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Make a Gift

From Student to Alumnus to Employee

February 2023

imageocabh.pngDaniel Carter, an admissions and outreach counselor at Ensign College from Layton, Utah, was not an active member of the Church when he started high school. Daniel’s friends encouraged him to learn about the gospel, and he returned to activity and began to attend seminary. As he prepared to graduate from seminary and high school, Daniel learned about Ensign College through representatives who gave a presentation to his school.

“I toured campus with my mom and was surprised to hear her say, ‘This is the right place for you.’ Immediately knew this was where I needed to be,” Daniel recalls. “I still hold it as one of the most important decisions in my life, both spiritually and temporally.”

Daniel went on to complete two associate’s degrees at Ensign College and received many donor-supported scholarships along the way. He says, “Every scholarship I was given was followed by a moment of recognizing that I do have help and hope after all and that there’s a chance for me to succeed in school.”

Following graduation, Daniel embarked on what he calls “an awesome journey only made possible because of Ensign.” He completed an internship, went on to receive his bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah, and gained professional work experience.

But as soon as he learned of an opportunity to work at Ensign College, he knew he wanted to return to the college that meant so much to him. “I told myself if I have a chance to help other students and do anything more for Ensign College, I will jump right on it,” he says. “And so I started working at the college.”


Daniel is now uniquely positioned to help students learn about the college and to share his experience with them. “Getting to see others have the same moments of discovery I had and hope for their future is an incredible experience,” he says. “Here I am 10 years later having the job I dreamed of having. It’s a full-circle moment getting to be the counselor who talks to them about scholarships and degrees.”

However, Daniel is quick to say, “My experience is not uncommon. Walk the halls and listen to anyone’s story here; you’ll hear them say that they were drawn to the college. Those that find themselves here find themselves here for a reason. Ensign is a place you see hope work. It’s where hope for the future comes alive and great things are accomplished.”

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