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August 2021

Dax and Dianne Manalastas

Dax Manalastas, of Quezon City, Philippines, has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Although he knew that goal would require a lot of time and work, Dax wasn’t sure what steps to take. As a first step, his wife, Dianne, suggested he continue his edu-cation. “I didn’t really plan to apply to BYU-Pathway, but I had the impression that it would be useful,” Dax says. Dax struggled at first due to his inexperience with online learning and not having other students around, but that struggle soon turned into a blessing. “The gathering every Thursday night brought me so much peace because it allowed me to share [what I learned] with others. As days went on, I became accustomed to what I was doing, and it helped me use my time wisely,” he says.

In addition to secular learning, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has helped Dax with spiritual learning. He says, “This has brought me closer to the Lord. I learned that all things I learn from school have a spiritual counterpart.”

As Dax and Dianne prepare for the next steps in life, including becoming first-time parents to a baby girl, they are excited for the future and encourage others to enroll. “It is really worth it,” Dax says. “It will prepare you for your future roles in the family, Church, and community.”

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