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BYU|Knight Society

VP Vorkink Considers "Special Financial Outpouring" at BYU

BYU Advancement Vice President Keith Vorkink recently addressed members of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society in the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.

BYU|Knight Society

From Football to Fine Arts, BYU Is Better Thanks to Knight Society Members

Ray Matsuura’s wife Yukiko gained her appreciation of BYU through arts and music. “Ray supports business and football. I support the arts,” says Yukiko, who studied design in Sendai, Japan.

BYU|College of Nursing|Knight Society

BYU Gave Me a Chance

June Leifson says that her career goal of becoming a nurse was the result of more than a score of operations that introduced her to the field of medicine in a personal way.

BYU-Idaho|BYU-Idaho Legacy Society

Learn, Earn, and Return

Kent and Barbara Michie saw firsthand how BYU-Idaho was making a difference, and that’s when they knew they needed to do more.

BYU-Idaho|BYU-Idaho Legacy Society

A Lasting Legacy

Over 150 years ago, Thomas E. Ricks was nearly killed on his way to the Salt Lake Valley. Now, his ancestor John Ricks is keeping his legacy alive through the BYU-Idaho Legacy Society.

BYU-Hawaii|Matthew Cowley Society

Getting a Start, Giving Back

“What do you think about me applying for a job in Hawaii?” Keith Wilson asked his wife, Ada, out of the blue. It was 1979, and Keith was finishing up his master’s degree in library science at BYU in Provo when the director from BYU–Hawaii’s library visited Utah to do some recruiting.

BYU-Hawaii|Matthew Cowley Society

Retired But Not Done

“It’s not the end of our relationship with BYU-Hawaii or her students. It’s just a different way of supporting them.”

BYU-Hawaii|Matthew Cowley Society

Leaving a Legacy in Mongolia

The first mission president in Mongolia learned that “BYU–Hawaii had something that our members in Mongolia needed,” so he included the university in his estate plan to ensure that Mongolian students could receive those blessings.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

A Lifelong Commitment to Giving

Donors Blaine and Marcia Cutler exemplify how to serve and give where needed.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Starting Your Legacy Now

The Millard Family’s shows how to incorporate giving into your life no matter where you are in life.

Ensign College|F.Y. and Anna Fox Society

Great Blessings Come from Giving

Giving of time and resources is a family legacy for the Nelsons.

BYU-Pathway|The BYU-Pathway Worldwide Society

People Matter

Twenty-two years ago, Ann Howell and her husband, Elmer, felt a need to support The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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