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A Place Right for Me

Apr 2021

Kate Herbert posing for a picture

Kate Herbert has never felt like school has come easy. And after graduating from high school, she worried that none of the schools she had applied to would be the right place for her. “I’ve always dreaded school,” Kate says. “Reading, writing, tests—it just never worked very well for me.”

After putting her plans to serve a mission on hold due to concerns for her health and the pandemic, Kate knew going to college was what she needed to do instead. She says, “I wasn’t excited about any of the schools I had in mind at the time. Then my mom talked with her friends, who mentioned Ensign College. She encouraged me to look into it, thinking it might fit the kind of learner I am.”

Kate continues: “Once I read the mission statement—‘to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ’—I was immediately drawn to the school. I went through the application process, and everything came together perfectly for me. I could not be happier to be attending Ensign College.”

Though still early in her schooling, Kate has noticed that the spiritual emphasis in an academic setting has already helped her become a better student and makes her excited about school in a way she has never experienced before. “I have seen certain blessings come from attending Ensign College. I feel happier with my life, and I treat people around me better,” she says. “I love how the teachings of the gospel are brought up every day and that I can have a higher level of discussion with peers that share my same values. I truly believe Ensign College is full of opportunity for anyone that attends.”

Kate feels that Ensign College accommodates not only the learning needs of its attendees but also the financial needs of many students. She recently received a scholarship that relieved her of the heavy burden of financing her education. “I feel giddy to have a scholarship!” she says. “My life as a student has changed because of it. I am not so stressed or overwhelmed with school. I can now really dig into my schoolwork without the added time and pressure of figuring out where the rest of my tuition payment will come from. I’m not alone in saying that those who receive a scholarship at Ensign College are extremely appreciative and blown away that there are people going out of their way just to make sure we are taken care of and able to get an education.”

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