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Receiving the Hand of Mercy

Jan 2020

Rob Ferrolino enjoyed his medical assistant internship at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Rob Ferrolino has much greater aspirations for his future because of the things he learned in the executive medical assistant program at LDSBC.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Rob Ferrolino, from Vancouver, Canada, found himself in financial dire straits. Rob was mentoring other students and helping them get through their own trials but realized he was in pretty bad trouble himself. “The Lord knows when we need help, because right after that I was nominated for a newly created scholarship that was exactly how much I was short,” says Rob. “It was a miracle.”

Scholarships like this are being added to LDSBC’s arsenal to bless more students for program excellence. “In my darkest hour the hand of mercy was extended, and I am blessed for it,” says Rob. “Thank you.”

Because of this scholarship and connections within the executive medical assistant student program, Rob was able to continue school and then finish an internship at the urgent care unit at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. “I’ve been able to see what I learned in action and help others when they needed it the most. It’s opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can be, and I’m going for it,” says Rob.

Make a Gift

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