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January 2024

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Kerry and Cynthia Belnap pose for a photo outside in front of a brick wallKerry and Cynthia Belnap love being members of the Fox Society. Kerry was introduced to the society during the 28 years he worked in the Philanthropies Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As Kerry and Cynthia met and interacted with donors, students, and professors as a part of Kerry’s job, they both felt drawn to participating in the society.

Kerry says, “We have a daughter who taught at LDS Business College (now Ensign College) for over a decade, and I noticed how much she loved the students, the faculty, and the administration. I also worked nearby at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and I would visit the campus and work with the administration, faculty, and students on a regular basis. I felt the Spirit there and noticed they were wonderful people who were humble and earnest in following the Savior.”

Cynthia lights up when she talks about the love she has for Ensign College. While attending different events over the years, Cynthia has loved the feeling she has on campus. She says, “You just catch the spirit of Ensign and the spirit of giving. We would go to dinners, and they always had a student at the table telling their incredible story. You would feel the closeness and the goodness of the professors who were teaching at Ensign College.” She continues, “At the Fox Society dinners and events, you feel the Spirit and you feel like you have made the right choice in giving back. Everyone is of the same mindset and purpose. Some give a lot, and I am sure some give a little, but we are all united and we all want to make sure that we give something even after we are gone.”

“The Lord really knows what He is doing here!”
—Cynthia Belnap

While speaking about the importance of the Fox Society, Kerry says, “There really is no place quite like Ensign College. The students are wonderful, and every time we go to campus and meet with members of the Fox Society, we feel the Spirit. What you are doing by giving is truly a gift because you are not seeking any kind of recognition or adulation since you are going to be gone when the gift is made.” At the same time, he adds, “You know it is a great way to show your family how much you love charity, and you want them to do the same thing . You want your legacy to be that you were a giving person and that you loved those who did not have as much. Loving like the Savior brings the Spirit and makes you feel good about what you are doing.”

Joining the Fox Society has allowed Kerry and Cynthia to talk to their children about their donations and how they want their funds used down the road. Cynthia says, “The Fox Society is a way to show your family you are leaving something to somebody besides them. You have found a place that the Lord thinks is important, and you are going to donate some of your funds there because you think it is a good place.”

F.Y. and Anna Fox Society logoWe invite you to join the F. Y. and Anna Fox Society.

Membership in the F. Y. and Anna Fox Society is open to anyone who invests in the future of Ensign College through a planned gift. Members of the society regularly receive information on the progress of the college and are invited to an annual society event.

If you have already named Ensign College as a beneficiary in a deferred gift arrangement—such as a bequest in a will, trust, gift annuity, retirement account, or life insurance policy—please contact Gift Planning Services at Philanthropies, a department of the Office of the Presiding Bishopric. If you are considering such a gift arrangement, please contact our office for more information at 877-650-5377 or

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