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February 2024

Brother and Sister Meredith walking outdoors through gardens

The following excerpts are from a devotional address given on September 12, 2023, by Sister Jennifer E. Meredith.

The mission of BYU-Idaho is “to develop disciples of Jesus Christ who lead in their homes, the Church, and their communities.” Simply by attending BYU-Idaho, you have enrolled in Discipleship 101. Today, I invite you to enroll in a masterclass with Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. Dedicate time to be with Him through prayer, scripture study, repentance, ministering, attending devotionals, and visiting the temple. Over time, your ability to hear Him and receive personal revelation will grow. This masterclass will enrich and accelerate your learning in every aspect of life.

President Meredith and I strongly encourage you to schedule this time with Him. Remember, even if you miss an appointment or two, keep going. Do not drop this class. It will bring you peace and joy, especially when life is difficult.

A Foundation Built on Christ

Our family once found a wonderful playground with a large playscape. There were infinite ways to climb to the top, but our youngest son, Christian, got a bit off-balance and soon was clinging upside down to the bottom of the center pole. Fortunately, President Meredith was there to pick him up and get him moving upward again. Like Christian, we all have moments of feeling upside down in life. Remember that our Heavenly Father and our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, are there to lift us up when we ask for help. Just as Christian triumphantly made it to the top, so can you.

In the Book of Mormon, we read about Ammon, a disciple of Christ. When Ammon was faced with a challenging situation, his heart swelled with joy. Why? Because his focus was on Jesus Christ, the Source of All Joy. When we build our foundation on Christ, we can find joy in challenging times and see difficulties as opportunities to demonstrate God’s power.

So this semester, consider Jesus Christ as the ultimate expert in your chosen profession or field of study. Be His student, make Him your priority, and watch as He helps you master your learning. With Christ as your foundation, you have no need to fear.

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