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Designing Her Future

February 2024

Brielle Schurger outdoors in front of trees in the fallBrielle Schurger’s love for travel transcends mere tourism. When in Malawi, she helped construct a school for children. When in Jerusalem, she deepend her spiritual connection by walking in the footsteps of her Savior, and the ancient ruins and exquisite cathedrals ignited her interest in architectural design. That passion was further nurtured by her professors at BYU-Idaho.

“I love applying my design skills to the real world—seeing how neat everything turns out and drawing d art on paper,” Schurger shares. “My professors are funny and encouraging with everyone. They’re really good at meeting students where they are while encouraging us to improve. They foster mentoring relationships with all of us.”

Schurger appreciates the spiritual aspect of her education, as each class begins with a prayer and a spiritual thought. She also enjoys the strong support system she’s found in Rexburg: her close-knit bond with her roommates is strengthened as they attend numerous student events across campus, enabling them to connect with fellow students and forge lasting friendships.

Currently, Schurger works part-time near campus, and she is grateful for the support of donors and financial aid. “Having the support of donors eases the burden of paying for education, helping it feel like less of a reach,” she says. “It allows me to feel more self-sufficient and in control of my future. It also allows me to manage housing and other expenses through my job without piling tuition on top of it.”

Schurger’s future plans include leaving on a mission in fall 2024 and then returning to BYU-Idaho to complete her education.  

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