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From Refugee to Ensign College Student

Wisdom Chigbu’s journey to Ensign was unexpected and challenging.

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Hope for A CEO-Student

“The second I walked onto campus, I knew that this was the place for me.” -Sarah Schmitz

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Catch the Spirit of Giving

Kerry and Cynthia Belnap love being members of the Fox Society. Kerry was introduced to the society during the 28 years he worked in the Philanthropies Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As Kerry and Cynthia met and interacted with donors, students, and professors as a part of Kerry’s job, they both felt drawn to participating in the society.

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A Life Transformed by Ensign College

From the outside, McManus’s childhood in Manchester, England, seemed normal. He had many happy childhood memories playing and being kids with his four older sisters and one younger sister. But behind closed doors, he grew up in a broken home, where he was physically and emotionally abused.

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Degree in Three

Starting in April 2024, Ensign College students can complete a bachelor’s degree in communication or information technology in as little as three years! In a process facilitated through BYU–Pathway Worldwide, Ensign College students will be able to graduate with a degree by earning 90 to 96 credits instead of the usual 120 credits—or four years of schooling—it normally takes to graduate.

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Starting Over in a New County

Lydia asked God to transform her life. A scholarship was her answer.

Ensign College

Alumni Highlight – Josh Chamberlain

Josh has a career he loves and knows his value because of what he learned at Ensign College.

Ensign College

Alumni Highlight – Tony Young

Because of education, Tony has better career opportunities.

Ensign College

From Student to Alumnus to Employee

After receiving donor-funded scholarship to help with his education, Daniel now shares with future students what Ensign College has to offer.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Encouraged to Teach, Inspired to Give

“Ensign College is a jewel in the Church Educational System.” – Scott Newman

Ensign College

Professionally and Spiritually Prepared

Maren Higginbotham, a native of Riverside, California, and a recent alum of Ensign College’s interior design program, has seen how her education carefully prepared her for a career after graduation.

Ensign College

Bravely Starting Anew

Leaving all that was familiar behind, Genesis Martinez moved to the United States and found a new life and a new future.

Ensign College

Building a Foundation of Knowledge

Kendyl Tibbits is building a bright future thanks to the skills she’s gaining at Ensign College.

Ensign College

Picking Up Where She Left Off

Susie Dawson is gaining wisdom and knowledge while finishing a degree she started years ago.

Ensign College

Praying Christ

An anonymous donor recently donated a statue of Christ to the college that now sits at the front doors.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

A Lifelong Commitment to Giving

Donors Blaine and Marcia Cutler exemplify how to serve and give where needed.

Ensign College

Celebrating Campus Connections

International students have opportunities to share their culture at Ensign College.

Ensign College

Beating the Odds

Raskita is a first-generation college student creating a better plan for his future thanks to Ensign College.

Ensign College

Going Back to the Beginning

“I have never accomplished something like this in my life. I am capable of doing hard things.”

Ensign College

Bringing Service into Education

While working towards her degree, Natalie has learned how to give and receive service.

Ensign College

A Place Right for Me

After feeling other schools were not right, Kate found the best fit at Ensign College.

Ensign College

Reaching Goals and Serving Others

After receiving a scholarship, Andreas now serves others while attending school.

Ensign College

"Ensign Rising"

In honor of the new name, Ensign College, Sister Kusch created a quilt to show the incredible history of the school.

Ensign College

School Updates

Ensign College shares exciting updates to its curriculum including four-year degrees, more online courses, and COVID-19 assistance.

Ensign College

An Education Worth Finishing

After years of schooling, Joy finally feels she has a plan to complete her degree at Ensign College.

Ensign College

Finding His Way

Through the experience he gained in his internships, Tyson discovered his passion for business analytics.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Starting Your Legacy Now

The Millard Family’s shows how to incorporate giving into your life no matter where you are in life.

Ensign College

Doing Something Different

Laura Calvillo is laying a foundation for her future as a first-generation college student.

Ensign College

Reaching Academic Success Remotely

Scott Robinson reflects on ways Ensign College has made remote learning a great experience.

Ensign College

It’s More Than a Donation

Jessica Tripptree of Tasmania, Australia explains the positive impact donations to Ensign College and scholarships have had on her life.

Ensign College

Why Ensign College?

Elder Paul Johnson talks about how Ensign College will complement other CES schools and fill some gaps in curriculum.

Ensign College

From Receptionist to Accountant

Nancy used what she learned to quickly move from being a receptionist to an accountant with her own growing business.

Ensign College

Learning the Global Industry

Asher was able to take what he learned in the Global Supply Chain program and go straight to work in his family’s import/export business in England.

Ensign College


Exciting changes are happening at LDS Business College in the way scholarships are blessing and changing student’s lives.

Ensign College

Grateful for a Better Future

Rachel is a great example of how single parents are able to continue their education with the help of scholarships.

Ensign College

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

“Poppy” has come a long way since she was first seeking to learn the purpose of life in China.

Ensign College

Reaching Her Full Potential

To Daisy, project management is about much more than what she’s learned in class.

Ensign College

Receiving the Hand of Mercy

In his darkest hour, Rob Ferrolino felt the hand of mercy extended to him.

Ensign College

Transitioning from the Mission

Nathan found a great place to continue what he learned on his mission and get a great start to his future.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Great Blessings Come from Giving

Giving of time and resources is a family legacy for the Nelsons.

Ensign College

Changing Plans

Attending LDSBC not only changed Shiley’s future plans, it brought her much closer to the Lord.

Ensign College

Better Than an MBA

Experiences at LDS Business College gave John the skills to succeed beyond what some others with an MBA were able to accomplish.

Ensign College

Musical Miracles

After a serious car accident, Henrique was in danger of having to drop out of school.

Ensign College

Paying It Forward: The Jensen Legacy

Richard and VaLeen Jensen got their education start at LDS Business College, and after a successful career wanted to give back to help others; that's where a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) helped out.

Ensign College

Deep Learning at LDSBC

Deep Learning in Practice: An Interview with Leslie Robbins, LDSBC Instructor of Business 160

Ensign College

Hard Work Pays Off

It wasn't easy for Albertina to get accepted to LDS Business College, but she knew that is where she needed to be and has made the most of the opportunity.

Ensign College

Returned-Missionary Scholarship Highlight

Scholarships often help returned missionaries be able to pursue an education and continue serving in new ways. Brenda Rivera is one of those returned missionaries at LDSBC.

Ensign College

Student Insights

Read what a few students thought about some experiences they had from the classes they attended, and how it changed them.

Ensign College Video (1:37)

Video: Cuahtil’s New Start

An LDSBC returned missionary scholarship helped Cuauhtil Lozada start a new life and recognize his true potential.

Ensign College Video (3:01)

Video: Education with A Higher Purpose

LDSBC is a community of students who succeed at a high level, empowered by the Spirit and expanded opportunities.

Ensign College Video (1:28)

Video: Ruby's Pivot

A scholarship at LDSBC enabled Ruby Berntsen to gain the education needed to enact the changes she hopes to see in herself.

Ensign College

Pablo’s Expanding Possibilities

A strong prompting led Pablo to leave his home in Argentina to study entrepreneurship at LDS Business College. His decision to obey that prompting brought challenges, but also opened new opportunities to grow.

Ensign College

Sarah Finds Support in Her Challenges

Sarah’s move from her home country of Brazil to LDS Business College posed several challenges, but she witnessed miracles through the help of family, donors, and her faith in God.

Ensign College

Kasandra’s Faith for Better Days Ahead

Kasandra Matus aspired to attend an institution where she could grow both intellectually and spiritually. Her journey toward making that dream come true involved support from both her family and donors.

Ensign College

Monster in the Library Gets Award

The LDS Business College Library has received an award for their collaborative work in creating an online tutorial for information literacy.

Ensign College

Scholarship Helps Single-mother Find Confidence in School and Future

Education can improve people's outlook on life and give them confidence to excel in ways not previously believed possible. Such is the case for Crystal at LDS Business College.

Ensign College

LDS Business College Announces New President

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced today, January 31, 2017, that Dr. Bruce C. Kusch will become the 13th president of LDS Business College. The announcement was made at the college’s weekly devotional in the Conference Center on Temple Square.

Ensign College

Returned Missionary Converted to LDSBC

Fresh off his mission to Carlsbad, California, Spencer Board signed up to attend a popular four-year university. But something didn’t feel right. While surfing options online, he learned about LDS Business College and decided this was where he would attend. Once he started school, he found out it cost a lot more than expected to live on his own, and wondered how he was going to make it work financially.

Ensign College

Scholarship Lifts Burden for Mother and Daughter

Moving from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City to attend LDS Business College wasn't easy but was totally worth it for Francine. As a single mother she worried about how to pay for schooling and support her daughter. Little did she know that people were contributing to a scholarship program that would help make it a little easier for her.

Ensign College

Jean-Philippe Désius Follows Promptings and Moves Forward with Faith

“Their act of generosity has strengthened my testimony of what the pure love of Christ really is."

Ensign College

LDSBC Helps Karanda Keep Her Dreams Alive

“I didn’t want to let my parents or my community down by going to a small college. But once I looked into it, I realized this school had much more to offer than I had ever realized."

Ensign College

Single Father Finds Forgiveness While Pursuing Future Career

Sean Hatch’s life seemed all in order: he was married and had three beautiful children. But then all that changed.

Ensign College

When You Save One Parent, You Save an Entire Family

Kathy considers LDS Business College the best-kept secret in Church education. Learn how she has greatly benefited from her educational experience after returning to school 20 years later.

Ensign College

Single Mother of Four Decided to Put Her Trust in the Lord

A recipient of a single-parent scholarship, Stephanie says, "Knowing that strangers care enough about me to invest in my future—in my success—gives me the drive and the confidence to do my best. I want to prove through my hard work, study habits, and grades that I am worth the investment that others have made in me and my family.”

Ensign College

Francisco Reaches His Goals Because Someone Decided to Follow in the Savior’s Footsteps

“Where I come from, having an education makes you have more opportunities to succeed in life and having more opportunities to find a job.”

Ensign College

Single Mother Gains Marketable Skills and Rebuilds Faith

Drive, determination, and faith, along with help from many others, help this 50 year single mom return to school to provide for her family.

Ensign College

Scholarship Helps LDSBC Student Know He’s Not Alone

At times while growing up in Haiti, Nacha Dimanche felt like it was a mistake to have big dreams. But his scholarship to LDS Business College has helped him realize he’s not alone.

Ensign College

Scholarships Create a “Butterfly Effect” for LDSBC Student

Joy Christensen, a recent convert, discovered her purpose and the hand of the Lord in her life through scholarships to LDS Business College.

Ensign College

I’ve Found New Hope

Kerry Perry recognizes the Lord’s hand in her life as she prays for and receives tender mercies.

Ensign College

Scholarships Motivated Michelle to Study Harder

Michelle felt out of her element as she started at LDS Business College. As she got more involved she was helping others while also working hard to be successful in her classes. She felt blessed to receive scholarships along the way, which also motivated her to work harder.

Ensign College

Nothing is Impossible

Stephane Akoki shares how faith, desire, and generous donors helped him realize his mother’s dream.

Ensign College

From Helplessness to Hopefulness

Discover how generous donors helped Suzanne and Amber realize their potential.

Ensign College

Your Scholarship Donation Helps Students Like Me Realize their Potential

“My classes at LDSBC give me hands-on learning. LDSBC has also helped me to learn how to turn my fears of the future into faith by working diligently and trusting the Lord. As I have done this, my worries have gone away. Receiving the LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship for recently returned missionaries at LDS Business College was beyond my wildest dreams.”

Ensign College Video (1:01)

Video: You Won't Believe What's Happening at LDS Business College

A top U.S. recruiting firm recently partnered with three of America’s best schools to provide better candidates for their Fortune 500 clients—like American Express, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. The three schools they selected? Cornell, Harvard, and LDS Business College. Why is everyone paying so much attention to the BC? Watch the video to find out.

Ensign College

Phone Call Sets Wheels of Generosity in Motion, Sending Computers to Romania

When foster children in Romania needed computers, a graduate of LDS Business College turned to her alma mater, which then turned to another alum.

Ensign College

New Fox Society Leaders Find Something ‘Magical’ About LDS Business College

At the small school that’s doing great things and stirring big dreams, Bromleys lead charge for additional planned gift donors.

Ensign College

Returned Missionaries Develop Business Savvy at LDS Business College

How a two-year education prepares two energetic, personable young men for next phase of life.

Ensign College

Caring for the One

LDS Business College recently drew national attention for its effectiveness in mentoring at-risk students. The institution received two of the eight awards given as a Model of Efficiency.

Ensign College Video (2:53)

Video: "I am ready to be taught."

Adrienne Lauaki came from New Zealand to find her dreams fulfilled at LDSBC.

Ensign College Video (2:52)

Video: Daniel Carter - LDS Business College

Daniel Carter was lost, but found himself along with renewed confidence at LDSBC.

Ensign College Video (2:48)

Video: Grateful Student Finds Fast Track to Career

Magen Boone's scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at LDS Business College that snagged an internship and then a full-time job in a weak economy.

Ensign College Video (4:22)

Video: How LDSBC is Making a Difference in Students' Lives

LDS Business College can accelerate the dreams of students in an environment cultivated for learning.

Ensign College Video (1:40)

Video: Making Most of Education

Brooklyn faced the challenge and found the hand of the Lord in her life.

Ensign College Video (1:49)

Video: Student finds future through LDSBC

Student finds future through LDSBC

Ensign College Video (1:53)

Video: Growth Comes through Challenges

Lorri failed several job interviews but soon found the reason--and her purpose in life--following a personal revelation to go back to school.

Ensign College Video (1:49)

Video: Olivia's Story

When Olivia was injured, her dream of becoming a ballerina was over. With prayer and the help of a scholarship, she was able to find a new path.