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What is the Abundant Life?

Congratulations to the winners of the first inaugural Philanthropies Student Video Contest!

We are very pleased with the creativity shown and variety of perspectives received during our inaugural contest. Thanks so much to all those who participated. Great Job!

If you’re curious how they were judged, it was hard. But we went back to our instructions and created a rubric based upon how well students followed the instructions to submit an emotionally impactful video that answers the question what is the abundant life? Students were also asked to emphasize the blessings of giving but also include the following themes: living the gospel of Jesus Christ, caring for those in need, inviting all to receive the gospel, and uniting families for eternity. Entries have received awards based upon how well they accomplished each of these requirements. Again, thanks so much to all that participated.

Platinum Winners

Kristine Davis

Savannah Cobb

Judee Articulo

Aubrey Anderson Merrill

Joseph Hawkins

Gold Winners


Jose Miguel
(Jairon) Sanchez Mora

Shae Taylor

Rebekah Asagra

Vinicius Tavares

Valeria Gomez

Michelle Villalva

Camilla McFarlane

Bethany Strong

Kemish Hermosilla

Braden Watt

Adela Tello

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Silver Winners

Heidi Turner Blackburn

Giovanna Unda

Stephen Watts

Neal Burns

Liam Edgington

Isaac Rascon

Bronze Winners

Hyobin Kim

Kristian Galang

Kristian Galang

Camilla Boyle

Paul Coray

 Su Yanez

An Vu

Ben Trout

Gabriela Gaytán Morales

Shaira Mae Bernardo