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Student Engineers Are Renowned Iceberg Trackers

June 2022

BYU—despite being landlocked in a state thousands of miles from the South Pole—has become a world leader in iceberg tracking. “I never imagined I'd be tracking Antarctic icebergs in the middle of Utah,” mused recent BYU graduate Scheridan Vorwaller Cloward, reflecting on her work for the Microwave Earth Remote Sensing (MERS) Laboratory.

Monitoring icebergs is a perspective-broadening experience for students. “I’ve appreciated the opportunities I’ve received at BYU,” Cloward said. “Being a part of the MERS Lab has helped me learn that I’m connected to more than what I can see around me. The world really is our campus.”

Students like Cloward benefit from the generosity of those who donate to BYU. Donations that support the inspiring learning initiative provide for hands-on, real-world learning like this.

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