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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering Stories

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Researching the Effects of Air Pollution in Nepal

An interdisciplinary BYU research team traveled to Nepal to measure brick workers’ exposure to pollutants and to assess their respiratory health.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Students Build Home Sweet Green Home on Campus

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes included an unconventional stop this year: BYU campus.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

You Can Just Change the World!

Donations helped Michelle Arias see possibilities she’d never imagined before.

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The Book of Mormon on a Golden Disc

Innovative BYU engineering students have etched what they believe is the smallest physical copy of the Book of Mormon on a thin silicon microchip.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Safety Is a Big Deal

Alexa Lowman organized the BYU Engineering Safety and Ethics Conference in January 2022. More than 200 BYU students attended interact with each other and learn from industry leaders.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:25)

BYU Students Build and Launch “Selfie Cam” with NASA

Video:More than 60 students over a five-year period helped build the inexpensive 10-centimeter CubeSat.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:18)

BYU Engineering Team Virtually Recreates Campus

Video: Using drone-captured and ground images and applying GPS systems for accuracy, a civil engineering student assembled a 3D model of the BYU campus.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (2:28)

Student Engineers Are Renowned Iceberg Trackers

Video:BYU—despite being landlocked in a state thousands of miles from the South Pole—has become a world leader in iceberg tracking.

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Bringing it Home

It wasn’t easy for Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah to come to BYU from Ghana, but the blessings have completely outpaced his expectations.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

The Spell of Discouragement

When someone tells BYU Marriott graduate Dunia Alrabadi that she can’t do something, she finds the power to make that something happen.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering Video (3:01)

BYU Students Create Animatronic Cougar

Video:Designed to introduce plays and similar events, “Cosmotron,” as he is fondly known, will bring added school spirit to BYU performances.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Line of Sight

Tiny “windshield wiper” aids camera surgery

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Student-Created Device Helps Young Violinist

Adia Cardona is a 10-year-old violinist who has exceptional skill for her age and the determination to match it. The young Provo girl also has just one hand.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Learning and Serving

Samantha Lau started a club for women in civil engineering. “Women have a different way of thinking about things—our group offers support,” she says.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

A Wonderful Inspiring Learning Adventure

Mikayah Siufanua slept on a floating island of reeds at Lake Titicaca and taught Peruvian women to make soap for a living. Thanks to donors, this is just the beginning of her inspiring learning adventure.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Warming Hearts and Gers

Mongolia has a massive air quality problem that poses a serious health risk, especially to children. Some engineering students tackled the life-and-death problem as part of their engineering Capstone project.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Bringing Wholeness to Victims of Civil War

Sierra Leone’s civil war left behind more than 27,000 amputees. Recent BYU students created an adjustable and affordable prosthetic socket for the veterans.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU Students Explore a New Reality

“As someone who wants to be a user experience designer, working in this lab has been an exciting challenge,” said Miah Dawes, one of the first students to take a class in BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab.

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Dedicated to Innovation: Engineering Building Dedication Recap

BYU’s new Engineering Building and Engineering Research Lab were 100% funded by 17,000 generous donors.

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Reaching for the Stars

Patrick Walton also wanted to explore space. Along with starting the BYU Rocketry Club, he took a special projects class from David Long, who helped him write a proposal for NASA that was accepted.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

The Machine Mozart

Suppose you could train a computer to compose music that actually sounds good. Helping artificial intelligence gain the ability to compose music is the subject of Paul Bodily's research.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Unfolding Potential: BYU and Origami

Who would have ever thought that origami could save lives or help technology to reach outer space, but that's exactly what BYU students studying engineering are doing.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Finding and Feeding a Passion

Amy Briggs finds her passion in mechanical engineering after bouncing around several majors at BYU-Idaho and then BYU. Her mentored learning opportunity then helped her towards her final career choice.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU Students Create Low-Cost Socket for Amputees in Africa

BYU engineering students have teamed with the nonprofit Engage Now Africa (ENA) to create a socket for above-knee amputees that fits neatly into prosthetics made available by the International Red Cross.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Overachiever Undergrad Publishes Fourth Article

Thanks to BYU’s mentoring program, it’s become almost commonplace for undergraduates to be published in peer-reviewed journals. But for College of Engineering and Technology senior Anthony Bennett, becoming an author once just wasn’t enough.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Paving a Path to a PhD

Roads and pavements may not light up everyone's eyes, but they changed the perspective of BYU civil engineering student Tenli Waters.

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Engineering a Better World: New Building on the Rise

With students, faculty, and supporters gathered, President Kevin J Worthen marked the start of construction for a new engineering building at Brigham Young University. He spoke of how campus’s newest structure would help create a better future for students, families, and communities

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

BYU's New Engineering Building: Ready, Set, Go!

When this building is complete, we believe it will positively benefit students, faculty, and ultimately the world,” said President Worthen. “Thanks to you and other generous alumni and friends, we’re now in a position to move forward."

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Student Innovation is Providing Life-Sustaining Oxygen for Newborns

How You - Plus a New 1:1 Match - Equals Student Innovation at BYU

BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Her Scholarship was Truly a Matter of the Heart

Meredith Taylor feels doubly blessed.