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July 2023

Kira Evans, third from the left, posing with a group of people

Last year, more than 61,000 students learned and grew through BYU-Pathway Worldwide! Those students represent over 180 countries and all 50 states. For students like Kira Evans, a BYU-Pathway scholarship provides much-needed relief. 

Upon completing high school, Kira felt conflicted about pursuing higher education. She was worried about choosing the right school and concerned about the financial burden it might bring. To help her make these decisions that would greatly affect her future, Kira visited with her bishop. “When my bishop told me about BYU-Pathway, what it offered, and the scholarship options available, it felt like the right choice,” she said. “I prayed about it and knew it was my next step.” Kira is now enrolled and is working toward a degree in marriage and family studies. In addition to the gratitude she feels for being directed to BYU-Pathway, Kira is specifically grateful for the Heber J. Grant Tuition Discount.

“This scholarship has blessed me in so many ways,” Kira says. “It helps me to not worry so much about paying for college.” Because of the Lord and BYU-Pathway, Kira feels prepared for the future: “I feel so ready for my next steps in life, whatever they may be. I am so grateful.”

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