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February 2024

Davis Johnson and his wife smiling outdoors in front of treesFalling in love with BYU-Idaho and the people around him helped Davis Johnson decide to complete his degree, even though his first semester had been a difficult one.

“The teachers are all really qualified, impressive people who have sacrificed a lot to come help the students,” he says. “They are also extremely accessible. I’ve been to multiple of my professors’ houses, I’ve done tons of office hours, and as I’m walking around campus my professors know my name. . . . Professors here genuinely care about our success.”

Johnson is also grateful to be in a place that prioritizes his development as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Though he was nervous about finding the right career after graduation, Johnson says that his career opportunities have been more than he imagined. He has been able to complete multiple internships, including one with Cicero Group in Salt Lake City that has led to a full-time job offer after he graduates.

During his time at BYU-Idaho, Johnson has been blessed to receive a Pell Grant, academic-based financial aid, and an internship scholarship. He works hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA and take advantage of the doors that have been opened to him.

“Thanks to generous donations, I’ve been able to be less myopic and focus on my career,” he explains. “People have been really generous with those scholarships and helped pay for my school. I’m grateful and proud of my internships, but I think a lot of that is attributed to me being able to look ahead to land those internships. I don’t think it would have been possible without those scholarships.”

Johnson met his wife, Emily, in a class at BYU-Idaho; she graduated in July 2024. Johnson has two semesters left and is looking forward to his graduation in July 2024.

“I hope others know how much I appreciate this school,” he says. “It has totally changed my trajectory in life. I struggled in high school, but once I got here, I have been a part of an environment that I can really be successful in. It’s made a world of difference. I’m a big evangelist for this school and I really appreciate those who make things like this possible.”

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