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Going Back to the Beginning

Oct 2021

Portrait photo of Margie Cramer

“From the time I was a little girl, I found myself designing [homes] and interested in new houses being developed in our neighborhood. I would often take the leftover materials my dad would bring home from working on those houses and create something,” says Margie Cramer, an interior design student at Ensign College from Tooele, Utah. “I used to create Barbie houses for my siblings—not just any Barbie houses, but amazing ones with scraps of brick, plywood, and fabrics.”

Margie discovered her passion for interior design at a young age, but it was not until later in her life that she started pursuing a degree and eventually a career in the field. “After a 28-year hiatus from school, I am finishing my dream degree and proving that it is never too late to accomplish the goals you set for yourself a long time ago,” she says.

Margie’s journey to Ensign College started with a self-reliance class, where she learned about the significance of furthering her education. This propelled her to start classes through BYU–Pathway Worldwide. “When it came time to decide what I was going to do, I had to ask myself, ‘Margie, what was it that you loved to do as a kid?’ And it was staring me in the face: interior design,” Margie recalls.

After looking into Ensign College, she felt that the interior design program was the right fit for her. “I was thinking my time had passed, but Ensign College was within reach in so many ways,” she says. “I’ve never accomplished something like this in my life, and I know Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us and our situations. Through this college experience, I’ve learned that I am capable of doing hard things.”

Margie hopes that by going back to school and finishing her degree, she can serve as an example to those in a similar situation and inspire the next generation. “I want my kids to realize how important an education is, because it will give you the means to have a career and support your circumstances,” she says. Upon graduating, Margie plans to design spaces for those with disabilities and create designs that accommodate a variety of special needs.

Grateful for the education she is gaining at Ensign College, Margie has also been humbled by the generosity of donors who support scholarships. She says, “Those individuals who have contributed to scholarships give students hope. For students, things can get tough quickly—financially or educationally. It is incredible to know that when it does get tough and it does become hard to go to school, there are individuals who have already sacrificed and given of themselves so that students like me have an opportunity to keep attending.”

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