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Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

Jan 2020

Poppy as a missionary. Aoran first heard about LDSBC while serving as a missionary. As a convert in China, the spiritual education she received as a missionary has continued as a student at LDSBC.

Even while growing up in a nonreligious family, Aoran “Poppy” Huang from Chengdu, China, kept asking herself, “What is the purpose of life?” Her answer finally came when she was taught about the plan of salvation. “I was crying, and there was a feeling in me saying it was true,” says Poppy. Her spiritual journey led her to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then serve a mission.

Poppy wanted to continue her spiritual education and attend a Church school, and the Spirit led her to LDSBC. “I’ve been blessed spiritually and academically more than I could have imagined,” she says. “I’ve learned great study patterns to prepare, prove, teach, and ponder, all through the Spirit to learn deeper. This has really helped me to have the courage and desire to learn more.”

As an international student, Poppy has limited work options, so funding her studies has been challenging. Consequently, she is grateful to have received a scholarship. She says, “I’m really grateful. It has provided me the opportunity to become, to learn, and to grow.”

Make a Gift

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