I know the power of education, and I was inspired by these people to come and study in the United States and develop my skills to help others,” he says. “BYU has helped me become even more focused on serving others.”

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