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Sharing the Never-Ending Fountain of Happiness

December 2020

woman holding her missionary name tag in front of the Salt Lake Temple at Christmas time

At just seven years old, Celeste Borsato memorized her favorite scripture in Portuguese: “Alma 37:37 tells us to ‘counsel with the Lord in all thy doings’ and He will always guide us, and that we will have nothing to fear. I have carried this promise with me my entire life. It brings me peace.”

Born and raised in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, Celeste grew up in a loving, gospel-centered home, believing in a dream that had eternal consequences. “I was always the first one to raise my hand when our Primary president would ask who wanted to serve a mission,” recalls Celeste. “My strong desire to share the gospel came about because I wanted others to be happy like me. My bishop took opportunities to point out that I was always so happy, and my friends would ask me why - I told them that the gospel brings me joy and that it could do the same for them.”

Celeste’s dream became reality when she received her call to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission. “I was enjoying Pathway, my family, and working as a babysitter, waitress, and dental assistant to help my family pay for my expenses, but it wasn’t enough. I am grateful for donors who donate to the General Missionary Fund. They make up for the difference - their generosity makes it possible for missionaries like me, who have a strong desire to bring people unto Christ, to do so without financial worries.”

“Jesus Christ and His teachings lead us to the never-ending fountain of happiness and joy. I will continue to share that good message with all who will listen.”

- Celeste Borsato

Before leaving on her mission, Sister Borsato and her family enjoyed a surprise reunion with the missionary who baptized her parents. “He came back to our village with his family 18 years later and knocked on our door, not knowing if we even still lived there. And to his surprise, my grandma opened the door, and he saw a picture of himself as a young missionary displayed on her table. I was so grateful to see him and to hear his story about how he left everything behind to bring the gospel to God’s children. I realized that his decision to serve a mission changed my entire life and the lives of my family. I knew that if I, like this faithful man, went on a mission that I would change lives like he changed mine.”

Serving on Temple Square has helped Sister Borsato recognize the hand of the Lord in her life. “I came out thinking that I was going to change the world, to change the hearts and minds of people by teaching them the gospel. But Heavenly Father knew that I would be forever changed too. I have discovered so much about myself by losing myself as I reach out and serve others as Jesus would have me do.”

Sister Borsato adds, “Heavenly Father will bless so many lives through my work and other missionaries’ work and, by association, the sacrifices made by those who donate to the General Missionary Fund.”

Sister Borsato’s plans for the future are focused on what will add to her joy. “When I return home I want to enroll in the nursing program at BYU-Idaho, be married in the temple to my eternal companion, and have a family. I know my missionary experience will make me a better person, a better mom, a better everything.”

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