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Building a Foundation of Knowledge

April 2022

Kendyl Tibbets is creating a foundation for her career while studying at Ensign College.

Kendyl Tibbits’s goal is to help others become self-reliant and grow closer to Christ. A business management and entrepreneurship student from Meridian, Idaho, Kendyl is already on her way to fulfilling her dream. She has worked with companies that help women in foreign countries become entrepreneurs with their own small businesses and become self-sustaining members of their communities.

Reflecting on her experience with these companies and the women she helped, Kendyl says, “I loved working with these women, but I realized that if I’m teaching them how to start a business, I’d better get a degree in it and learn all I can. Ensign College has been the perfect foundational education and has helped me develop people and business skills.”

In addition to studying small business management and entrepreneurship at Ensign College, Kendyl works in the cashier office to make ends meet. She has received an Academic Merit Scholarship and feels blessed to have been given money toward her education. She says, “[My scholarship] has helped me tremendously to know that there are people out there who care so much about education that they’re willing to give to students they’ve never met. What a selfless act.”

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