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Learning the Global Industry

Jan 2020

Asher Fu speaking about his love for LDSBC. Asher went straight from graduating in Global Supply Chain to running his family’s import/export business in England.

After graduating in September, Asher Fu headed home to England. “I am going straight to work from here to use what I’ve learned,” Asher says. His family’s business imports food and cooking utensils, mainly from Asia. “We distribute goods from our storefront to other stores all over, so what I’ve learned here at LDSBC has been invaluable. I’ve changed a lot and I’m more confident in my ability. I’m ready to go now,” he says.

Being expected to take over the family business in the future, Asher felt like he needed to learn more to be successful, which led him to LDSBC. He especially appreciates the strength of the faculty at the college. He says, “I really got a sense of what the industry is like because many of my professors are still working. Combining that knowledge with the learning environment was powerful.”

Asher is truly grateful for the scholarship he received. “I’d done the math, and if I hadn’t gotten the scholarship, I was going to have to go home,” says Asher. “Thank you so much.”

Make a Gift

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