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Serving with All Her Might, Mind, and Strength

April 2024

Sister Katherine Welton smiling and standing in front of a windmill.Sister Katherine Welton is currently serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission, which covers the entirety of the Netherlands and the northern half of Belgium. She loves the opportunity and says that she looks forward to “waking up,” anticipating “the day and what the day’s work brings.” Sister Welton enjoys serving with everything she has. She explains, “Every day I try to serve with all my might, mind, and strength—to work hard in my studies, to talk to as many people as I can, to be really united with my companion and with the ward that I am serving in, and to help everyone here in this country where I am serving.” 

A mission is a wonderful opportunity for young adults to strengthen the spiritual foundation that will continue to bless them for the rest of their lives. Sister Welton explains, “My mission has taught me how to identify Jesus Christ in my everyday life and how to identify His help. I have spent a lot of my mission studying the character of Jesus Christ—who He is and how we can become more like Him. In turn, it has led to more knowledge and the ability to see every day how He is here for me.” 

This desire to become more like Christ has changed the way Sister Welton prays and studies. She says, “My prayers and scripture study have gotten more sincere. I have seen how miraculous it can be as I have testified of Jesus Christ and put Him as the focus of my mission.” She continues, “Serving a mission has taught me and helped me to develop the essential habits like praying many times a day, reading my scriptures every single morning, and doing the smaller things that really help to build my foundation.” 

Sister Welton is grateful for those who donate to the General Missionary Fund. “There really is no opportunity like serving a mission,” she says. “There is nothing that can replace it or even come close to it. I know that the support you give means everything.”

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