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Celebrating Campus Connections

December 2021

Four female Mexican Ensign College students pose for a photo at the Mexico Connect event

With international students making up 38 percent of the most recent graduating class, Ensign College’s student body represents many countries. The college is dedicated to providing opportunities that give students a sense of community when they are far from home and improve their chances for employment back home—or anywhere else in the world.

One resource introduced a few years ago is Mexico Connect. This pilot program introduced Mexican students to job opportunities in their home country through research trips and encouraged them to complete the college’s internship requirement in Mexico so that they could become familiar with companies in the area. Participants in Mexico Connect were eligible to receive a scholarship to help them financially throughout their internship. Next fall, Ensign College hopes to send more students on another research trip in Mexico to help facilitate future job opportunities.

To build bridges within the student body on campus, Ensign College recently celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a gathering featuring authentic food and dance troupes that represented several Latin American countries and allowed students to share their culture on campus. This celebration was the first of its kind since the start of the pandemic, and Ensign College hopes to host other similar events throughout the year to connect students with their heritage and unite cultures across campus.

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