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Reaching Goals and Serving Others

Apr 2021

Andreas Lindquist outdoors.

Before coming to Ensign College, Andreas Lindquist, a project management student from Stockholm, Sweden, had two goals in mind for his future career: a position that would (1) give him flexibility to work anywhere in the world and (2) be in a field that improves people’s lives. Not knowing what career would check those boxes or what school would provide that kind of education, Andreas searched for ways to make his goals a reality.

“I heard about Ensign College from a friend back in Sweden, who was a student [at Ensign College] at the time. He knew academics had never been my strong suit but said I would learn how to study and be a good student on top of getting the type of education I was looking for,” says Andreas. “When I found the project management degree, it felt like the perfect fit for me. The college brings in professionals already in their careers to be our teachers, so we get a real-life work environment. Everything I need to prepare for my career is on campus.”

To help him reach his goals, Andreas received a scholarship that has not only blessed him but allowed him to start serving others. “Instead of having to take on another job, I have the time and ability to volunteer at Ensign College as a mentor, where I help students coming from different countries assimilate like I did,” he says. “I have a renewed motivation to work harder, give even more back to others, and make the most of the financial help and time I’ve been given thanks to a scholarship.”

Andreas continues: “When people share their time and money with students, we’re grateful for the support, and it makes Ensign College better as a whole. There’s a snowball effect with donations: students become more motivated, which raises the entire campus to be better, which then encourages others thinking about attending college to join a school that’s full of students doing their very best.”

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