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Make a Gift

Embracing Those in Need of Comfort

June 2022

Student in nursing scrubs with stethoscope.

Over the past two years of dramatic change, one fact has remained true: we need nurses. In the BYU College of Nursing, students spend their days learning and preparing to fill that need.

Shawen Bueckers, an April 2022 nursing graduate from Spokane, Washington, and her husband, Mathew, both worked part-time jobs to support their BYU educations. Buecker’s college scholarship gave her additional financial help that she deeply appreciated. She writes, “One way we can be supported in our educational journey towards becoming confident and competent nurses is through donations.

“Those who give to the College of Nursing are not just supporting the college. They are helping nursing students to access necessary learning supplies. They are providing a gift that can change a student’s life. They are helping the future nurses of the world succeed.

“I have a deep desire to embrace how better to comfort those in need of comfort and help to heal the body, mind, and spirit of those who are sick,” she continues. “I hope that as I learn and grow, I will be able to strengthen my connection to these spiritual gifts.”

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