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The Joy of Giving

By Tanise Chung-Hoon, Managing Director, Philanthropies Department

February 2020

Tanise Chung-Hoon smiling

Joy is intertwined with the act of giving. As givers, we experience joy in our ability to relieve suffering, especially when our gift is freely given. When we receive deliverance from life’s challenges, we also feel joy; particularly as we humbly and gratefully acknowledge how the sacrifices of others make our life better Whether giver or receiver, joy inevitably accompanies any manifestation of pure love. We follow the Savior’s example of charity as we respond to promptings that inspire us to give. Heavenly Father wants us to find joy in mortality, and He will not hesitate to place us where He knows we and others can be blessed. Elder Neal A. Maxwell shared the concept of “intersectings and intertwinings” in our lives, noting that they are not coincidental but “by divine design.”1 We are also reminded that God works through us and with us to accomplish His work,2 so how can we be surprised when we feel and see joy as we choose to give to bless the lives of others?

The purpose of Philanthropies is to encourage all to come unto Christ, striving to become like Him, by experiencing joy in the giving process. Because of You illustrates many ways positive change is being accomplished as the Lord transforms individual lives across the globe.

Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice, and generous investments that bring joy to so many. We are grateful for your inspired giving example and feel blessed to share joy in this work!

1 He said, “One of the reasons we love each other in the kingdom is that our friendships are not friendships of initiation at all but are, instead, friendships of resumption! . . . It should not surprise us . . . that Heavenly Father brings about these intersectings and intertwinings of our lives. . . . But why should we be surprised? Each of us has circles of friendships, and within those lie the portion of the human family whom God has given us to love, to serve, and to learn from” (Neal A. Maxwell, “Brim with Joy,” [BYU devotional, Jan. 23, 1996],

2 “Significant events unfold in the gospel and in the Church that further the kingdom of God on earth. They are not by accident but by God’s plan. He who fashioned this world can calm the seas with His word and can steer both Alma and Amulek and Nephi and Laban to be at the right place at precisely the right time. Likewise, events and associations unfold in each of our lives that further God’s work on earth. . . . The Lord is in the small details of our lives, and those incidents and opportunities are to prepare us to lift our families and others as we build the kingdom of God on earth. . . . Heavenly Father can put us in situations with specific intent in mind” (Ronald A. Rasband, “By Divine Design,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2017, 55–56).

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