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Picking Up Where She Left Off

April 2022

Kendyl Tibbets is creating a foundation for her career while studying at Ensign College.

Susie Dawson, an accounting student from West Haven, Utah, attended Ensign College 30 years ago when it was known as LDS Business College. Though she did not finish her degree then, she is now back in school and is receiving more than just an accounting degree. “Attending Ensign College has not only given me knowledge to finish my degree, but I’ve learned wisdom to see the world through more spiritual eyes,” she says.

Going back to school has not been easy for Susie, but her determination and faith have helped her through. “I was really worried about going back to school because I didn’t feel like I remembered a lot,” she says. “However, I knew this was my opportunity to not only find a way to provide for my family but to finish what I started. Because of my desire to go back, Heavenly Father has helped me along the way. My capacity to understand and become a student again has been one of my biggest achievements.”

Susie has found that going back to school helps her relate to her children, who are also in school, in a new way. She says, “I understand my kids better and have had a chance to meet them on their level when we end up with the same math homework or have to set aside time to finish our assignments in the evenings.”

Reflecting on her experience at Ensign College, Susie adds, “I’m proud of the things I’ve been able to accomplish while in school. The environment [at Ensign College] is one where you feel like everyone wants you to succeed—from the teachers always being available and the classes preparing you for your future to scholarships that made it possible for me to attend both times. I put 110 percent into my assignments, because every time I’ve questioned what I was doing, I still knew I could do it because of the support at Ensign College.”

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